Making FOOD out of CANDY!! Learn How To Make DIY Edible Candy vs Real Food Challenge

you chose us to turn real food into candy foods we got the largest rice krispies treat you nice entire world my face right now we're making somebody happy me and sushi competition right now yes we were gonna be battling each other so to do this we need to break this in half wait no II don't yes we do we need to bring half because we eat and a half cut it nicely well yeah get low cut right there hello let the competition begin all right wait what are you doing American eggs bro we're starting already yeah already brought long story with the Rice Krispies I'm gonna put it like this really that's your thing now isn't it why here we go get on wrap this oh I'm gonna cut this in half now no dude you just bump me distracting the competition you're not distracting me at all actually this is I'm very focused kind of I'm grinding it out like I'm pushing it down all right this is nice I like rolling this is now becoming a sushi roll because he's literally rolling the rice krispies in sushi oh my God my sensual yeah see that there's now a perimeter around my roll it's like a tablet yo it's called the iPad roll oh there's kind of a different color it's kind of ugly Oh looks cool so guys as you know the most important part of sushi is of course the fish the fish so I got I got some swedish fish oh no you've got to be kidding me oh this do it nicely whoo whoo I like this you know my perimeter of greatness is unprecedented in the sushi industry right it's time for me to begin the roll oh that's so cool why didn't I think of that well it's not even a sushi roll it's like sushi me but just just to the max it's what sushi me to see me dude it's not even close to sashimi wait you're cutting off the slice of it yeah guy Cobb all this right this is so much fun I love candy in fact we're actually trying to make well I'm not doing my best trying to make like real food into candy this is super cool it's looking more like a burrito roll than it is like a sushi trust me it'll look like a sushi roll actually I win this right this one's looking pretty saucy oh yeah this is turning out good dude your elbows literally in my face it is time to cut it but I don't think this night is gonna cut it so I'll be right back really the last we're also you'll have a punishment I'm almost done I just have to cut these into little pieces well mine's almost done as well all I need to do now looks really cool ooh the light shine my sushi roll is coming together incredibly right now we got all the swedish fish on here and it's only missing one element skills yeah how about this you guys get to decide what our sushi rolls are named yeah no millet why have an idea what only want to use a certain color scheme because I make awesome things ooh skittles nice oh god great critter I cook great yo my role is absolutely gorgeous Devin all right the big reveal three two one is the chef's special roles you guys know when your order at a restaurant takes a super long time like an hour they're creating a masterpiece like bitch just to clarify it's not really a role it's more like a cake so here's how it works you got the wrapping around the outside the marshmallows are kind of like the rice and then this is the filling within it it's a little abstract you just have to kind of go with it oh yeah and now what yo ha ha it's time for the super special surprise element you ready for it yeah I'm ready no no no you can't do that have you seen the fancy restaurants over all life put it down how also I heat it on down microwave all right here we go got a transported parent care how excited to see [Music] oh my god my beauty it's been destroyed like a beast it's gone from Beauty to the Beast man how do we do this let's do this Devin you grab down here I'm not involved in this this is your Maps how do I get it off oh that's interesting yeah yeah that did not go according to plan and Devin I've heard in the meantime you're getting your own other piece of sushi again and this is what it looks like that looks so close that's incredible yeah it's pretty close I actually mixed starbursts together all the orange ones this is the part of the video where we taste test rkv Fuji I am so excited you see with this crazy thing tastes like and actually we're gonna be doing that at the end of the video because we're locked in a heavy competition right now and you get to vote who won the first round so comment down below the nice sushi win or desin sushi win and when making your decision take into account the presentation the way it is presented on the plate or don't I am so excited about it wait how does what open it dude really I did it perfectly oh you'll be careful with that okay all right that's like super super super dangerous like you might actually get really aims you're doing that doesn't mean wild dude what are you doing that is not that's way more unsafe than what I'm doing it's a sausage it's like a cheese stick and done alright so my pasta sleeve now you do finish Bravo I wasn't taking way too long and look at you you're only on the first grade how many of those are you gonna need to fill up an entire bowl yeah no I was gonna do that that's the way that I've done with this although this would have looked really cool if I had more time the next step my fav one time to sauce it you got to mix up your jam oh yeah you got it that's the jam jam time to sauce some a pasta ooh now I got to know is not a genius idea instead of this putting them in normal and basic like Paul said you can actually pull them out into longer strands well if you don't break it as we're gonna pop this in here boom there we go meatballs complete you gotta watch your noodle then this final step to me is what really takes this to the next level because you know on every pasta you gotta have some cheese yeah this here is some beautiful what chocolate bring you know time to cheese or in this case chocolate my pasta satisfy the restaurant when they like tell me when to stop in this case I'll be like yeah I want them to do this on all pasta there we go my bowl is done bitch looks bomb see I went really light on the sauce because you took a lot of sauce yeah yeah I did whoo bro I'm gonna tweet my mustache call me please do you like cheese all over yourself that were chocolate all of you so no problem it's for later if mine is all cheese why don't you look at some how much chocolate in there well I was already gonna do that see mines gonna be more delicious to eat than yours is because it comes with this chocolate on the side just like that piece of bread you know that comes with it sometimes I will get read and it's at the end of the videos around now you guys get to vote down below who won this round of the candy pasta and right now on to the next one you love them we love them but we're making candy taco we got pancakes to act as the tour to us yeah otherwise known as tortillas or tell us this is so good we have jelly beans as real beans there we go we got my beans Oh this wasn't super cool because for the guacamole everyone loves guava everyone knows wok is extra but for this one guac is not extra only my enthusiasm for the guac is extra candy corns is either nice you should have cut in your mouth Oh didn't call the candy corn trickshot challenge I'm gonna catch on the spoon but I didn't so they give me the guacamole to make the guacamole I thought you just slam down on the table what I missed the ball next up is adding the food coloring very careful I feel you're gonna get this everywhere why we puncture with the candy corn the green food coloring and make some guacamole oh that was way too much yeah and there's a glob on that's on the table let's let's combat real quick nobody gets spread around me wait a minute lengthy minutes later alright so we're gonna use these red starbursts there's tomato tomato keep going Kim you know Toby oh I think these are the only type of onions that will not make your breath smell bad or make you crap a drizzle of guac ooh it's like the salsa the jelly and jelly it's salsa awesome whipped cream and sour cream whoa way too much to turn into a pancake a little bit and then of course got it of course spritz it with some cheese I mean cocoanuts I gotta add a little bit of salsa dude I cannot wait any longer I gotta eat this right now so for the rest of the cage we eat those at the end of the video but right now we are eating this tacos let's pick this thing all right let's do it oh you're my top coming out of jam packed alright back to say goodbye to the 3 2 1 we read what we've got a child we wanted if you can subscribe to this channel and give this video a thumbs up five four three two one done today we're making candy hamburgers right now the competition heats up these are actually the buns for our burger you need a super sharp knife gonna cut mine in half so be careful next up we got the burger yeah are the patty that's going to be the lettuce because this is some healthy looking lettuce am i right yes tomatoes which is going to be these cherry airheads and I'm going yeah that's a great idea I'm getting my tomatoes on boom there we go all right cover together nicely Oh ketchup so I can use a pencil that's a good idea frosting feeling right now so I'm gonna kind of drizzle this on to the tube Oh No Tama nation Oh many brownies are tough to cut this is the double cheese as special so you fold the starbursts in half that's like twice cheese so you pull didn't have any choice of cheese walk me through the math real quick on how that works I sort of put right you know my burger back because this looks more like bacon and lettuce but that's where I win to see my cheese is melting around my burger and I'm going for a double decker burger oh nice the finishing touch for the burger a slight sprinkle actually dude mine's gonna have a little toothpick crowd cuz the other thing about a candy burger man you know that we need to leave food in the fridge and then your family members eat it or someone else eats it that's not fun this is how you protected ha ha Oh mr.

funny please we're coming out I'm grabbing some of this bro look at that garnish on the top bro a little bit too excited about that bro Oh almost forgot one thing what I almost forgot the ketchup don't all right I got it I gotta do this right imprecise the big reveal three two one oh I cannot wait to eat this but we have one final round left right now comment down below who you think won before read all the different candy foods and for this one yeah we are making chicken nuggets ooh mashed potatoes and the vegetables whoo pop it open Devin and that was suggested by the instagram keeper of the week young shot it to you and if you want to be shot as the Instagram keeper that we check the description down below to find out how you turn it open yeah first steps first for the chicken nuggets gonna take all the little pieces here then we're gonna have mold them into chicken nuggets chain right there's uh there's my chicken nugget looking good oh man this is so much fun it's so sad friend just finish the rice krispie treats ma'am I know it really is nice if you get a chance you know I had recommended like biscuits you got squishing more nuggety Wow the largest chicken nugget please if you push them that's a three to one next step we have to add the bread coating to our chicken nuggets and yes keep using corn flakes oh there he goes great idea Oh in the back snap it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] yeah Rhys this thing to the max here we are gonna put in here now we dump these in there yeah get the powder on them back to that works Wow Dewey's looking like a chicken nugget man looks like a chicken nugget what a big legit a processor trying to break long sure there is trying actually kind of bread chicken nugget you sure there is oh that works what happened to this one it's no small hey never judging W by the size of its it snugging this there we go home tiny nuggets big movie news all right you've got some Laffy Taffy's to represent vegetables cuz i mean the practice each turn Laffy Taffy's kids that's what they say I'm gonna make mine look like green beans cuz personally I'm not a big fan of green bean but I like these be nice I got the longest green beans and all the green bean land cut it up into slices broccoli got a whole bunch little like holes on it BAM broccoli job Josh don't even look at it it's not on the plate see I'm gonna be picky about my colors because vegetables come in all colors even pink which ones that a beetroot oh what a beetroot that's a pink vegetable alright fair enough alright here we go now it's time for my ice cream which is going to act as a mashed potatoes there's so much sugar on one plate it's Oh dome oh dude what did you dip the nugget mine the ice cream you should try it boo that makes it alright gotta get it to look like mashed potatoes I cannot say how excited I am to eat this right now in the final round comment down below who won this round and who won all of the rounds and how we're gonna do this we're gonna start this page test at the beginning you know it is the sushi and then work our way all the way to tasting this one right here so let's see some candy sushi I've got some chopsticks right here to get my piece of sushi your piece you're gonna grab the this whole thing with one chopstick yeah I really want to try one of these I want to try before this looks really good oh no so good you are very skilled with your chopstick what oh yes of course of course like don't touch my don't stop you fucking white mellow mellow out dude that's a putt in this video all right here we go you look so funny we ate that how is it um he's speechless I gotta see what this is like jump to my teeth oh really then top that was much cleaner good delicious it's a fruit roll-up around it and I'll hold it like flavor and the textures by the crunchiness whoa there's only one way to eat this and that is to abandon tradition of the chopsticks and you're for the chop hands boom uh just two hands this is nuts it's a whole new part you can tell him quite honestly the most legendary piece of sushi I've ever seen in my entire life it's like a plate of a sort of suit yeah exact we could get some swedish fish and some coconut gonna get all the different salmon eggs on top of this guy some of those there we go like that oh yeah a marshmallow to top it off this is a piece of the masterpiece literally Oh egg blue don't like the white pithy tweet completely overpowers everything fish eggs at a sushi restaurant called Rome so I call this one here the rainbow row that would be legend right now definitely the next one which is yeah the pasta just from a visual perspective I think these pastas turned out so yes out of all of them and I'm so excited to see they taste as good as they look I think it's kind of like stick it in try to get some some noodles on the yeah I'll be in the face I got noodles I got some of the chocolate on top and then a meatball as well gotta meet behind three two I'm gonna give it all my face that did not taste at all what I thought it was going to like because the jelly is like the first taste that hits you in it out mmm it's so good and then like the Twizzlers as its whole like texture to what's going on in the chocolate bumps actually that's the ball so so actually having a bit of salt in there and it goes really really good bream on the inside and you can oh I like that hint of white chocolate on it I don't think me being it's like hyper from the sugar and it's so excited by this food but that was delicious and now we're on to the next one it's time to eat some tacos oh we already ate the taco the next one we've already in the taco so we're stepping over that one and now it's time to eat the burger from what happened dear burger well I was sitting over there and fell over apparently wasn't structurally sound enough it's gonna pick it up getting backgrounds buttons again yep alright so listen to this we're first gonna eat the french fries okay and see how these taste so all right let's see if they're delicious mmm they're soft and cloudy it tastes like what it was a little whoa but it takes up most Cherie and forever and now it's time to try to eat the burger there's no way you can fit this in my mouth that's the disappointment that works you compress it cuz they're all like that he doesn't compress you have the brownie is pretty tough let's give it a shot you ready I'm ready three Jim boy mmm mm-hmm oh hey whoa they do any numbers because the airheads they didn't allow you to bite or chew it also the girls like super chewy cupcakes none of those and then you couldn't bite through the lightly taffy they look so good though but you didn't really taste that good yeah I was also the bread mix with the taffy – yeah you look good so hopefully the final ones chicken nuggets gonna be a lot better but this one man a little bit disappointed like a nice still sugar so you told still tastes good but like it looks good definitely the weakest combination of them all yeah this is it the final candy foods we got chicken nuggets mashed potatoes and vegetables kind of public but what you guys to comment what is your favorite food that we should turn into a candy version EXO comment that down below right now and I'm so excited since I'm gonna pick up away I met you gonna dip it in your mouth at a toast mashed potatoes I'm gonna put a little bit of vegetables on it oh that's a good idea there we go ooh the ultimate trifecta right here looking good you ready yeah I'm ready three two one they're the two straps never hurt me about biting into it roads not broken up a guy if you were hitting the video book right over here and we dare you right now let's run over here if I need a 5 done here we go 5 4 3 2 1 done that last one was absolutely delicious over the fact like the corn flakes will you fighting in my mouth oh yeah I didn't guys see you guys again soon bye.

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