‘Stranger Things’ Actor Shares about Life with Cleidocranial Dysplasia

I love how you're bringing awareness because you have been bullied and also this has probably in the past prevented you from getting roles definitely that's one of the it's one of the biggest reasons why I haven't be getting roles freely because I'm a list and the key situation

and my height that affected pretty much everything I would go three times a week up for auditions all the time and just no constant no but uh my the people that work and that work with me they said just wait it'll happen do you think given the unique

path you've taken through life is that one of the reasons why you have a striking maturity at the age of fifteen thank you and and I think that's one of the reasons that that I'm a fan of yours because you're an incredibly gifted accurate and I'm curious if

your experiences in life being denied roles the bowling because of clinal cranial dysplasia is is that part of your is that part of your maturity that you had to grow up quicker I think I I think so I don't really know I mean my parents are great I

have a great team with me I'm great people in my life and I think that's what I'm very grateful or I'm very blessed to have the people that I have here right well I love it you're raising awareness which is so important and right now joints in the

audience is nurse practitioner and founder of CCD smiles Kelly Wallace Nick and I love that the two of you have actually connected on this and that as part of CCD smiles you started this foundation to help people with this condition exactly yes you know with my own experience

I too have CCD clay dough cranial dysplasia and I started this foundation for a lot of the same reasons and the whole purpose of CCD smiles is to bring other people together who have CCD to bring awareness to it the statistic is that there's one in a million

what I'm finding is there probably more it takes awareness to know who has the rare birth defects and also another purpose of CCD smiles is to raise money for those people whose insurance doesn't cover the procedures I was given a lot of opportunities to have the oral surgeries

and have the help that I needed and I've learned that other people haven't had the opportunity for the same and so it was really important to me to be able to reach out to other people who haven't had the opportunity you raise a really important point because we

didn't touch upon this at great length and two of you connected but you you've had procedures done right I have had a two surgeries that I've had for extractions and I have more teeth than most people I feel like actually I have expertise and life people don't see

that I think I don't have any teeth I have a lot of teeth actually there's not there's not coming down and I think that happens with a lot of people with the condition inside them your body just doesn't know that you're gonna have a set of baby teeth

they're gonna fall out and they're gonna have a set of adult teeth so like your baby teeth don't come in properly then they don't come out and then you have extra keys in there your doll teeth don't come in has to all be done manually that's what this

appliance is for actually right here you all see that there are chains on there and what it's doing is it's actually pulling down my front teeth there you go to a craniofacial Center that that helps you I came that looks at your teeth and the other issues that

you're dealing with and tries to formulate a yeah I actually go to Hue I live in New Jersey I go to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the team there is fantastic and they've learned more about it because of what I've taught them but they're highly qualified and

very grateful to have them well I'm glad that the two of you arrangement where it's saying what's next for you acting-wise anything I'm crazy coming down the pike season three is confirmed there might be a couple films in line but right now there's nothing really set in stone

I think what I'm really trying to focus on right now is what I'm doing with stranger things I mean it's kind of taking up most of my time and also I'm doing what I can of course to just see how I can try and make this organization grow

and try and get this foundation out there and certainly Kelly kudos to you for starting CCD smiles and more more resources we'll have info on our website and of course stranger things can be seen exclusively on Netflix [Applause] you

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