INSANE Indian Street Food Tour of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! BEST Street Food in the WORLD!

– Wow, look at that, that's chicken curry.

All right, check it outguys, it's Trevor James, and today, in this video, we are bringing you for two incredibleMalaysian street-food meals that are worth moving tothis city, Kuala Lumpur, for.

First up, we are goingdown into the streets, filmed pre-COVID, to trysome incredible food.

You're gonna wanna watch the whole way through this video for.

Let's eat.

(upbeat music) This is it, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the ultimate food heaven on earth, and our new home base, we're gonna be showing you a lot more of, once things get into the new normal.

But first, today, we're bringing you for two incredible meals you need to try when you visit Kuala Lumpur.

Let's eat.

Awesome, guys, and firstup, to start the day, we're going strong to tryMalaysia's ultimate specialty, Roti Canai flooded.


– [Chef] Hi.

– Hi Boss.

How are you? – Very good.

– Mansion Tea Stall.

– Yeah, yeah.

– How are you? – All right, thank you.

– Oh, Teh Tarik? – Teh Tarik – Look at this, guys.

How are you, Boss? – Yeah.

– [Trevor] Oh, Teh Tarik? – Yeah, Teh Tarik.

– [Trevor] Wow.

Malaysia specialty.

– Yeah, yeah.

– [Trevor] Watch this guys, we're gonna get Teh Tarik, pulled tea.

And, oh, here we go, condensed milk.

So it's tea, he's just steepingit in this giant strainer, (chuckling) and he's gonna pull it.

Condensed milk, oh, that's the sweet stuff.

Look at this.



Oh, and here's the Teh Tarik.

– Yes.

– Look at that! (chuckling) Wow.

Very nice.

Oh, look at how tall it goes.

Look at that.

Malaysia number one.

– Yeah.

– Mansion Tea Stall.

– Yes.

– Look at this.

– [Chef] Teh Tarik – [Trevor] And there it is, look how foamy it is, Teh Tarik.

Your name? – My name is Ibrahim.

– [Trevor] Say? – Ibrahim.

– Ibrahim.

Ibrahim is the master here.

So we're gonna have TehTarik and then Roti Canai.

Hi Boss, how are you? – We're fine thank you.

– [Trevor] So this is the Roti Canai? – Yes.

– [Trevor] Wow.


And what's so special aboutMansion Tea Stall, here, is you can get your RotiCanai, watch how they flip it.

It's kind of like paratha, in India.

It's flipped and then put on the grill.


(laughing) This is amazing.

And then put right on thegrill here, and flipped, and they get crispy, just like paratha.

Oh, and here we go, look at this special.

Roti Canai, choppedup, and this is sambal.

– [Chef] Sambal, sambal, sauce.

– [Trevor] Sambal, Malaysia specialty.

That's gonna be a sweet, spicy sambal.

Load with dhal.

– And fish curry.

– [Trevor] And fish curry.

Fish curry, mix.

Mix, that's the best.

– Sambal, sambal.

– [Trevor] Sambal.

Thank you.


– [Chef] Egg, egg.

– And watch the egg, soft boiled egg.


That is beautiful.


Look at that.

(laughing) Thank you very much.

And there they are, Roti Canai special.

– Special.

Thank you, Boss.

Number one.

– Number one Roti Canai special.

– Roti Canai special.

– And Teh (murmurs) – Mansion Tea Stall – Yeah, Mansion Tea Stall.

– Beautiful.

Let's try it out.

Oh, and look at this, we've got more curry here.

That's chicken curry.

So we've got the biryani, chicken.

– [Chef] Fish.

– [Trevor] Fish.

– [Chef] Chicken.

– [Trevor] Chicken.

– [Chef] Bird.

– [Trevor] Bird, quail egg.

– [Chef] Bird, bird.

– [Trevor] Quail, bird, quail.

– [Chef] Mutton.

– [Trevor] Mutton, and theneven more, we got fried chicken, we got prawn, we got squid.

Oh, and look at that, fried fish.

– Fried fish, yeah.

– Ikan.

This is why Malaysia is amazing.

Malaysia specials.

Thank you.

– Thank you.

– Very nice.

Oh, and here it is.

– Roti Canai special.

– Roti Canai special.

Thank you, Boss.


– Sedap.

Oh, and there's our Tea Tarik.

Look at that.

Thank you, Boss.


(chuckling) Thank you.

Look at this, we got theRoti Canai, flooded, special, with two soft-boiled, gooey eggs, and a scoop of delicious sambal.

This is mixed special goodness.

And you can just, (chuckling) get it all gooey.


The egg yolk is gonna mix in there, and it's a curry harmony.

You can see in the back, they'rejust mixing up the curry, the dhal and the fishcurry, into the roti.


What's this? – [Chef] Boyan.

– Boyan.


Look at the eggs.

Thank you.

Good food here.

And we're gonna try this out.



– [Chef] Yeah? – Wow.

That is delicious.


It is so rich and eggy, and gooey, from the yolk.

It's like a universe.

It's like a universe of curry.

Thank you, Boss.

(speaking foreign language) (chuckling) Thank you.

And you can wash it down.


This is why you come to Malaysia, frothy milk tea, friendly people, delicious curries, and, wow.

Thank you.

– [Chef] Thanks.

– [Trevor] Bye bye.

(chef laughing) Thank you.

Bye bye.

– [Chef] Bye.

– [Trevor] See you.

– See you, see you.

– [Trevor] See you.

Bye bye.

– Bye bye.

– Bye bye.

And next up, guys, we are in Little India, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

This is a multicultural homeland.

We're gonna go for a fullon banana leaf brunch, right up here, deep in Little India.

We're meeting up with our goodbuddy, Alan, right up here.

He's brought us here acouple of times before, and we're gonna feast.

There's gonna be a ton of food today.

Let's check it out.

And here we are.

Hey, buddy.

– Hey, Trevor.

– [Trevor] Good to see you.

– [Alan] Good to see you.

– [Trevor] Oh, and this is it here? – [Alan] Yes, here.

– Oh, Vishnal Food and Catering.

And we're early.

Oh, man.

This is it, banana leaf heaven.


How are you? Oh, this is the banana leaf? Wow, look at this.

This is gonna be coveredin rice and curry.


So each one of these is gonnabe covered in rice and curry and we've got the curryselection over here.


This is great.

Wow, look at all these curries.

So what have we got here? – [Chef] This is a dhal.

– [Trevor] Dhal, okay.

– [Chef] Yes, dhal curry.

– [Trevor] Dhal curry.

What about this? – [Chef] Tofu.

– [Trevor] Oh, tofu? – [Chef] Yes.

– [Trevor] Spicy tofu? – [Chef] No this is normal.

– [Trevor] Normal? – [Chef] Yeah.

– [Trevor] Wow.

And then here is the petai? – [Chef] Yes, this is petai sambal.

– [Trevor] Petai sambal, that is amazing.

– [Chef] Yeah, yeah.

– [Trevor] Malaysian special.

– [Chef] Yeah.

– [Trevor] Awesome.

– [Chef] This is a vegetarian fish.

– [Trevor] Vegetarian fish.

– [Chef] Yes.

– [Trevor] And then we'vegot some potato chips.

– [Chef] Chips.

– [Trevor] Indian style.

– [Chef] Yes.

– [Trevor] With curry leaves.

– [Chef] Yes.

– [Trevor] Wow.

And then here's all the non-veg.

– Non-veg.

– [Trevor] The best stuff.


– [Chef] This is fish curry.

– [Trevor] Fish curry.

– [Chef] Yes.

– [Trevor] Oh, wow.

And then so many meat down here too.

– [Chef] No, this is just prawns.

– [Trevor] Prawns, sotong.

– [Chef] This is intestine.

– [Trevor] Oh, intestine? – [Chef] Yes.

– [Trevor] Wow.

– [Chef] This one is mutton.

– [Trevor] Mutton boneshank, with the bone marrow.

– [Chef] Yes.

– [Trevor] Wow.

That's creamy.

– [Chef] Yes.

Here you have mutton (murmurs).

– [Trevor] Oh.

– [Chef] Here you have mutton dry.

– [Trevor] Oh and dry style.

– [Chef] Dry mutton.

– [Trevor] Yeah, look at that, with the onions and the curry leaves.

And then here is the chicken.

– [Chef] Yes, this is chicken curry, dry chicken, chicken masala.

Here you have chicken kerala.

– [Trevor] Oh, chicken kerala? – [Chef] Very spicy.

– [Trevor] Southern Indian style.

– [Chef] Yeah.

– [Trevor] Very spicy.

– [Chef] Spicy.

– [Trevor] Really? – Yes, very spicy.

Here you have black pepper chicken.

– [Trevor] Black pepper chicken.

– [Chef] Yes.

– Wow.

We're gonna have a big banana leaf.

– Yes.

– Thank you, Boss.

– Thank you.

– Thank you.

Let's go try it out.

Wow, look at these curries.

Looks really good, eh? Let's try it out.

So this is one of the thingsI love about Malaysia, is the multicultural, the aspectsof all the different food, and the cultures.

Oh, and here's the veg.

Here's the veg.

– [Chef] Yes, vegetables.

– [Trevor] Okay.

So we got the green bean, potato.

– [Chef] Mixed potato, carrot.

– [Trevor] Wow.

Look at that.

Oh, oh.

– [Alan] Wow.

– [Trevor] And then the, what's this? – [Alan] I think it's likemelon, it's like cucumber.

– Oh, wow.

This is one of the most beautiful things.

Eating with hand.

Banana leaf, Malaysian-Indian banana leaf.

Eating with hand.

– Yeah.

– Yeah.

(laughing) – Can't wait.

– Raita.

The yoghurt.

With carrot and onion.

Oh, and that mixes with the rice so well.

– [Chef] It's like an Indian coleslaw.

– [Trevor] (laughing) Indian coleslaw.

– Indian rice.

– Indian rice.

– Yeah.

– Wow.

Oh, and here we go.

– Chicken curry.

– Chicken curry.

– [Chef] Yeah.

– [Trevor] This is myfavorite spot, right here.

The curry on the rice.

Chicken curry.

– [Chef] Yeah.

– [Trevor] Wow.

And the fish curry.

– [Chef] Fish.

– [Trevor] The flavors here.

– [Chef] Fish curry.

– Oh.

Fish and chicken mix.

– [Chef] Yeah.

– [Alan And Trevor] Wow.

– Maybe, one more fish.

One more fish, is that okay? Oh.

– Okay.

(Trevor laughing) You want the same? – Yeah, the same, fish curry, yeah.

– [Chef] Fish curry.

– Wow.

– [Trevor] Wow, look at the color.

– [Alan] Wow.

– [Trevor] Life is good.

Chicken curry, fish curry.

– [Chef] We have chicken curry.

– It's a universe of flavor in there.

The spicy, the sour.

– Ah yes, all mixed in.

– All mixed in.

And here's the best part.


Hi Boss.

So what do we have here today? – [Chef] Chicken, lamb.

– [Trevor] Chicken, lamb.

Oh, look at the mutton bone.

– [Alan] You wanna try those, marrows? – [Trevor] I think weshould get the marrow.

So that's the marrow.

Let's get a marrow.

And what else do we have? Oh, sotong.

– [Alan] Yeah, yeah, yeah, sotong as well.

– [Chef] Squid.

– [Trevor] Sweet, okay.

Oh, squid, squid.

Let's try a sotong.

Oh, and here's the fish cutlets.

– Oh, yeah.

– Hi boss, thank you.

– We should try the onewith the boneless one.

– [Trevor] Okay.

– [Alan] We take one of each.

– Okay.

Oh and you have the fish cutlet.

Let's take fish cutlet.

Oh, thank you Boss.

Oh, petai, okay.

So you get the meat tray, then you get the veggie tray.

(murmurs) Oh and the pappad.

Oh, yeah.

And it's all here, look at this.

We got the chicken curry, we got the slurp-worthy bone marrow, the mutton bone, with cinnamon, you can see there's giantcinnamon chunks in there.

We got the classic petai sambal.

Oh and the acar.

We got the sotong, the squid.

And then, this here.

(pappad crunching) Look at this.

Oh, wow.

(pappad crunching) That's the joy.

– [Alan] Wow.

– [Trevor] Let's start with one of the boldest flavors we've got here.

Stink bean sambal.

Here, take some of that.

– [Alan] Oh, thank you.

– [Trevor] Oh.

– [Alan] Wow.


– [Trevor] This is one ofthe joys of life, right here.

Petai, the stinkiest, mostpotent bean you'll ever taste.

– Believe it or not it'svery highly nutritious.

– Really? – Yeah, it is.

It's not just stink, but it's good as well.

– It's good for you too.

That's the good stuff.

All right.


Oh, yeah.

Oh, wow.

Oh that is stinky.

That curry on the rice, thechicken and the fish curry, mixed with the petai, it's out of this world.

Thank you very much.

– Okay.

– Sedap.

– Thank you.

– Thank you.

– Thank you.

– Mmm.

Oh yeah.

So this is why Malaysia is the best.

Look at this feast we're having.

So much flavor.

So much color.

You can't beat this.

That was delicious.

Hope you guys enjoyedthis street-food video.

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And I hope you're staying safe and healthy and positive during these times.

Thanks a lot for watching, guys.


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