Jennie: Actor, radio host Sam Sorbo shares homeschooling resources

this is no doubt a challenging time for many families who have found themselves playing the role of teachers to their kids who no longer leave home to go to school actor radio host and author Sam Sorbo is best known for writing and producing movies with her husband actor

Kevin Sorbo but she's also a big advocate and authority on homeschooling so Sam homeschooling is not anything new – you know I've been doing it for 10 years I've got an 18 16 and 14 year old now so and I wrote a book about it called there your

kids an inspirational journey from self down at home school advocate but when this hit I started doing videos online to help parents because I understood how difficult a transition this is and how completely like fish out of water you feel like when the government says to you okay

now it now it's on you and go and the parents don't know how to do this and I'm here to tell to reassure them it's not rocket science it's actually pretty easy to educate your own children you're not expected to be a teacher standing at a blackboard in

front of 30 students that's a different skill set but you can do this and coronavirus homeschooling comm can help well that's what I was going to ask you about so you have put together different resources into one place for parents to be able to go and find this

right yeah so coronavirus homeschooling comm is the place and right now we have K through five up online for free it costs nothing so go to the website sign up you'll get in your inbox you'll get a whole soup-to-nuts how to educate your children at home and it

includes lesson plans daily planner and agenda schedules projects to do with the kids crafts projects or games or just all kinds of fun things to do with your kids so you can have fun and educate them at the same time and we put it all together we got

30 plus years of experience in home education don't make it look like school at home have some fun with it and use this opportunity to test drive home education for you and your family you might find that it's a better fit than you thought my daughter is doing

doing work from home now like so many people are and she was telling me that one of the men she was working with said that in their morning zoom conference that his daughter had said Oh daddy I like school at home I want to keep it this way

and he was telling his coworkers no no no that's not gonna happen but actually some families may find that this is something that does work for them yeah I've already heard from several families who are now considering it for the fall because it's it is actually easier than

people think and it's more rewarding than people dream and so once you get involved you go maybe there's a way for me to adjust my work schedule to allow for me to do this also because let's face it we have our children and then we give them up

at a certain age and for me it was too early I did it and then I took them back because the school didn't work for me I think that I think that parents there are a lot of parents who are gonna wake up to the possibilities and I'm

excited for them you know I think it'll be interesting to see when we come out of all of this Sam what we have learned from it I think one of the things we're going to see is the tremendous creativity that comes out of this and these uncertain times

and and what we're dealing with how does faith come into it for you all well I I don't know how I would get through this without my faith it bolsters me every day and I have I'm very optimistic frankly I just read that Mike Lyndell is saying that

this is going to be an enormous revival in the United States I know that my church that started live streaming has has thousands of people instead of hundreds and that's because people now we've when you livestream it you lower the barrier for entry so people who otherwise might

think about going to church but don't want to have that interaction with people at the front don't know what to wear don't know how to behave to feel too uncomfortable they can just go to church online so I think that we are going to see that and back

to the schooling thing I think we're gonna see Christian teachers saying you know what maybe parents want some help home educating their kids and I can get out of a system that that is anti biblical if you will the government school system right and so maybe we'll see

some teachers taking on that entrepreneurial spirit and hanging out their own shingle in home educating other people's children you have to understand home education has many different ways of getting that done and and home education actually traditionally the kids score thirty to thirty five percent higher on academic

achievement tests than the students in schools in government schools and I don't blame the teachers one bit I want to make clear that I never blame the teachers I think they're working in a system that's that's somewhat compromised but I think that yeah I think that there's the

potential for a big shift in fact I just saw an Instagram post you know can't wait for things to get back to normal heaven forbid we should go back to normal normal wasn't working let's try something new let's use this opportunity right that's right that's right well very

good food for thought Sam Sorbo I do thank you for your time and we're certainly going to direct our viewers to that website we've got the information on our screen now thank you so much for your time and stay well awesome thank you god bless if we've learned

one thing from this pandemic is to appreciate many of the things we take for granted have you noticed the beauty around you perhaps a bit more this spring we have and we'll show you after the break

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