What To Buy For 10.10?! – 2020 Best BUDGET TWS Buying Guide [INDO SUB]

in this video i want to include everything that i've tried to date and make a buying guide for you so hopefully this video can help you decide which earbuds you should buy for 10 10 11 11 12 12 or whatever holiday sale you have in your country so let's get started [Music] good morning everyone kenneth here and wow it's almost the end of the year already we all know how this year went but nothing could be getting a deal on a good quality budget earbuds right and just the refresher i've already made my top 2 us earbuds of 2020 video i'll link it up here and if you're looking for the best true wireless earbuds for workouts or gaming just go check that video out there are no changes qcy t6 is still the best for exercise and the redmi air dot s the best for gaming although there's one very important thing i have to say right now i'll elaborate on it later i've heard from many comments that the air dots 2 the one with the red box does not have gaming mode so stay away from that there's no reason to buy an air dots if there is no gaming mode okay in this video i'm going to update my best overall value and best health ear recommendations and add a few more mentions at the end all the time stamps are going to be in the description you can use it to jump around at your convenience now for disclaimer note some of the earbuds here are bought by myself or sent by the manufacturer free of charge but there is no such thing as a paid review or set talking point so all the videos including this one are my own honest opinion if you want to support the channel please consider using the links in the description as i will get a commission at no extra cost to you and don't forget leave a thumbs up if you like this video and subscribe to join the community thank you so much not gonna take more of your time let's get straight to the first category my best overall value now personally i think the sound pete's true shift 2 still deserves to be at the very top here because you're just getting so much for the low low price of 35 bucks ipx7 water resistance volume control good battery life insane case battery life good sound quality especially for you who like bass it's stumpy but not overly done good microphone quality secure fit for exercises the only thing it's lacking is gaming mode and aptx and the bigger problem for everyone it's huge so if you don't like the bulk now i found many good alternatives that you can consider first there is tronya b530 this is around 40 dollars at the time of review but it's got better sound than the trueshift 2 especially in the vocals same great controls great battery life great design the only downside is it still uses micro usb that's because this is an earbuds released last year and it was 70 bucks back then now it's 40 bucks and if you can't find it below that sweet deal now this tranya is still quite big so if you want the ultimate compact size then i recommend the u-green high tune this normally goes for 33 bucks so see if you can score a deal below that i like to compare this to the honor choice x1 because it also goes at the same price but the u-green is better at almost every aspect the one that it lacks is called quality so if you want the best call quality of all the budget earbuds don't think twice get the honor choice x1 you can listen to it for yourself in my call test comparison i'll link it up here and also down in the pin comments below check it out all the helpful videos i'll link it down there now let's get back to the u-green the sound quality is balanced and nice almost as good as the trueshift 2 or tryna b530 and because it uses qcc 3020 chip it has a super long battery life and great latency if you have a snapdragon 845 or above phones the only problem there's no volume control and don't expect the case to last very long like the tronia or trueshift 2.

next up is the soundpeats true engine 3se which got quite the popularity these days i just got my hands on it and based on my couple days experience i can definitely say that this is the best earbuds from soundpeats yet before the new h1 comes out perhaps and although it's more expensive at 50 bucks i do love the design and everything about it is like an improved true shift too without the ipx7 waterproofing that is the case is at a much more acceptable size although it's still quite tall and feels hollow but the earbuds sound great fits great everything about it is great so try it out this really won't disappoint and next as my everlasting recommendation the mpow t5 and the live protect heavy duo is hard to beat they're water resistant they last very long because again qcc 3020 chip if you don't know why this chip is awesome check out my video about it and the biggest plus point on these two earbuds are the physical buttons which is something of a rarity these days so in choosing between the two it comes down to what sound you like better get empower if you like balance sound and get light protect heavy if you love true to life sound and crispy highs in the high ends this is one of the best sounding earbuds if you listen to a lot of vocals lastly this is a huge jump in price but i just can't help but to mention it and it is the galaxy but plus it's a great choice if you like that details in the upper hands vocals instrumentals rock if you listen to a lot of those the dual driver in this earbuds makes it really versatile and it nailed every basics this is my favorite earbuds to date and if you have the money you should strongly consider this one and i've got my full review up already so don't forget to watch my full review to know more about it okay what if you want the lowest price possible now well this one hasn't changed and if you've been following the channel you probably knew it already at number one i recommend the halo gt1 xr the reasons why it is the smallest case that packs in huge 800 milliamp hour battery inside and the earbuds they don't have volume control but they use qcc 3020 chip so good sound good connectivity good battery life and if your phone supports aptx tws you get good latency by the way check this video out if you don't know what aptx tws is and if you want something similar but in the smallest package possible the halo gt1 plus is another fantastic option for the price the only difference is the smaller case at number two i recommend the qcy t9s it's got good sound quality for the price similar to the qcy t5 great case with battery indicator good battery life and the most important thing is you can customize the controls in qcy app so you can change single tap double tap to basically anything you want even volume control and that's a huge selling point for qcy as a whole next up at number three i'm kind of contemplating whether or not i should put it here but i'll go recommend it anyway it's the redmi air dots s i said it at the start this is my best gaming recommendation at the moment the gaming mode can lower the latency to almost 150 millisecond which is insanely good but i realized that it's just in iphones in android it performs just as well as any other earbuds with gaming mode like qcy t4 or t5 or anything that claims gaming mode as low as 65 milliseconds so if you want to game you don't have to spend a lot just go with these cheap earbuds but if you notice there are no halo gt1 pros no halo gt1 original no halo gt2 it seems like those earbuds have got another chip update and the gaming mode just went poof gone nada so don't get any halos anymore for gaming mode also stay away from redmi air dot s with the red box because it also doesn't have gaming mode yeah that's basically pretty much it for gaming mode earbuds now that i've said what i needed to say let's continue with my updated hop in ears or airpod style recommendation this one will be listed as my favorites for each price point so it could get expensive and you know what's at the top right or do you starting off at the cheapest one check out qcy t7 it's got good build quality good sound good battery life good call quality and because this is from qcy the controls are customizable which includes volume control also it uses usbc there's just nothing wrong about it it's just limited by the budget so don't expect the sound quality to be really good next up is the tronsmart onyx ace this is an upgrade in the sound quality it's got every controls built in including the volume control and because it uses qcc3020 chip i repeat it once more good connectivity good latency awesome battery life when compared to other half in ears this can play music for six hours whereas others tend to be around four hours or less there are some more great options in this 30 to 40 bucks price range that is the sound peace true air one more ecs 3000 1b and of course the sabot x12 ultra these are great earbuds which you should absolutely check out before deciding which one to buy now upping the price again there's realme but air neo this one is a bit hard to recommend because it only plays for two and a half hours at fifty percent volume which should be a deal breaker for many but it's got gaming mode and the sound quality is much better when compared to onyx ace or qcy t7 especially on the bass it's just as good as the airpods for real but don't expect it to do well on more complicated songs like rock which will still get crowded and now we arrive at the very top of my recommendation which don't have any sound quality complaints anymore it comes with a huge jump in the price point though and it's gonna be the galaxy butts life and airpods second generation these two are great in their own ways they nail everything and i mean it even latency is not a problem so it just comes down to you if you like a more natural sound and if you use an iphone then go with the airpods and if you like more bass presence or you use a samsung device the galaxy but's life is your only option seriously i have never heard of any half in ear that can pump out this much bass and after using it for a couple days i grew to appreciate its ability to sound like an in-ear but with half-in-ear freedom also if you're fighting with your earbuds falling off all the time this might fit you much better with the included wing tips although it might take some time to get used to design it sits flush in your ear it doesn't get stuck when you're changing shirts and stuff like that it's a great design and about the anc it's more like a plus point rather than a selling point because it only cancels out low rumbly background noise or hum which makes your life a little bit quieter and it still lasts six hours with it so i guess that's good but i won't get this because of the anc alone alright so a few more mentions of good earbuds but i'm not sure where to put it it's as follows tron smart appallable it's great but it's bass heavy so only get it if you are a base head second tribute flybot's nc just recently tried it out i think the earbuds are kind of bulky but the anc is good enough comes with ambient sound mode and it sounds good and balanced too this is a great option if you want anc earbuds without breaking the bank third the kz earbuds whether s1 s2 or even z1 they are all good for vocals but be careful the game mode is not good and the z1 only lasts two and a half hours despite having the best sound out of all the other kz's number four transparent funky beat is still a great option and also good for vocals but it's got touch sensitivity issues so be careful and onyx neo the case might be dead if you charge it with a fast charging power brick be careful too real me but q is good if you like bc sound but it's a bit too expensive for what it offers there's no volume control even in the app touch sensitivity is too low and overall it's just meh sounds like i'm really forcing it but anyway just get it if you like the design and now the last one if you want the best physical button possible get the tron smart onyx free that's it alright in the end i have to tell you that this is by no means an exhaustive list there are still tons of great earbuds that i have yet to test and one particularly high up in my list is the feel t1xs so if you want to know my thoughts on those get subscribed and also if this video helped hit the thumbs up share it to your friends if they're looking for earbuds on a budget this holiday season and if you want to support the channel please use the affiliate links down below when buying anything that you want to buy okay i'll keep the outro short for now thank you so much for watching i'm kenneth and i'll see you in the next one [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you.

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