Jodie Foster on Acting Career, Growing Up in Hollywood & Going to College

you raising your voice to me that is also against the rules do not kill the other patient you know why they call them Everest yeah I think you do Hotel Artemis opens in theaters Friday please welcome Jodie Foster [Applause] yeah that's a good case there's a League of

clumsy athletes that just let let them borrow your stuff do they really it's actually my friend Joni who's short but you know it might have been from Steph Curry Pratt yeah perhaps yes you like this probably not but perhaps yeah yeah that's not the kind of cane you

can get at CVS you know that's serious right like this and hoping there's something in there just like a spike you could be I use it as a weapon or something like that you were on you had crutches at the Oscars and is this from the same thing

or are you very clumsy ski accident ski accident yes dangerous yeah you do yeah are you prepared for you know that going in that that's probably gonna happen yeah it's a possibility and will you go back right back to skiing when you're healed yeah titanium a little cadaver

what kind of kid did you get I saw I'm not asking what part did they put in there an ACL oh they put like a ligament in there is that what that is yeah oh how about that well that's a little bit weird isn't it I don't know

I kind of like it is that wrong no it's nothing's wrong but yeah you're now like more than one person that's true in a way and who knows what kind of charts in this one you know so you know I mentioned in your intro you grew up very

close to here how close to here did you grow up Oh blocks away I blew up on Cahuenga I think we're you know very close by my mom would say she she did not like us being on the boulevard as you can imagine in the 70s so we

would drive by or we drive down the block and she would say if I ever catch you on how the boulevard don't ever come home did that make you want to go to Hollywood Boulevard it made my sister want to go to Hollywood wash not so much me

because I was the baby and I was good right were there superheroes dirty superheroes on Hollywood Boulevard there was just dirty they weren't superheroes they weren't stupid before they got their powers I guess they did yeah did you ever defy her and come any or did you sister

ever bring her my sister did I think she was babysitting and they dumped me in a movie theater and I watched a little big man twice in row and then they came back I was like practically asleep they came back you know hours later and pick me up

and took me home and your mom never knew she never knew wow that's pretty crazy the little big man was not necessarily appropriate for a little kid either it wasn't but I was an actor so I was you know I got Dustin Hoffman oh that was into it

and then seeing it twice was even better I was like he's bad I was like six or something you were already an actor at six years old yeah Charlie Wow Wow when you were three I knew you were very young but I realize it was quite that young

how did you get started in acting when you were three well brother reenactor and he started because the kid across the street was an actor and that's kind of what you did in Los Angeles on you know in Hollywood that's what you wanted to do and what did

you do did you like TV shows and commercials yeah I do commercials and television and then features at my first feature I was six what TV shows did you do oh my gosh all of them I mean every bad CB to you know 70s show really nanny and

a professor or you know the Partridge Family or Wow and did you wear these wear any of them shows that you watched and were excited to be a part of oh yeah oh yeah it was a full TV baby yeah and then when you as a kid when

you were watching because I just remember being a kid and really not ever knowing whether there are people in the television set or how it was a very dumb little boy but you know you don't think about the reality do you think about the realities of television when

you watched it as a child no no I think you know I was always in the business I don't remember not being in the business so I kind of don't really remember my life before acting like a regular school I went to a regular school but when I

was working I had a tutor with me yeah I went to a French school actually all in French really I did is that good it's good if you want to speak French yeah I think it was great um you know to have an international education and and very

classic education and then I went to college went to a good school and yeah it all worked out is your mom a worldly person who was in interesting that sort of thing I was interested in that but she grew up you know in a small town outside in

Illinois and all she ever ones do is leave and she'd never left the country until she was like 50 years old so he never left the country till she was 50 you know she her daughter is going so in a way maybe she was vicariously having that experience

might had one wild night in Tijuana I was thinking about this today about you because I remember when you went to college yes and I remember it being a big deal because you were very very successful at that time and you put your career on hold to go

to college and it seemed like an odd thing yeah I didn't but interestingly I didn't really put my career on hold I think I just made movies nobody saw cuz I did I said hey I was in five movies while I was in college I mean I shot

five films while I was in college how did you even manage it were you really going to call it I did a similar thing in college except for me go yeah I had no movies it was just me eating hamburgers as I was telling the audience here before

so and then I feel like after you did that a lot of actors followed suit do you feel that way do you feel you influenced those people to get an education I don't know if I influenced anybody but it's a great idea I just think whatever you do

between the ages of 18 22 is gonna be seminal it's gonna be very important to you so I think that's maybe better than lying on the floor with hamburgers but that's just me say it's debatable let's just leave it at that if you liked that video click the

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