What These Killed Off NCIS Actors Are Doing Today

When you work on the NCIS team, your lifeis always on the line — and many beloved characters have paid the ultimate price inpursuit of justice.

Let's take a look at what some of these actorshave been up to ever since their NCIS character went kaput.

Played by Sasha Alexander, former Secret ServiceAgent Caitlin Todd was fiercely intelligent and could easily craft detailed psychologicalprofiles of her suspects on the spot.

She was smart, but not immortal: In season2, she's caught off guard by a terrorist cell in a warehouse and ultimately assassinatedby a sniper.

This grisly development caught viewers completelyby surprise, especially since she'd already been shot once during the episode.

A bulletproof vest saved the day the firsttime around, but alas, she wasn't so lucky the second time.

Since leaving NCIS, Alexander landed the plumrole of medical examiner Dr.

Maura Isles on another crime drama, Rizzoli & Isles.

She also had a recurring role on Shamelessas Helene Runyan, and has appeared in supporting roles in films like Yes Man and He's JustNot That Into You.

Played by Alan Dale, former NCIS DirectorTom Morrow still felt a certain responsibility towards his old team after retiring from thejob but that commitment ultimately cost him his life.

Still, he really knew his stuff just listento this: “She worked at the Russian embassy in Turkey.

The raid went pear-shaped and she was killed! Not ideal, but mission accomplished.

” “Meaning?” In the Season 13 episode, “Return to Sender, “Gibbs visits Morrow's home and finds him very much dead in his office.

We later find out he was killed by Trent Kort, a former CIA operative who proved to be the worst kind of traitor.

Once Morrow's time on NCIS was up, Dale joinedthe cast of the Dynasty reboot in 2007, playing the role of Carrington family majordomo JosephAnders.

“I know I'm going to regret asking, but whatexactly is going on?” Dale got his start on the popular Australiansoap opera Neighbours beginning in 1985, and made two subsequent guest appearances on theshow in 2018 and 2019.

“Ah, you know, I have a real chance now withJane.

” “AH.


” The death of Special Agent Michelle Lee wasa shocker.

Played by actress Liza Lapira, Lee servedon the Major Case Response Team.



and she was hiding quite the secret.

She was a mole who was constantly leakingclassified and sensitive information.

When the truth is discovered, she confesses.

Later on in the episode, Lee sacrifices herselfto stop her handler, Ted Bankstan, from escaping.

He uses her as a human shield, and she givesGibbs the signal to shoot through her.

Lapira has appeared in quite a few films sinceleaving the show.

She played Sophie Trinh in the 2009 film Fastand Furious and memorably portrayed smart-alecy Liz in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

More recently, Lapira played Mia in the Netflixseries Unbelievable, based on the true story of two female detectives investigating anassault case.

Played by Muse Watson, Michael Franks is theman who mentored Gibbs and he was an invaluable member of the NCIS team.

Unfortunately, Franks wound up being brutallystabbed by a serial killer outside of Gibbs house.

Watson is set to appear in the horror filmThe Dead Ones, and he's landed a role on the upcoming miniseries Diary of a Lunatic, afollow-up to the film Diary of a Lunatic: Trew’s Calling.

In 2005, Lauren Holly joined the cast of NCISas Jenny Shepard, the new Director of NCIS.

The character is subsequently killed off inthe Season 5 episode “Judgement Day: Part 1” after she's cornered by gun-toting assassinsin an abandoned diner.

She doesn't survive the encounter… but atleast she proves to be exceedingly difficult to kill.

Following her exit from the show, Holly wascast as Dr.

Betty Rogers on the mystery series Motive a stint that began in 2013 and endedin 2016.

She also plays the troubled Lynn Harper inthe third season of Designated Survivor.

Played by Matt Jones, Ned Dorneget's timewith the NCIS team didn't last long, but he was an integral part of the crew for severalseasons.

The character died valiantly as he tried tolead hotel guests to safety following a bomb threat.

Unfortunately, that threat wasn't an emptyone.

Dorneget may no longer be with us, but Jones'career is certainly alive and kicking.

Since 2013, he's played the lovable bad boyBaxter on the critically acclaimed series Mom.

It's safe to say this is much lighter farethan NCIS.

“You don't make a habit of burying money inmy backyard, do you?” “I'm not really sure that's any of your business.

” Jones is also featured in the wacky TV showLet's Get Physical, and in 2019, he memorably reprised his role as Badger in El Camino:A Breaking Bad Movie.

In March 2014, Lucas Black made his firstappearance as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle on NCIS.

Then in September of that year, he began hislong-running stint on the spin-off series NCIS: New Orleans and quickly became a fanfavorite.

But in Season 6, LaSalle was unceremoniouslyshot while trying to avenge the death of his brother.

“Christopher…? God, no!” Some fans are worried that NCIS: New Orleanswon't feel like the same show without Black: He was an absolutely essential part of theseries.

Some viewers suspected he left because ofbad blood behind the scenes, but the truth is actually far less dramatic than that.

It sounds like Black just wants to spend moretime with his family.

“There's a lot of priorities in my life thatget sacrificed for me to be here.

But it's time for me to focus on those priorities.

” As for what acting gigs are in his future, we'll just have to wait and see.

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