Women Try Ballet Fitness For The First Time

– I have no idea what to expect, but I do expect that I am about to be in for a world of pain.

– [Crystal] You guys are looking great.

(yells) Almost there.

Last count.

Round one.

– Ahhh! (classical music) – Today we're trying barre method.

– I have no idea what a class looks like.

– I think that it'll remindme of dance which is fun, but also trick me into workingout, which is also fun.

– I feel like barre methodis one of those things that beautiful girls who wear yoga pants but still look really puttogether all the time do.

I'm not really put together.

– I think it's gonna be a lot of the stuff that I used to do at abar, like this forever.

I don't know.

– And then you like, plieand you like lift your leg.

Yep, oh, this is plie.

– My name is Crystal.

Welcome to the Bar Method Downtown L.


The Bar Method is an interval class.

We utilize certainelements of a ballet class, like the bar, and stretch.

Anyone can do this workout, it's safe and effective.

– How do you think we're going to do? – You guys obviously are veryfit, you enjoy working out.

I think you guys are gonna do amazing.

– We're ready to go when you are – Alright guys, so today you'regonna be joined by Grace.

She's one of our instructors here.

So if you ever need a form reference, she's here to keep you guys on track.

Right away you're gonna start to lift your knees up tothe height of your hips.

Lift, Lift.

– So the warm up starts, and it's already prettyintense from the get-go.

I already feel it in my abs.

(laughs) – You're gonna feel it more right now.

Release, come down tothe floor for a plank.

– We're doing push-ups, and arm movements.

I've got these threepound weights behind me, and we're just doingthese tiny little pulses, but it's the hardest thing.

– This is the warm up right? – Yes.

(everyone laughs) – The warm up is incredibly hard.

My body is already on fire.

This isn't what I expected at all.

– We get through the warm up, and we go into this nice stretch.

– And she reminds usthat we're gonna stretch after every exercise, whichis like a dream come true.

– I wish the stretches could last forever.

They feel great.

– This is so calming.

– It is nice.

– Yeah.

– And before I know itI'm back at the pain.

Shaking so hard.

– [Crystal] Shaking is good, kind of.

– We're starting to do acouple reps and I'm thinking, oh this isn't so bad.

And the next thing I know we're doing 10 reps, 20 reps, 30 reps, 60 reps.

– Last 10.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, I got you, eight.

– I did not know that holding my leg up was going to be so hard.

My left butt is tired.

– [Everyone] Yes – How is this happening? We're about half way, and it is a slow burn.

– It's a fast burn for me.

– We're doing strength.

You got it, you got it guys.

Here it is, last 20 and you're done.

– Immediately followed by stretching, immediately followed byintensive, high rep strength.

– We've got these matsup against the wall, and I'm thinking to myself, oh this can't be so bad, we're literally leaning against a wall.

I was wrong.

This is terrible.

My abs burn, my quads burn, my butt burns.

– Now we're in the abs section, and abs are always one of myfavorite parts of working out.

I am having a great time, but also I am in pain.

– We're almost done! It feels like little fire antsare just crawling on my abs.

– As I started gettingover how hard it was, and just dealing with it, Ikind of started having more fun.

– I feel like Beyonce.

– We are Beyonce right now.

This class was absolutely nothing like I thought it would be.

I thought that I was infor a world of ballet.

And it turned out to be a reallycool combination of ballet, pilates, yoga, all in onevery difficult package.

– It was so hard.

It didn't feel like adance class to me at all.

I think what is similar to dance is having to lift your own body, and your own body being thething that's keeping you back.

– This is one of those thingsthat's really, really hard, but also really really fun, and really really good for you.

So I had a good time, and Iwould definitely come back.

– You guys are all done, give yourselves a hand.

(girls applaud) (upbeat music).

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