Making Food out of Play-Doh! Learn How To Make Diy Edible Candy vs Real Squishy Food Challenge

DONUTS Collins: (screams) – Oh my gosh! – It's Play-Doh, bro! You're telling us to turnreal food into Play-Doh food so right now, let's go.

I gotta wash my mouth out, my gosh! This round we are going tobe making a hamburger, no! Let's start with the lettuce.

– The what? Oh the lettuce.

– Called a wham bam.

This is how you make some good quality organic free range lettuce.

– Where'd you get this bowl? – I got it from my restaurant.

– What? – I own a restaurant now.

Oh, oh oh! Got this thingy here, which you put in the middleand then you're like.

(screams) – You okay? Oh, you didn't see this on your own tool? – Yeah.

– I thought you owned your own restaurant.

– Yeah, but I wasn't fully trained.

Then we got a, ooh straight cutter.

Whoop! – Are you qualified to bemaking Play-Doh food, Collins? – Maybe not! – All right, my patty is done.

Next up I'm gonna go for some cheese.

– Some cheese? – Some cheese right on that burger.

– [Collins] Now I'm justgonna cut my lettuce in a very squiggly manner.

– They look like green bacon strips.

– Slice (thuds) – No, whoa, whoa! Then I want your bacon.

– No! (babbles) – I'll give your bacon backif you give me my burger back.

– No.

(buzzer sounds) Next up we're going toget the tomato going.

Going to use my little stamping machine.

Check this out from thefront, and then from the back.

On a legitimate level, what is the point of this? – Well if a two year oldcan figure it out, Collins, I think you should be able to.

(buzzer sounds) – And for my tomato, I've got to cut out some, like you know how tomatoeshave holes in them? Yep, definitely not the right tool.

Yo, yours is actually looking pretty good.

– Aw thanks man.

– Squeeze, squeeze.

– Look at that cheese, look at the cheese.

– I want this wholepiece, I need this piece.

– No, my burger! (slow motion yelling) C'mon.

– Here we go, so now we got my tomato.

Well, it's a lot smallerthan I thought it would be.

(whooping noises) – To me it kinda looks like afidget spinner a little bit.

I don't think it'll spin.

Now it's time for the lettuce.

Come back.

– Wait, are you making lettuce again? – I need to have a superduper long piece of lettuce.

– That's completelyunbroken, not a single hole.

– Now the burger part of it is the most expensive part of my– So for this we really gotta make sure that we don't give them too much so you're not losing money as a business.

So it's gonna, there wego, there's the burger.

But we'll disguise it with a massive tomato outline around it so they won't even know it.


What can this orange be used for? My burger comes with afully unpeeled orange.

– Wow.

– All right so now we've gottaplace a massive orange in it.

There we go.

Yeah, I've run out of bread so I'm left with no other choice but to make the top of my burger the actual hamburger patty part of it.

So here we go, we got the perfectly round and symmetrical burger.

Place it on top of the orange.

Actually, game changer.

Coat the orange in the burger.

– That way nobody sees it.

It's a burst of flavor.

– Bite into like an orange rind, like (chomps) – [Devan] How is yourrestaurant still open? – And then of course to end it off.

(dings) So now I guess it's just gonna be boring and I gotta sit back andwait for Devan to finish his.

That looks so good, that is not fair.

All right, here's the bigreveal, are you ready? – Three, two, one.

– First– Five Second Subscribe Challenge.

We want to see if you cansubscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds, are you ready? – Five, four, three, two, one, done! Now if you can do that, comment down below.

– Comment down below.

– Keyper squad right now.

– Three, two, one, tada! – I am not happy with how this turned out.

So I'm gonna change it a little bit.

– What? – I need to grab this roller over here.

And uh, see if it works.

Yo, it's perfect burger! – What? No, how did you do that? – Magic.

– What? – The best thing is, it even talks.

Check this out.

Hey, I'm Bruce the burger.

– The burger's pretty awesomebut it's pretty obvious Bruce is not actually talking, bro.

– [Burger] Oh my god, it's Collins and Devan! – I am not just a stupid burger! (both shouting) – All right, well that's round, let's go.

(trills) – For this– – No, not again, really? – Oh man, we are making a pizza.

I was trying to balanceit, but it didn't work.

I'm gonna make this into some dough.

First we gotta actually spin it around because we gotta get thepizza dough looking good.

So just gonna.



No wow, all right.

– For this I actually have a pizza roller and I'm going to be making somelong bread thin crust pizza.

– Some long bread? Do we have another roller by any chance? – You can have it on loan.

– Wow, that's a really thin crust.

It's more like paper crust.

– That's how you know it's thin, Devan.

When it's thin enough to writethe independence of decla.


– What? – [Collins] Declarationof Independence on it.

Got the tomato sauce.

– Ooh.

– Guys ready for this? It's called the slap pat.

You go slap and then pat! – What?- Pat! Luckily I got another one! – Mine is gonna be a deep dish.

I just have no clue on how to do it yet.

– All my ingredients are super fresh.

I got a special tool right here.

And this turns into thefreshest ingredients around.

Check it out! Bam, there we go! Fresh tomato! – You can't use that, that's a real tomato.

– But it's my magical tool, of course I can use this.

Now, I'm gonna crushthis into tomato sauce.

(record scratching) – Whoa whoa whoa bro, you can't do that! It's a real tomato! – Okay fine, so I guess we'llhave to use the magical tool one more time, here wego, three, two, one, boom! There we go, now we got a little tomato.

– How do you do that? I'm pretty sure this isagainst the rules, bro.

– Now we go! – No! – [Collins] Whoohoo! – [Devan] That was suchan awesome tomato, dude.

– Well now I gotta thatfor my tomato sauce, Devan.

You don't understand theway my restaurant works.

It's all about the element– – [Both] Of surprise! – [Collins] You totally didn'texpect real and fake ones.

– Should've guessed.

– Two more tomatoes for the rest of the tomato sauce.

Boom boom boom boom! You're gonna do a littlebit of bowling here, and.



(rolling) Oh, strike one.

(rolling) Oh, strike two.

Last one, here we go.

(smacking) Oh! – Now you messin' with my play-doh.

– That was a gutter ball.

– That's a no-no.

Can I use one of your tools, Collins? – Sharing is caring, Devan, all yours – Thank you.

All right, gonna cut a big circle.

– Nice, great job, Devan.

Crushin' the game.

He's not.

– What? – I mean, look at my tomato sauce! I have this– Ow! – Sorry man, I'm makinga masterpiece over here.

– Okay, now it's time to addone of my final elements to it, which is of course, the cheese.

And you guys, this is a fancy restaurant, and so we do what's called little cheese.

– Yours looks like a continent, bro.

– [Collins] Kinda like Africa, actually.

– I'm just gonna sprinkle alittle bit of cheese on there.

– All right, next up Ihave to roll this out, and speaking of rollers, wheredid my roller go, Collin? – I don't know.

– Okay.

– Last bit of cheese andnow for the finishing touch, you ready, a pineapple! (buzzer rings) What? – Well, looks like you gotautomatically disqualified for putting pineapple on your pizza.

That's a massive no-no.

– Oh my gosh, really? – So we're movin' on to the next round.

– This round we are makingsome delicious ice cream.

– Ooh! – So I'm gonna make amassive ice cream cone with a ton of scoops, so yay! – Okay, whoa, all right.

– Whoo-hoo, and yeet! – Ow! – I call this the two handpalm to palm technique.

Palm to palm to palm to palm.

– Bro, I'm gonna make a swirl with mine.

Ooh! – Yeah, well done.

– [Devan] That looks awesome! – Next ball let's go! Boom, there we go color number two, we gotta of course get some vanilla, yeet! – You've been hitting me this whole time.

Yeet! Hey! – You got me! – Yeet! – In the back in the head.

I'll get you soon.

All right, my first one isdone, look at that thing.

That actually looks pretty cool.

I don't know what kindof flavor this is, but– – [Collin] What kind offlavor do you think that is? – Lemon? – Yeah, maybe.

Tumeric? – Tumeric? Ginger! – Ginger ice cream, you know, – To give you a little bit of spice.

When you're eating your ice cream.

New game, it's called “Get the Play-Doh ballsin a cup of Play-doh.

” Here we go! (both cheer) – First try! (both cheer) (excited babbling) – What? Don't mess it up! – So close.

– So not even close! – Ice cream scoop-a-doop number one, – Scoop-a-doop! – Scoop-a-doop number two, oh that's coming along nicely.

Scoop-a-doop number three, four! Boom, and– (both groan) Locking mine in right now, I added some extra flavor to it.

– And I am just about to add the chocolate dribbles to mine.

(exclaims) There it is, there it is.

– Looks like a squid! – Or chocolate dribbles.

– Yeah, or chocolate dribbles.

– That's not even looking too bad, yeah! Maybe take that one off.

– You even have a whipped cream dispenser? – Oh yeah, I do.

Alright here we go, ooh this looks so good.

– [Collins] That actuallylooks like whipped cream, that's crazy! – Dude this looks so good! Oh no, oh no, oh no.

(both exclaim) – Done! (stammering) And locked it in! – Here we go with thebig reveal, you ready? – Three, two, one– Tada! – So you get to comment down below.

– Dude you're cheating! That's not play-doh! – That's totally play-doh! – It's really cold.

– It's just cold play-doh.

– And it tastes exactly like ice cream.

– So guys leave a comment down below, who won this round, and we are on to the next one.

– I could have swornthat looked different.

(both screaming) I guess this round we've got pop-tarts! (screaming) – That makes sense! – Let's make some pop-tarts! Oh my gosh! – Alright I'm startingwith my pop-tart base.

Hey it didn't hit me this time.

– Check this out, yeet! (both exclaim) Time to roll it out my dude! Alright I gotta make suremy pop-tart's really thin, because I have a super duper special idea that I'm gonna be doing with it.

– Wow, dude, you even havea fingerprint in there.

– Here we go, we got the pink first, oh, this is kind of cool, this is like a littlefleet yeet shot, just– Sorry.

– You almost messed it up.

– My bad! So I've got my first layer, it's called the “roll in a circle withthe palm of your hand”.

– Alright, I'm kind ofclose to being done.

– Well, I– It always happens! Next ingredient, I call this one the plum! – What kind of plum is flat? – Oh this is gonna be great.

Now for my master strategy to work I just gotta fold it over.

(gasps) I think it's gonna work.

Alright here we go, I gota precise slice and dicer! – Hey, that's my dicer! – Slice! And then I'm gonna giveit a nice little.



Dice! In my mind I thought this would look a lot cooler than it's currently looking.

Well now we gotta seal up the edges, pinch it together like this.

Looks more like a hotpocket than a pop-tart! – That's like the chunkyveggie hot pocket right there.

(laughs) – Oh, no you didn't.

This is my final save righthere, got my frosting.

Frosted! Finishing touches, gonnaadd sprinkles to it.

Ooh, that's a nice sprinkle.

Ooh, that's a very nice sprinkle.

Boom, my best sprinkle yet! This is what they call, in show business, or I think in just about any business.

– In play-doh business.

– Make it or br– – Sorry.

– Make it or break it moment! Here it is, slice down the middle! Oh, that does not look promising! This looks real bad! Before I fully reveal it, I'm locking it in right now.

You guys are gonna haveto see how it turned out.

Wow! Here we go with the bigreveal, you ready for this? But first, 3 second like challenge.

We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds, are you ready? – Three, two, one, done! Ta-da! – Why didn't you work? (screams) – What are you doing with my best friend? (all scream) – This round we are making some pasta.

So right now, let's make some noodles! Yeet! And then we go woo, and then we go yeet! – How do those all hit me? Why do you get to go first? – Because I'm the older brother.

Devan, I am the olderbrother, you can't do this, it's against my– – I made it! (grunts) Look at that! Okay, well– Oop.

Oh yeah, look at those nice noodles man.

– Well, I just have one long noodle.

Just gonna make onesuper duper long noodle.

And just a little bit of spaghetti sauce, just to like coat the top of the noodle.

It almost looks like a snake of some sort.

Boom, spaghetti, yeti.

Three, two, one! Boom! Oop, where'd it go? Got it! Here we go, I'm making meat stars.

– Oh, snap! Cool.

– Time to shred my meatballs! Why is it yellow, that's not good.

It's still yellow! This is the finishing touchon my dish, you ready? If this meatball lands in the dish, you get it in your order.

– What happens if it doesn't? – You don't get a meatball.

I'm gonna close my eyesand see if I can do it.

Three, two, one.

(swoosh) Has it landed yet? – Yep! It totally landed.

– Where did it go? – I think you made it disappear man.

Your magical powers are failing.

– What? No way, because if Iwant my meatball back, I can get it back.

(claps) Oh my gosh, where did that come from? Goodness! Done! A masterpiece.

– But it didn't technicallyland in there, so uh– – What it did, it was like a meteorite, and it was like magic, and now it's there.

– Uh, okay.

– Locking it in.

Devan's taking forever, but remember guys, at the end of this we'll belooking inside the mystery box, and I've heard there'ssomething super cool and delicious inside of it so, we can't eat any of the play-doh food, but hopefully we'll be able to eat whatever is inside of the mystery box and hopefully it won'tactually be terrible.

– Alright, it is finallytime to lock it in.

– Three, two, one, ta-da! – So, yeah, you get to comment down below, who do you think won this round and made the better whatever.

Remember, mine's creative, you've never seen aone-noodle pasta before.

So, right now we're on to the next round.

– Check this out! – Dude! – They smell so good! – They're like tinylittle versions of candy! – What is this? Oh, I thought it was a mustache at first.

(old-fashioned music) – Hey, it's a pineapple! – It's a pineapple! – Do not put this on apizza, I learned my lesson.

– I won't.

Bro, this one even has a bruised bit! – Man, the attention to detail on these.

– So I guess you just wanna try them? – Uh, yeah! – Comment down below what other foods should we make out of play-doh.

I guess we should trythe ice cream cone first? – I'm gonna go for thewatermelon Popsicle, bro.

– Alright, here we go, ready? – Three, two, one.

(moans) – The texture! It's like cookie dough! But like way sweeterand not chunky at all.

– Oh my god.

– Wow.

– Yo, this one looks like a tomato! – I'm going for the strawberry, dude.

– And the craziest thing is the texture kinda reminds me of play-doh.

We weren't able to eat anyplay-doh this whole time.

– Oh, you're right.

– That's why it's in the mystery box.

Alright, let's take a bite, you ready? – Three, two, one.

(moaning) – What? (mumbles) – It's plastic? – Why would you eat the plastic? – I'm gonna take a bite of this one.

– Flamingo is the best one! – Alright subscribe righthere for another video, (mumbles) – Five, four, three, two, one! Done! – Thank you for watching, – Bye!.

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