How to share location

Mobile phones have GPS tracking and location technologies, which makes it effortless to talk about your place with other people. Location sharing may be an excellent security feature so that family and friends can keep track of your whereabouts, and it’s also beneficial in the event you get lost or lose your mobile phone.

We are going to explain the best way you can share your place with other people, in addition to the way to ask someone to shares their place with you.

Sharing your place on your iPhone is easy, and there are a couple of ways to get it done.

Share Location in Locate My Friends

Locate My Friends is a program that’s automatically downloaded on present iPhones. It permits you to set up place sharing with your favorite contacts, together with choices to share for a single hour, 1 evening, or even indefinitely. Follow the following steps to talk about your place through the Locate My Friends’ program:

  1. Open Locate My Friends
  2. Harness”Insert” at the upper right corner.
  3. Harness the entry area and type in the contact name, telephone number, or email address. To include more than 1 individual at one time, tap Enter after each entry.

The buddy you added will now look on your friend’s listing on the program with the term”is a Follower”. You might even ask that they discuss their place back by tapping on their title and then clicking”Request To Follow”.

It is possible to alter your sharing preferences to Locate My pals or quit sharing your place when you pick.

Chat Location at iMessage

You could even discuss where you are via iMessage. This is fundamentally the exact same thing, and the map seems exactly the same. Follow these directions to discuss your place through iMessage:

  • Open the dialog with the contact that you need to share your place with.
  • Harness the data button below the contact’s name.
  • In Case You selected”Share My Location” select from”Chat for Any Hour”, “Chat Until End of Day” or”Share Indefinitely”.

Dip a Pin

To discuss a one-time place, you may easily drop a trap and discuss it with contact. Learn the way to lose a pin here for the two iPhones and Androids.

The Way to Share Location on Android

You are able to talk about a one-time place through Google Maps or even Messenger programs, or you may use the Trusted Contacts program or Google Maps to talk about your place for longer amounts of time.

The Trusted Contacts program, much like Locate My Friends for Apple products, permits you to discuss your place indefinitely or for a predetermined quantity of time. Take these measures to share your place via Reliable Contacts:

  1. Open the Reputable Contacts program.
  2. Harness”Start Sharing”.

To discuss your place forever, go back to the Reputable Contacts program, and then follow those steps:

  1. From the program, tap on the contact name that you need to share your place with.
  2. Harness”Share all of the time”.

That contact will then have the ability to look at where you are at any moment from your Trusted Contacts program or on Google Maps.

Since the Android apparatus have Google programs and Google Maps as their map, it is possible to talk directly through Google Maps. Take these measures to talk about your place via Google Maps:

  • Harness the 3 horizontal lines to start the menu.
  • Harness”Location Sharing” >”Insert People”.
  • Decide how long you need to talk about your place.
  • Harness”Select People”; you might need to grant Google Maps accessibility to your contacts.
  • Pick the contacts that you need to share your place with, and media”Share”.

To prevent sharing your place, easy visit” Location Sharing” and click on the”X” next to the title of the individual you do not wish to talk about with.

Chat Location in Messenger

From the Android Messenger program, you are able to share a one-time place too, very similar to dropping a trap. Follow these directions to discuss your place through the Messenger program:

  • Open the dialog with the contact that you need to discuss place with.
  • Harness the paperclip icon.
  • Harness”Location”.
  • Either look to your place or tap on the GPS button to automatically locate your precise location.


However, you decide to talk about where you are, be certain you are simply sharing it with a close friend or relative, which you adjust your preferences so. Check to find out that, if anyone, has access to your location and keep secure when discussing your place via your mobile phone.

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