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– [Narrator] A growing number of people are embracing veganism, for a variety of reasons.

(upbeat music) Health, animal welfare, and the environment.

And, Hollywood A-listers are no exception.

In a two part series, findout which celebs are vegan, and why they decided to ditchanimal products for good.

Number 13, Liam Hemsworth.

Liam Hemsworth went vegan in 2015.

After a press tour for thescience fiction series, The Hunger Games.

– There's 24 of us Gale, only one comes out.

– Yeah, and that's gonna be you.

– [Narrator] Hemsworthgot sick with the flu.

He told AskMen that he reached out to his vegan Hunger Games costar, Woody Harrelson, for advice.

Woody Harrelson told me that I should try eating raw vegetables.

He's got more energy thananyone I've ever met, along with the nicest guy in the world.

So, I tried it out.

Since then I've felt amazing, and have been eating that way ever since.

Liam Hemsworth loves eatingvegan for health reasons.

And, he has no problems keeping fit.

He even convinced hisbrother, Chris Hemsworth, to try a plant based diet while fitness training for the film Thor.

– Well, kinda both like fire.

– The star's also consciousof animal cruelty.

He told Men's Fitness Magazine, that the more he becameaware of the horrors of the animal agriculture industry, the more he couldn't eat meat.

Hemsworth has alsorocked cruelty-free looks on the red carpet.

Along with his wife, andfellow vegan, Miley Cyrus.

The couple attended G'DayUSA's gala in January.

Hemsworth was accepting an award for his roles in the Hunger Games and Independence Day: Resurgence.

– I feel pretty good aboutgetting in one of these fighters and blowing 'em outta the sky.

– [Narrator] And, wore a vegan suit by luxury menswear brand, Brave GentleMan.

He also wore veganleather shoes, and a belt.

Vegan fashion was at thecenter of his wedding to singer Miley Cyrus too.

Cyrus has been vegan since 2015 as well.

And, wore a made-to-orderivory silk satin gown, by Vivienne Westwood, on her wedding day.

Paired with white satin shoes by vegan brand Cult of Coquette.

On Instagram Miley shareda candid photo of her and her sisters, Noah and Brandi, diving into the serving dishesof vegan food at the wedding.

Cyrus also shared a Valentine'sDay shout-out to Liam.

By sharing a wedding photo that gives us major vegan couple goals.

Number 12, Woody Harrelson.

Woody Harrelson is a longtime vegan.

According to animal rights group PETA, People for the EthicalTreatment of Animals, he first ditched dairy in his 20s, when a woman on a busdiagnosed his streaming nose and acne as lactose intolerance.

The star now embraces amostly raw vegan lifestyle.

Meaning he has ditched meat, eggs, dairy, and strays from processedand cooked foods, and sugar.

The 57 year old actorcredits his vegan diet for making him look 10 years younger.

– Well, if you think about it, the strongest animal, pound forpound, in nature is the ape.

– [Stephen] Is the whale.

– Right.

– [Narrator] ForHarrelson, diet is crucial for his energy levels.

He told InStyle Magazine, I eat vegan, but I mostly eat raw.

If I have a cooked meal, I feel my energy drop.

So, when I first started shifting my diet, it wasn't as much a moralor an ethical pursuit, but an energetic pursuit.

The star is passionateabout the environment too.

In 2017 he started aMeatless Monday campaign with Paul McCartney.

– A third of all serialcrops and more than 95% of soy is turned intofeed for farmed animals.

– One day a week can makea world of difference.

– [Narrator] Encouragingpeople to adopt meatless meals once a week in an effortto slow climate change.

Number 11, Maggie Q.

Maggie Q went vegan nearly 20 years ago.

The Divergent series andMission Impossible III actor.

– Nice job.

– Thank you.

– [Narrator] Ditched animal products after attending a concert in Hong Kong, where she met with a PETA volunteer and learned the negativeeffects that animal agriculture has on the environment.

Discussing sustainability, the star says, one of the things that ismissing from political discourse, from policy, fromgovernment, is the fact that the leading cause of carbonemissions in the world is animal agriculture.

And, no one is talking about it.

This is the real issue thatis driving climate change.

– When we do feel the weight of the world, and truly the weight ofthe world depends on us, you know, it depends on our choices.

And, I wish that peoplewould pick up a book, or watch a documentary, and understand that their choices can reallymake a difference.

– [Narrator] She also speaksup for confined marine mammals.

Using her Instagram account to advocate for Empty the Tanks Worldwide.

– For more than 50 yearsanimals have been used in horrific and painfultests for cosmetic products.

Today, modern alternatives toanimal testing are available, and used by hundreds ofcruelty-free companies.

– [Narrator] Maggie Q has also advocated for the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act.

A bill that passed in California, which bans the use of animaltests on cosmetic products.

Maggie Q is set to star in Slice of Life, a forthcoming documentary that explores the growing popularity ofvegan food across the globe.

Number 10, Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix hasbeen vegan for 40 years.

On a fishing trip as akid, he and his siblings wanted to go vegetarian afterseeing how fish were killed.

He told Collider, I guess to stun them, they were throwing themagainst the side of the boat.

It felt like a real injustice.

I just thought it was such agross abuse of power in a way.

I think that during that moment, we knew we were not goingto eat meat anymore.

His family ditched meat and fish.

And, went vegan shortly thereafter.

Phoenix has produced powerfuldocumentaries on veganism.

Such as 2017's What the Health.

And, 2005's Earthlings.

He narrated the latter.

A documentary that opens the viewer's eyes to the ongoing cruelty in theanimal agriculture industry.

– [Joaquin] All of us areconsidered earthlings.

Warm or cold-blooded, mammal, vertebrate or invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, and human alike.

– He also narrated 2018's Dominion, with actor Rooney Mara.

A documentary thatexplores the various ways animals are commodified in Australia.

Phoenix is a vocal animal rights activist.

– I've been veganpractically my whole life.

And, I don't use animalproducts, don't use leather.

I thought that I was avoiding wool.

I never knew that suits were made of wool.

– [Narrator] He has supportedthe wool-free movement in PETA's 2018 campaignfor New York Fashion Week.

Number nine, Rooney Mara.

Rooney Mara is aself-proclaimed ethical vegan.

She has been on and offvegetarian since the age of nine.

– What are you doing?- Reading your notes.

– They're encrypted.

– Please.

– [Narrator] But, committed to veganism about seven years ago, after seeing videos of tortured animals in the animal agriculture system.

Mara is ethical in what sheeats, and in what she wears.

The star started a vegan clothing and accessories label in 2018.

The label featureshigh-quality vegan materials, such as faux leather.

Mara told Vogue, in fastfashion you can find faux leather boots that are really cheap.

But, while it's cruelty-freein the animal sense, I didn't necessarily knowwhere those things were made, or if they were cruel toward humans.

Mara narrated the vegandocumentary Dominion, alongside Joaquin Phoenix.

The pair have been a veganpower couple since 2017.

Number eight, Natalie Portman.

Natalie Portman is anoutspoken advocate for animals.

And, most recently appearedin a PETA video about empathy.

– Decades ago one manarticulated the plight of animals so boldly that the modernworld couldn't ignore him.

His name was Isaac Bashevis Singer.

– [Narrator] You mayalso recognize her voice as the narrator for the 2018documentary, Eating Animals, based on the 2009 book bynovelist Jonathan Saffran Foer.

– You come across thesesteel masterpieces.

All brought together inthe most ingenious ways.

To produce more and more.

Recently I produced adocumentary, Eating Animals, which hopefully you will get to see soon.

(cheering) And, it's a look at thefactory farming system, and problem in our country.

– [Narrator] Natalie Portman has been a vegetarian since the age of nine.

But, Foer's book influenced her decision to go vegan eight years ago.

On the set of her recent film, Vox Lux, Portman requested 100% vegan wardrobe.

– This is a culminationof my life's work so far.

I was under a lot ofstress after my accident.

But, that's what this show is about.

It's about rebirth.

– [Narrator] Designer Keri Langerman was thrilled to take partin creating vegan costumes.

She has also worked with award winning vegan actor Rooney Mara on vegan costumes.

Part two will be dropping next Tuesday.

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