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Welcome to today's lower ab workout.

We are targeting that lower ab area today.

Are you ready? Let's go We're going straight into compound quadrants Are you going to tap your opposite knee to your opposite elbow and step one leg out at a time? Listen, there is no warm-up in this video.

So if you're not already warm, pause the video and get a quick warmup This is an awesome move to get your heart rate up get your whole body going and it also targets your abs Really really? Well, we're going to do your whole body and Then focus on the lower ab muscles Very good get that heart rate up We all know by now you want your lower abs to show you have to burn fat all over your body and Also do the workouts the exercises to target those lower ab muscles.

So just keep going you're on the right track Very good next up.

We have jump rope.

You're going to pretend to have a jump rope in your hand and just gently Clear the floor.

You don't have to jump very high.

Just clear the floor.

Let your toes Just leave the floor a little bit and it counts.

Are you ready? Uh, Yeah ready.

Let's go You're doing good.

You're doing good This portion of the workout is just focused on burning off fat all over your body We're gonna get to the good part very soon Good tuck your abs in keep your abs nice and engaged Very good.

Keep a soft bend in your knee you can do it.

You can do it.

That was perfect next up We're going to need two elbows.

You're going to touch our opposite knee to your opposite elbow Make sure you engage your abs when you're doing this This is another this is a move that is targeting the muscle itself While getting your heart rate slightly elevated It's a technique You're doing amazing You got this keep going You're doing good, just keep moving as long as you're moving it counts Okay, I see you mamacita Good we're going to do jumping jacks next if you're unable to do jumping jacks, you can do step jacks with that Which I have shown on the right hand side This is to get your heart rate elevated again, and to help you burn the maximum amount of fat off of your body Let's do it fat you're gone fat cannot even withstand your motivation level right now Go go go go go you can do it You have one more move after this and we get a break so just do your best You did that last move Frankenstein walk You're going to suck your abs in Hands in front of you and you're going to attempt to touch your toes to your fingers If your toes cannot touch your fingers, don't worry about it go through your own range of motion Your focus here is on your abs suck those ab muscles in Don't worry about it.

You're getting a break in just a few seconds a break that you have earned Almost there.

Don't stop now Keep going good.

That was awesome.

Go ahead and take a full minute to rest.

You are amazing I am so excited you're here Just to kiss you're new here my name is Cola just like coca-cola and I am Married, and I have a son and we live in Indiana and we have a dog a Jack Russell Terrier I'm a personal trainer and and Also certified in nutrition.


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I think yeah Welcome back we are going to the floor to do a hike crunch to do this You want to keep us like bend in your knee? Lower back is on the mat and you are trying to reach for your toes but not quite reaching it Let's do it just give it a try This may look more difficult than regular crunches, but it's actually not because your leg up in the air Enables you to keep your lower back on the mat, which is usually a problem for a lot of people You're doing good crunch crunch crunch Alright get those lower ab muscles really think about the muscles you're working You're doing good Okay, now you're going to flip around you're going to go into a plank position with your booty slightly elevated and you're going to step To the side one foot at a time.

This is a wonderful alternative to plank jacks, which are a form of torture These you can do let's go You're doing amazing just step out one foot at a time one foot at a time Rome was not built in a day.

Everything is one step at a time and you were doing it you Can do it tuck your abs in make sure that they're engaged very good That was so amazing we're going to do a 3d crunch you're going to flip over Keep your hand under your booty to help your lower back.

Stay on the mat You're going to extend your legs to one side Bring it in extend to the middle bring it in and then extend to the other side.

So you're crunching in three different directions Good do your best Whatever happens just make sure you're doing this movement when the timer ends and account Awesome this one is not about speed.

It's about control If your legs are acting as resistance for your lower ab muscles such an amazing exercise and you're doing a good job You're almost done with this workout almost at the end Almost there, make sure you're doing it when the timer ends.

Yes Mountain climbers you're going to flip over you're going to get into that plank position and you're just going to pull your knees towards Your elbows, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you're going your pace is good enough Just make sure your abs are sucked in and nice and engaged Don't worry about it.

Just make sure you're doing the movement when the timer ends you're good You're doing so well, I am so impressed you're doing awesome You have only one more move after this and you are done with this workout You're gonna be slowing down while you're moving that's all that matters keep going Yes Last move of the day we're doing swing switches You're going to keep your thigh on the mat and you're just gently going to raise your chest by extending your arms this particular move is specifically for your lower back, which is so important to keep it strong and healthy if you're trying to get abs you do not want an Imbalance where your abs are strong and your lower back is weak.

That is not a thing you want to experience? Trust me Very good Yeah, you made it to the end you worked out today go ahead and flip over to your back We're gonna do a quick cool down pull your knees to your chest Give yourself that hug that you deserve and just gently rock from side to side This is a nice way to get your heart rate down and also give your back a little massage, you know And Finally, I want you to just give yourself a huge hug And I want to remind you that You are doing amazing things for yourself by making time to work out and I am so proud and excited to be Your trainer, I'm proud of you.

I'm here for you Thank you so much for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't done so already and I will see you in my next workout video You.

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