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hey guys so for today's video we're gonna be talking about my favorite   go-to sigma face brushes if you follow my channel you already know that I   absolutely love Sigma brushes they are the best in my opinion they are   vegan cruelty free and they come with a two-year warranty quality is amazing   I've

had some of these brushes for five plus years they don't fray they don't   shed they literally last forever so I already have a few videos on my channel   of my favorite eyeshadow brushes because my channel does focus on eyeshadow but   today we're gonna be talking about my favorite face brushes because you

guys   asked for this all the time if you're watching this video on the day I'm   posting it it's June 26 and starting today a sigma is having a sale where   they're having up to 60% off some of their brush sets and individual brushes   this sale is going on until Friday the 26th

and I don't know exactly   which brushes are gonna be on sale but hopefully some of the ones I'm gonna   talk about today will be included in the sale so you can get these for a really   good price in case you're not shopping during a sale you can always use my code  

Angela bright to save 10% on Sigma's website alright and with all that being   said let's get into my top Sigma face brushes here we go so Sigma has over   60 face brushes on their website and I know it can be super overwhelming to go   to the site and be like oh

my gosh what do I need so I've picked out about I   think it's 12 brushes or so that are my go-to so hopefully this and kind of help   you like limit your search a little bit let's do this all right let's start with   foundation brushes personally I usually use a sponge to

apply my foundation and   concealer I just find it easier for me but a lot of the times if I'm too lazy   to go wet my sponge I'll just pick up a foundation brush so the Sigma f80 flat   kabuki brush is one of Sigma's most popular brushes I think it's one like  

a bunch of awards when I started getting into makeup around 2013-2014 this brush   like everyone uses for their foundation and it really is such a great foundation   brush it's nice and dense and super soft and just does a really good job at   buffing in your foundation but over the last few years

I realized I prefer more   like a rounded shape foundation if I use a brush the one I really really like is   technically not a foundation brush this is the F 79 a concealer blend kabuki and   this is what the shape looks like so I use this one to apply my foundation  

today and I just like the shape a lot better I like that it has a little bit   of give to it so you can kind of do like those circular motions to buff in   your foundation but also because of the shape it does a really good job at like   getting around

your nose around your eye under your eye and just all those like   nooks and crevices in your face so even though it's called a concealer blend   kabuki I love it for Foundation Sigma does have a round foundation brush this   is the f82 round kabuki so you can kind of see here with

the SAT the f82 just   does have that rounder tip but I just kind of prefer how more flimsy my little   concealer one is compared to this this one is super super dense so I kind of   give you like three options there but my favorite is the F 79 alright now I

have   two brushes I want to talk about they're kind of like detail face brushes they   are under the face of brushes category on Sigma site so I figured I'll pop   these in this video so this one is the 4 d HD precision brush and what I love   this for is for

putting a foundation around my eyebrows so I always do my   eyebrows first no matter what first thing I do I do my makeup pop my   eyebrows on and when I do my foundation I have a really hard time you know   getting foundation around my eyebrows because my foundation brush is too big

I   don't want to mess up my brows and so I love this brush because it has that nice   little point on it and kind of see the shape there so I just dip my brush in a   little bit of foundation and just like easily put foundation around my brows   I love

it you don't really need this brush but if you want something extra   for your foundation around your brows I love this and then the next brush is the   p84 precision angled brush so I like this one a lot for spot concealer so   if I'm just blending in a little spot just kind

of Pat in like that I also   use this a lot for eyeshadow primer so whether I'm using like a concealer   or a Mac Paint Pot it just fits really nicely on my eyelid this one also does   a really good job of blending out your concealer under your eyes because it has  

that nice small shape just to get right in here so this is a really nice brush   to have on hand because I can use it for a bunch of different reasons next is the   f-35 a tapered highlighter brush the name is like rubbing off on this you   can barely see it

anymore and that just shows you how long these brushes last   this is another really popular sigma brush and I use this one for a lot of   purposes as well I'll use this brush to set powder under my eyes it just fits   like perfectly in this area it's crazy and then also if

I'm baking under my   eyes this is a good job at just wiping away that powder or like on your nose   or down here great at that and then it is called the tapered highlighter brush   so this would do a really good job at highlighting kind of using the point of   that

brush to apply your highlight like that but I do have a separate highlight   brush later but you could totally use this for highlighting if you want the   next brush I want to talk about is the F 20 large powder brush and it   does exactly what you think it is great at powdering

your whole face it's just   so big so it's so easy to just dip your brush in the powder and just powder your   whole face it takes like two seconds you could also use this for bronzer as   well kind of on the tip of the brush if you prefer like a larger

bronzer brush   this would do a really good job of that as well this next brush I use for a lot   of things it is the f10 powder / blush brush pretty much this could be used for   like any powder products on your face I like to use kind of the flat

side of the   brush to apply my blush just like that I will use a tip of it for bronzer as well   that's what I did today but you could also use this brush to set your whole   face it is just a little bit smaller than the f20 but you could totally  

just do translucent powder super easy so here's a little comparison this is the F   20 and the F 10 the F 20 is much much bigger I feel like I can use the F 10   for a lot more thing so if you were to pick between the two I would get  

the F 10 so next is my favorite brush for contour and that is the fo 5 small   contour brush and this brush just has the most perfect shape for contouring   right here in your cheekbones I also contour along the hairline up here   and then I do like to use the tip

of the brush for contouring my jaw as well it's   just great at contouring and here's a little comparison of the F 10 and the FO   5 you can see the FO 5 is much smaller and kind of has more of a rounded shape   here whereas the F 10 kind of has

like flat sides I did want to mention this   one brush that I used to be obsessed with for blush and bronzer but then I   switched the F 10 but this is the f 40 large angled contour brush sorry   it's dirty I forgot to clean it but I used to really prefer this

kind of like   rounded angled shape for my blush and bronzer it does just do a really good   job at fitting in these areas every face super duper easy but it's just personal   preference that now I prefer this kind of brush for my blush and bronzer and   then this one but this

is a great option if you do like that more kind of angle   to shape I did want to mention one of my favorite brushes for cream blush and   cream bronzer and that is the f-15 duo fiber powder slash blush so this is what   it looks like it does have the duo

fiber bristles I just feel like this applies   my cream product so well it does such a good job at blending because it kind of   has like these longer bristles on top but then there's a lot of like little   short ones in there that just help you blend it's just so easy to

apply cream   products with this brush you could totally use it for powder products   as well but I just haven't really used it for that yet alright so this next   one is a brush that I kind of recently fell in love with over the last like six   months or so and that

is the F 37 spot light duster I've had this brush in my   collection for a really really long time but I just never really knew what to use   it for but I love to use this brush to apply my hourglass ambient lighting   powders because this brush is so fluffy and has so

much give to it it's not   gonna like really pack on the powder so for somebody kind of luminous like this   it just does a really nice job at giving you just a nice light layer of powder   I'll also use this brush too if I'm gonna use like a really really pigmented  

blush and I don't want a lot of pigment it does a nice job at just picking up   a little bit of powder and just really evenly dispersing you on your face and   then my favorite highlighting brush is the fo3 high cheekbone highlighter I'm   pretty sure this brush has won a lot

of awards as well but it is just so perfect   for highlight it's just nice and little and just like fits this area perfectly   I used to use like a really fluffy brush to apply my highlight when I would just   put a highlighter all over my face but now I prefer more of

a soft highlight   look so I like to use this brush because it is really precise but it's not gonna   overdo my highlight it's gonna place it exactly where I want it and then of   course it works for nose highlight your gonna highlight here your chin wherever   your gonna highlight this work

I didn't want to mention my favorite cleaners as   well in case you need one or you just want to know what I like because Sigma   does offer I think it's like four or five different brush cleaners so let   me tell you of my favorite if you just want one product that's gonna

clean   your brushes so easily no hassle like literally the easiest thing in the world   it is the sig magic scrub this thing is all you need to clean your brushes I   freaking love this so here it is in the palm of my hand to kind of show you how   big it

is so pretty much all this white in here is soap and then all these pink   dots in here are actually like I think it's either silicone or rubber tips   they're like little little tips in there and so I can't explain this so when you   go to clean your brush and you're

gonna get it wet swirl your brush in here and   those little pink rubber tips are gonna help kind of get deep inside the brush   it just cleans your brushes so easily I can't recommend this enough it does have   suction cups on the back so you could suction it to this side of

your sink   but I just like to hold it in my palm in one hand throw the other easy-peasy   good to go so that is my favorite brush cleaner hands-down it's freaking amazing   but Sigma does have some other like little cleaning products so let's go   over these real quick so that you

have a mat best suction cups into your sink and   then they have the spa glove as well that also has all that texture on it   you can actually put it inside out for face brushes and for eye brushes fits in   your hand like that but if you were to get one of

these kind of scrubbing mat   things my favorite one is actually from Sigma sister brand called practic and   they have this guy called the Paul mat and out of all of these I prefer this   one and it's the cheapest it does have suction cups on it so again you could   suction cup

it to your sink but I like to slide it on my hand like this and   then I'll just squirt some soap on here and then rub my brush and I like that   my fingers are free so once I'm rinsing my brush I can like use these fingers to   pinch all the

water out it's pretty easy cuz with this Paul mat like my fingers   are stuck in here so I only have one hand to use but like I can still use   this hand to do other things I just love it again this is Sigma's sister   brand practic and all their products are very

very inexpensive and they're   made with the same technology as all the other sigma products but i don't   think this will be included in any sigma sale because it's practic so   now you have your Paul mat and you need a brush cleanser Sigma offers a liquid   and a foam I prefer the

foam hands down I just find this one a lot easier to use   in the liquid the liquid one does work of course but what I don't like about   it is that the little squirt II do look at clogged here so you're like trying to   get the product out of it and

I don't have that problem with the foam so   that's why I prefer the foam all right so that was all my favorite Sigma face   brushes and my favorite sigma cleansers but I'm gonna tell you my top five Sigma   face brushes if you were like Angela I can only buy five I don't

want to buy   ten brushes which five should I buy so let me tell you what I would buy   I would buy a foundation brush again I like the f73 because of the shape of it   but maybe you like the f80 but get a foundation brush and then I would buy   the

f10 because you can use this for all over face powder boom-boom-boom   blush and bronzer so easy and then I'd buy the f-35 for any under-eye powder   or like powdering around my nose and also again you can use it to highlight   your cheekbones and then I would buy the p84 for any spot

concealer on your face   concealer under your eyes priming your lids for eye shadow again also getting   around your brows and just any of those small places that sometimes the bigger   brushes can't fit and then I would buy the F 37:4 again just a soft dusting   of an hourglass powder on my

cheeks or a softer application of blush honestly   you might not need this one wait a minute wait a minute you could honestly   probably get a full face with just these four brushes you might not even   need that fifth one you might just need four alright so those are all my face   brush

recommendations I hope this was helpful for you I am able to answer any   questions you have down below about face brushes or if you're like what brush is   good for this I can totally help you out in the comments I am gonna link   my favorite eye brush video down below as well

in case you want to check that   out by the way my Sigma brush set that has my five go to eyes shadow brushes   and it should be back in stock this Thursday should be back in stock at   this Thursday B 25th like I said this has my five go-to eyeshadow brushes

in   it I can create any look with these five brushes my brush set is 20% off   the retail price so if your to buy all five of these brushes individually the   total is $78 since you're buying them all in a set it's only $62 alright and   I think that's everything I'm

gonna like every single product I talked about down   below and scripture box as usual and if you're not shopping during a sale you   can always use my code Angela bright to save 10% so I hope you guys enjoyed this   video thank you so much for watching and don't forget to Like and

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