Top 10 Hated Actors

sometimes not even the glamour of the silver screen can cover up personality flaws wait pardon serious trouble welcome to watchmojo.

com and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 hated actors oh yeah this just keeps getting better and better for this list we're looking at those actors and actresses that are notoriously hated on or off the screen and in some cases both we're excluding those that are best known for their celeb status and not their acting chops so sorry Paris Hilton you're just gonna have to be terrible somewhere else also we're not saying we hate these actors but in some cases we understand what people do for starters almost every woman I know thinks I'm an asshole number 10 Mel Gibson I'm surprised you haven't heard about me you know I got a bad reputation and sometimes I just go nuts like now huh keeping up with Mel can be exhausting his on-screen persona has been of an unhinged guy who's barely able to keep his crazy in check little did we know he wasn't really acting true or not it was widely reported that during his arrest for a DUI Gibson made some pretty horrible comments to the cop like anti-semitic comments was usual you people have got everything all upside down and turned around and back to friendly hey everyone makes mistakes but when you handle those mistakes the way Gibson did that's when people start to resent you some people like people are gonna welcome you back and other people are gonna be like you should never come back why because of what happened before what happened before the remarks that were attributed to you that were attributed to me that I didn't necessarily make okay but and and yeah I gather you have a dog in this fight for me you have a dog in this fight are you being impartial I'm trying you tell me I'm trying to be impartial I guess okay well I'm back and I hope it works out and I people will graciously accept me back number nine Weymouth Paltrow I'm stronger than all this you know that right she's at the same time considered one of Hollywood's most beautiful celebrities and one of its most reviled at least according to the magazine's last week the star magazine named her as the number one most hated celebrity everywhere Little Miss goody two-shoes can do anything and is too perfect which makes a lot of regular folks feel inadequate she's a self-proclaimed lifestyle expert with her lifestyle blog cookbooks and attitude indeed I am but basically who wants to listen to some rich celebrity telling them how they should live I actually don't think that you could tie your shoes without me the only thing that made Gwyneth kinda sorta cool was her husband but we all know how that turned out okay Oh number eight Robert Pattinson what if I'm not the hero what if I'm the bad guy some people say the reason people have such a hate on for our Pats is because they're jealous finally found something I'm good at of course by some people we mean his mom others despise Pattinson because of his boring acting and because he ruined vampires for everyone that's what I am and still others are tired of his on-again off-again romance with co-star Kristen Stewart stuff to endure but the biggest cherry on the sundae is the fact that Pattinson regularly trolls Twilight fans it was like it was a perk that wasn't supposed to be published dissing the one group that likes you is not a good idea though just convinced that it's like this woman it's mad she's completely mad and she's in love with her own fictional creation number 7 Tyler Perry U is funny you are the next Lenny Bruce you find it there are a few reasons floating around as to why people hate this guy but there's one theme that pops up a lot some safe Harry recreates negative stereotypes of black Americans owe $100 you getting that girls month you know I'm gonna do I'm gonna start a company for every baby daddy who has been through some trouble with baby mama I'm gonna call it 1-800 shoked at hope by perpetuating themes like crime or domestic violence in his films and shows Tyler Perry is basically just saying yep this is exactly what we're all like kind of like black bass only he's actually black you young folks are so damn disrespectful you've not been a disrespecting and he makes obscene amounts of money doing it too uncool very uncool man Thank You number six Hayden Christensen you didn't give a shit about anything I did up until now to apologize for everything but today this guy manages to take films with built-in fan bases with seemingly exciting plots and somehow shoot them down we got out of our to Christensen's acting always gives the impression that he has no prior knowledge of a script or storyline resulting in dry and boring dialogue sorry master but quite frankly the thing that gets him the most hate is his involvement in the Star Wars prequel series debacle excuse me when he brought his petulant style of acting to one of the most beloved sagas of all time in the guise of a pre darkside Darth Vader well that's not exactly what I meant number five Miley Cyrus when I got a hell a rigidly gaining Fame thanks to her dad's achy breaky career this starlet is known for jumping from the concert stage to the small screen to the big screen whether as the bratty Hannah Montana well I know you know who I am or as the real-life tongue wagging Miley between the robotic acting and her headline seeking dancing it's hard to find a legitimate reason to show this girl any respect you have no idea but frankly we're not sure anyone considers her a role model anymore I know I screwed up I'm sorry but I can't talk about this now oh and by the way keep your tongue in your mouth Miley number for Pauly Shore I'm not a geek I mean unique weasel David I'm tsundere because I live here in Encino imagine a guy tries something that isn't funny then repeats it for the next 20 years yep that's prolly sure oh come on what do you think you're so smart what do you think you're some rocket scientist his films are usually based around the idea that he is an idiot juvenile and incredibly annoying oh I don't want to be rude or anything but miss Warner you're giving me a semi and unless you're a teenage boy who time traveled here from the 90s you probably hate him for this as it wears thin in the first few minutes plus you've still got his multiple Hollywood movies hours of stand-up comedy and countless television interviews you've got to get through to seriously makes you want to punch him in the face listen I understand if you're pissed if you want to talk about it number three and Hathaway shut up this is a bit of a strange one there's no denying and Hathaway can act thank you very much she's got the Oscar for lameness to prove it there was a time when men were kind but it's the polished and almost to flawless aura MS Hathaway projects coupled with her fake goofy awkward girl image that makes her somewhat unbearable she hates Pete Nigel and that's my problem because and that seemingly fake persona of perfection just seems to creep under the skin of moviegoers and then I realized how many stupid times a day I use the word I number two Shia LaBeouf I feel lucky remember the holes days all my life I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time it's much simpler times after moving out of adolescence and into Hollywood LaBeouf became known for his slightly mediocre acting and progressively worsening attitude really what happened there's not a damn thing wrong with the kid no let anybody else tell you any different you don't member saying that as the years have gone by he has proven to just generally be a disrespectful and egotistical douche no no no no no whether he's appearing at premieres with a paper bag on his head or ripping off an entire movie script and passing it off as his own through sacrifice I'm victory allegedly before we start hating on our top pick here are a few honorable mentions stop looking at me swans I'm really sorry this is Hollywood we don't like liars I just um I wasn't expecting this and and I didn't I didn't know how to handle it and I didn't wanna lose my job I'm really sorry wow thanks well half the people in this room are mad at me and the other half only like me because they think I pushed somebody in front of the bus why did you hate me so much when we met number one Kristen Stewart I plan to confront him and demand to know what his problem was some people can't stand her because of her mere association with the Twilight vampire series believe that others cringe at her rigid and motionless acting that makes her sound out of breath and constipated what does that mean and she doesn't even have the taking off your shirt to cover up bad acting thing to fall back on like her co-star Taylor and laughter what the hell are you doing you don't live in the world you think you do Jacob put your clothes off Stewart doesn't fare much better in real life either she's known for being utterly terrible in interviews yeah yeah I mean we were on a platform and we were also like on a cliff which gave the illusion of being in a tree like really like up at the top of the tree and then we weren't and for cheating on her on and off screen boyfriend Robert Pattinson even hardcore Twihards were not impressed with her then so close do you agree with our list what celebrity grinds your gears for more addictive top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to watchmojo.


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