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Today you will get to know your favorite actors from the dramaseries Maria that is aired on weekdays on citizen TV.

But before we get down tobusiness let's shed some light on what this program is all about.

It features ayoung girl called Maria who acts as a humble and educated teenage dreamer whocomes from the slums and was taken to live with a Porche family, now Mariathen falls in love with Luwi one of the family's sons who's actually married toSofia in the series.

We get to see a great chemistry on the show betweenMaria and Louie but these actors have totally different lives off the screenand that's what you are about to find outso let's get to know them stay tuned The first actor we gonna look at is Luwi Hausa whose real name is Bryan Ogana, he's a character in the series who is a spoiled child and at firstdespise Maria but later falls in love with her.

Let's take a look at his life journey up to where he is now.

He was born in theyear 1987 making him 33 years of age.

Brian comes from a Christian familyand was raised in a Christian way.

He went to Mukumu Boys High School and aftercompleting his secondary education, he pursued his degree in ComputerEngineering at the University of Nairobi.

Now Brian Ogana currently works with GoodNews Broadcasting Station also known as GBS.

He works there as a news anchor, a host and areporter.

He's currently the most searched actor online because of hisexcellent acting and alluring sexy looks in his custom-made expensive fitting suits.

Now did I mention acting is his part-time job?.

In 2016 he was nominatedand won the title of the most best-dressed media personality.

He is abusinessman, he owns a sartorial suit shop in Nairobi.

We can now see where hissense of style is coming from.

And about his personal life, Luwi is taken, actually he is married and a proud father of two beautiful children.

Now the lady in question is not in public, maybe, just maybe we will get to know her in the near future but for now, that'sall we know about Luwi, oh and another thinghe owns a luxurious bungalow and a Porsche car.

Now our next character is Bridget Shighadi commonly known as Sophia, is among the lead characters in the drama.

she actsas an evil greedy woman who forces and even uses witchcraft in order to getmarriage to Luwi.

Herr aim in the series is to actually inheriteverything that belongs to family after the death of her father-in-law.

On theshow she is portrayed as a wicked woman but her real-life personality is totallydifferent from what sophia portrays on the screens.

So, who is Bridget? Bridgetwas born in the coastal region of Kenya in Taita Taveta, she's a 28 year old and was raised in a Christian family.

Her family used to livein America before they relocated back to Kenya.

She's a blogger, a YouTubepersonality and a model.

About her education background, all we know is thatshe acquired her degree in public relations at the University of Nairobi.

she owns a clothing company and was brought up in a well-off family whichgave her a good foundation in terms of schooling and upkeep.

On her personallife, she's a she's in a committed relationship with Nick Mutuma who is also in the film industry and a media personality too.

Theyhave a beautiful daughter named Dua Mutuma, who was born in the United States.

Let's talk about Ronald Ndumbi, he's known as Victor Hausa in Maria, he executes his role as Luwi's brothervery well in the drama series and that's one reason why fans love him.

He's polite, friendly and act as a cool gentleman unlike Luwi.

Ronald has featured in a number of Kenyan series such as lies that bind andSimu la penzi, besides acting, Ronald has been actively participating in modelingsince 2009 after graduating from Makerere University in Uganda, where he pursued acourse related to filmmaking.

He is currently 34 years old and wasborn in Kisii town in Kenya.

He was an active participant in college sports, hewon several corporate deals on doing advertisement on companies such ascoca-cola and Guinness.

About his personal life, the actor is dating and is a father of two children but has not disclosed muchabout his girlfriend.

Let's now talk about Maria whose real name is YasminSaid, the lead actress in the film is only 20 years old and was born inKilifi County into a Muslim family she is a fresh graduate from high school andhas the dream of either pursuing acting on TV or being a lawyer or journalist.

Well it seems like she's in a dilemma.

She has earned empathy of lots of funsbecause of the way she is treated by some of the members of the family in theseries.

Now in her real life she has no boyfriend neither is she dating anyonebecause she values Muslim doctrines.

She grew up in a normal middle-class familyand is a lover of animals and pets both onset and offset.

Now in conclusion theactors in this film are not only creative but they also a dose oforiginality and bring a new twist to Kenya's acting scene all thanks tocitizen TV's news anchors Rashid abdullah and Lulu Hassan, the supercreative minds behind maria.

Well, that's allfor today I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching and don't forget to give thisvideo a thumbs up.


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