Top 10 Actors You Totally Forgot Were British

They’re paid to pretend, and they certainlyfooled us.

Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’llbe counting down our picks for the Top 10 actors you totally forgot were British.

For this list, we’re celebrating those talented Brits who are regularly wrongly thought ofas American or Canadian.

Best known for her role as Lydia in “BreakingBad”, fans of the smash hit, meth-making series may be surprised to discover that thisactress is actually from Glasgow.

And for evidence of Fraser’s Scottish roots, just re-watch “A Knight’s Tale”, where she plays the blacksmith Kate, or the celebrateddrama series “Lip Service”, where she leads as Cat MacKenzie.

And then there are crime dramas “The Missing”and “The Loch”, where her native accent is back in full force.

This actor is arguably best known for hisrole as Jimmy McNulty in Baltimore-based detective series “The Wire”, and he also starredas American novelist Noah Solloway in “The Affair”.

So, it’s easy to see why his Britishnessmay have been buried deep beneath such prominent Stateside parts.

We’re reminded of his roots with variousBrit-based films, though – including “Testament of Youth” and “Pride”.

West has a reputation as an exceptionallyversatile performer, and it’s easy to see why.

If you see Charlie Hunnam and think “Sonsof Anarchy” – where he plays California’s Jax Teller – then you’d likely never guessthat this actor is actually English.

And, though Hunnam’s early career was crammedwith notably British characters, he has since worked on his fair share of Hollywood blockbusters.

That said, he did play Brit explorer PercyFawcett in “The Lost City of Z” and the title character in “King Arthur: Legendof the Sword” – so he hasn’t exactly hidden his heritage! This guy really has done it all.

From Batman to “The Big Short” – we’remore used to seeing this Oscar-nominated actor on American soil than we are anywhere else.

But Bale was born in South-West Wales, andmost closely identifies as English – after spending large parts of his childhood in Surreyand Dorset.

His CV is packed full of Hollywood blockbusterssuch as “American Hustle” and “The Fighter”, so he clearly feels at home in the Statestoo – but he’s a Brit through and through.

Another actress whose CV offers endless USmovies, one of Carey Mulligan’s most prominent roles sees her star as Daisy Buchanan in BazLuhrmann’s adaptation of that great American novel, “The Great Gatsby”.

What with that and her performances in “Drive”, “Shame” and “Mudbound”, she might seem a definite American to some.

But let’s not forget she has also starredin British films like “An Education”, she takes the lead in the BBC miniseries “Collateral”, and she’ll always be Sally Sparrow to “Doctor Who” fans.

Star of the definitive US crime series “24”, Kiefer Sutherland was born in London and is in fact British-Canadian.

Even so, Jack Bauer has earned his spot onthe top table for twenty-first century American TV characters.

In truth, most of Sutherland’s career hasplayed out on the other side of the pond, with further TV credits in hit shows like“Designated Survivor”.

And, for what’s surely a career highlight, he even brought Bauer to “ The Simpsons” – where he was on the receiving end of oneof Bart’s prank phone calls.

Spiderman has roots in Surrey; who would’vethought it.

Garfield grabbed a worldwide fanbase for histake on the iconic Marvel superhero, and he actually boasts dual nationality between theUS and the UK.

While he was born in LA, he moved to Britainwhen he was three – where large parts of his family already lived.

And, thanks to his Epsom upbringing, he alsoharbours a well-rounded British accent.

Those things are difficult to fake, so Garfield’sdefinitely the real deal! This Brit caught global attention in the “Kick-Ass”films, where he played the title character – a have-a-go hero from New York.

Then came star-making turns in films like“Nocturnal Animals”, where Taylor-Johnson plays Ray Marcus who causes carnage alongTexan highways, as well a memorable stint as Quicksilver in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

There are some Brit films in his back-catalogue, but it’s hardly surprising that film fans tend to forget he’s not American.

He might have stolen the show in “Love Actually”for his role as the love-struck Mark, but it’s his part in AMC’s zombie apocalypseTV series, “The Walking Dead”, that really sticks in our minds.

Andrew Lincoln has become so recognisableas the all-action protagonist Rick Grimes, he’s earned his own unique spot in AmericanTV history.

However, dig a little deeper into Lincoln’sperforming past, and you’ll find that he played Simon in “Teachers” and even starredin shows like “Holby City”.

It doesn’t get more British than that.

For lots of us, “Homeland” is still thefirst thing we think of whenever Damian Lewis comes to mind.

Lewis plays US Marine Nicholas Brody in theshow, who returns to America after eight years kept in captivity, in the Middle East.

And then, for another prominent role, Lewisplays Bobby Axelrod, an American hedge fund manager in “Billions”.

But don’t be fooled by his Stateside characters.

The actor was actually born and raised inLondon, and has been part of various British productions too, including “Wolf Hall”and even “The Vicar of Dibley”.


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