Spicy Street Food in Jakarta Indonesia – Reaction (BEST REACTION)

Asalam alykum, hello welcome to mychannel guys hope your having yourself a wonderful day today we're going to bereacting to some indonesian street food tour in Jakarta the video is byfood ranger so stay tuned and we will get start with the video in just a couple ofminutes for those

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let's get started alright so check it out it's Trevor James we're inJakarta Indonesia we're going deep for street food today it's gonna be a lot offun so click that subscribe button and a little bell button down below cuz we gota ton of street food tours coming up for

you guys let's go check it out Jakartais a food heaven everywhere you turn there's new street food around everycorner we came here specifically to eat as much delicious street food aspossible and in this Jakarta Street food tour part 2 you can discover along withus a ton of unique

and mouth-watering Indonesian Street foods make sure towash until the end because these five indonesian street foods are incrediblygood let's eat right up here I think there's a little water wort peg stallrice with mixed dishes enter your typical Indonesian Street food war takehere these little hole in the walls

have the best mixed dishes with the rice youcan find a ton of addictive specialties ranging from classics like fried coconutchicken fried ikan bilis anchovies with peanuts spicy stinky Jenko beans andspicy stinky Pattaya beans it's all here with different stews soups vegetabledishes and spicy curries but you could spend

months trying this is truly heavenand you won't want to stop eating Oh good morning wow you have a lot here yesplease yes please Wow look at all these dishes there's somuch here okay Jen go okay gentle gentle bean some Jenko bean a little yeah alittle Genco bean oh

so much food here okay just a little I'm gonna get I'mgonna get a few things awesome sauce hey maybe I die I die okay good night ohyeah Beth I for breakfast stink beans this is what's beautiful there's just somuch here oh eggplant eggplant thank you there's just so

much here differentspice dishes like spice curry eggplant all these chicken and beef veg Akane youkinda oh yes please oh that looks amazingand oh yeah that looks so good and then some particularly chicken chicken Ohchicken coconut really oh yeah look at thatokay good okay thank you Gemma Cassie wow

this looks awesomelook at this guy's we are in the war tank in Jakarta and I just chose a fewof the many different dishes that they serve here chili Samba Samba oh wow thisis gonna be a great way to start the day we got fresh spicy sambalwe've got anchovies

with peanut we got stink beanswe got Jenko beans and we got eggplant and chili all this just looks amazingoh yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna start out with a bite of those anchovies and thatthigh stink beans with all of that chili curry sauce that he's put on there it'sall

mixed together Oh incredibly delicious Oh Oh all ofthose sauces mix together perfectly they're spicy and sweet all with thestink bean it's a definite stinky odor when the anchovies and peanut oil thatis such a strong flavor concoction there and it'll fill you right upwhen you're asking for some more

sauce some more curry sauce because that isjust magic oh yeah beef rendang rendang sauce on top thankyou yes this is he just put a ton of that beef rendang sauce on thereIndonesia is just blowing me away these flavors these spices these chili Sambo'sthese curry pastes on the boldness

of it all mix over rice you're gonna fall inlove on your first bite so so I don't really want to bother them too much inhere but they they invited me in quickly to take a quick look and it is justfull-on infiltrating the senses here we're gonna get out

of there they'retheir busy work station but this is something you have to see to believe next up just down the street we found ahuge cart selling the famous Jakarta kettle practice as soon as you walk upand you see all the action of the dish being made you get

curious and you knowthat you just got it eat it the main flavor comes from a hand mixed paste ofground peanuts palm sugar garlic chili salt and sweet soy sauce nice and thenhe's mixing it up so it's a sweet dish yeah very sweet in the peanuts then fried tofu

steamed rice cake ricenoodle bean sprouts fried shallots and fried crackers are all added on top it'sa super sweet and enjoyable backstreet snack that you have to try we got theAuto proc here okay look at that what a concoction all thosepeanuts were chopped up finely we put this sweet

money sauce on topthere's bean sprout there's fried shallots cucumbers and the garlic andthe chili were mixed right in there everything it looks amazing it justlooks so fresh and flavorful all right let's try that out that is like a supersuper sweet slightly spicy peanut sauce over top of rice

noodles and tofu andthere's a there's a definitely fresh out flavor in there as well Wow and we werejust walking down the street and saw this and everyone was eating it and wethought we would try it and it's so nice yeah yeah Jakarta specialty yeah next upwe went for

some pre lunch beef rib delight we found a spot that servesamazingly fresh grilled beef ribs covered in a peanut sauce and beef ribsin a rich beef soup when you walk up and you see these huge stacks of beef ribswaiting to be served with a peanut sauce and the

grill beside and then these hugepots of rich beef broth and all the families and friends around enjoyingthese succulent caveman style ribs you know you're in the right place these aregood that really looks intense and they'rejust covering it in a peanut sauce Wow oh that looks unbelievably tender cutsit

up I can't believe this that looks like caveman delight right there Wowlook at that monster beef rib he just pulled out that is totally thick and juicy you can smell that peanut aroma on allof these beef ribs oh it's such a smooth smooth peanut goodness Wow unbelievable they've

got one that's just grilled andthen they've got one that's in us in a light soup with fried shallots on topand I am getting the grilled one thank you the peanut sauce they put on top in thatoh that meat is just falling falling off the boneWow that is so

so tender looking and then they give you that soup thank youthat they cook it in with lots of fried shallots I got some rice and here theseare steamed rice flour packets I believe oh yeah and you can dip that into thissoup here but you know come on we're

gonna go right infor these caveman beef ribs here in that peanut satay sauce mm-hmm oh yeah oh yeah it's just melt inyour mouth just melt in your mouth with that peanut that sweet sauteed peanutsauce there's definitely some slight spices put in there as well that it'scaveman delight right

there next up we went for a meal of a lifetime seafoodfeast that was worth the trip to Indonesia you won't believe the beautyof about to see so we just found the most amazing seafood join here grillingall different types of fish and prawns over these burning hot coals juststanding

here is burning but you can smell the curry sauce the curry pastethat he's putting over top of these fish they're blackened they're charred andI'm really hungry looking at this let's go inside and try it out if there's aseafood heaven this is where it is you get not only

grilled fresh fish andprawns but the most amazing selection of mud crab as well there's so many flavorsto choose from and walking into the back kitchen gives you a great look at howit's done flavors like black pepper crab chilicrab salted egg crab and the ultimate smoked crab which is

first fried in awok with red onion ginger garlic bay leaves a salted egg herbs and spices anda special Padang hot and sweet sauce is truly to die for after it's fried its wrapped in a bananaleaf and put on the grill while the smokey banana flavor infuses into theflesh

this here is gonna make you want to move to Jakarta look at this guy'sthe smoked crab just arrived you got to stand up to open this everything is onthe table now oh it's in a big banana leaving crazy hole the smoked crab ishere guys wow look at this

that's banana flavor that banana fragrance Oh doesn'tthat look insane look at these big fat crab legs it's allhere guys it's all here we got these smoked crab legs wrapped in a bananaleaf we have we have the crab with salted egg yolks salted egg freshchilies in a nice creamy

light curry sauce we have the grilled grouper righthere and that's all that's what's making all the smoke outside and then we alsohave the grilled prawns we're just gonna go right in for that oh it's hot oh ho that flavor that flavor has thisdistinct banana leaf flavor infused into

there and it's quite spicy it's quitesmoky quite peppery haha the next flavor to try here salted egg light curry craband I'm just gonna suck on that to get that first flavor impression oh that isthe most creamy that is the most creamy spicy or melt-in-your-mouth light curryaroma of joy

salty salty egg yolks there oh yeah this is honestly some of thebest seafood you'll ever eat it's like bite after bite of joy after aquick rest from eating we made our way to finish off the day with a classicstreet food meal the nacio duck aka coconut rice there's

lots of peoplehere okay here we go we walked into a classicnight Street food tent offering seafood and chicken and classic indonesianstir-fried dishes this is normal everyday life food in Jakarta and I wasso excited to try it out what I didn't know is that I was about to try

one ofthe spiciest things I've ever eaten all the food just got here we have the nasibulldog coconut rice look at this covered in those fried shallots friedshallots are everywhere here and we've got fried chicken little lettuce oh Iordered some fried stir-fried Jenko beans covered in a ton of

chili pastewhole whole and then I've got fried stink beans oh wow look at them justbursting out let's try that to start oh yeahwhere I got more stinky oh yeah thanks ding Constantia mmm but we came here totry the nasty food up here so they cook it with coconut

milk gives it a lot offlavor and I'm just gonna try that rice as is see what it's like that is a rich coconut flavor give youand they give you some fried chicken as I tried the delicious fried chickenenjoying that nice fragrant coconut rice and move my way on

to taste the samplesauce I didn't know what was about to hit me Wow mighty spicy crazy oh I amburning right now Oh spicy crazy Oh spicy crazy okay we came to the spicycrazy place I did not know that's what it said oh I don't know why I'm going

more forthis old bird despite the burn this was somehow really enjoyable from the friedstinky peptide beans that taste like stinky mushrooms to the coconut packedrice and the stinky gentle beans covered in sambal these are filling and strongflavors they leave you with a lasting impression one that makes you

happy tohave taste buds because you really feel alive and people are so friendly here inIndonesia this whole time in Jakarta has been amazing witnessing all of thisdelicious street food everywhere chasing all these flavors it's been it's beenthe time of my life I want to remind you to click

that subscribe button and alittle bell button down below so you don't miss any of these deep street foodtours because we have a ton of awesome content super funny and it made me laughbecause at one point he I took that the stink bean and he's mmm tastes good andthen

he's like mmm stinks but he enjoyed it I think that's the waythat he was describing it was funny and then after he wasn't expecting itwhen he put that hot sauce just it was too much and he continued to eat it youcan see on his face that was super

spicy but overall the video was really reallynice you know people like us for example living out in western countrieswe don't have a lot of halal options right because most of the halalrestaurants are going to be like shawarma or maybe like Indian foodPakistani food and let's say Afghani food

just rice and kebabs andwhatnot but we don't have like subhanAllah like unique flavors like this where youhave spicy sweet salty like a mixture of them and people have the skills to useall those ingredients to make something delicious and just looking at it subhanAllahlooks really really delicious so it'd

be nice to you know one day travel tothese places and inshAllah try these delicious food cuz it just looksmouth-watering I just had dinner and watching this still makes me hungry so I reallyreally enjoyed it I hope you guys did too if you did please don't forget toLike comment

share and subscribe if you liketo recommend for me to check out another video please put it in comments section asalways thank you very much guys for all your love and support I hope you guyshave yourself a wonderful they take care of yourself and your familyinshAllah i'll see you

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