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What's going on everyone this is bunny muffins, it's Friday So that means new meta snapshot which I'll be updating every single Friday for as long as I play teamfight tactics Today I'm gonna do something a tiny bit differently We're still gonna go over all the top builds But I'm gonna add in all the regional differences that I've been seeing at the top level of play This means the top 10 players in each region.

I'm analyzing North America, Europe West, and Korea There are a lot of different techs that each region Prefers over the other and I'll get into why and how you can adapt this into your own play based on your itemization and certain comps to avoid if something's being very popular in your region because Next week all this stuff can switch.

What's popular in Korea could be popular in North America, and what's popular in North America now could go on to Korea and what they played last week could be completely reversed So without further ado, let's just get right into this So starting at the top one thing I've noticed is that compositions are so variable right now This is probably due to the fact that you don't get punished for selling completed units at 4 and 3 costs Meaning that if you buy a Riven 2 star for example, but she doesn't really fit in your composition You can buy her for 12 gold, but sell her for 11 Previously you'd only be able to sell her for I think around 5 gold maybe it was 7.

Point being, it's very costly to upgrade units that aren't part of your Composition before but now that's no longer the case So people are just playing whatever they get They're using the rest of their goal to re-roll to get 3 stars or to level up all the way to level 9 Put in Thresh put in all the late-game bombs such as Gangplank, Urgot, etc.

So that's one thing I've noticed.

If you'd haven't made this adjustment to your play style yet I'd suggest starting to do this because again You're not getting punished for completing units that aren't normally part of your composition but are passable.

So if you play something that's passible that you got for free.

It's gonna be super strong You're gonna be able to snowball to level 9 or find your three-star carry with your excess gold So now back to the tier list.

S tier I think the only s tier comp right now is cybernetics though it is very very close between the other A tier comps, but I think Cybernetics just eke out a tiny bit more than everyone else right now This is because they have so many different options for carries.

They have Vayne, they have Irelia, they have Echo they have Thresh, and it's super easy to transition into from the early game because you get Vayne so early and she's one of the main carries of the comp.

You don't even need an item holder fer you could just put items on her right away and start winning and don't even worry about any sort of transition for her item.

Then once you add in everyone else It's just way too easy to get to six cybernetics.

I talked about this earlier in my patch preview I saw that they added Vayne which means that there are 7 now, but they didn't really nerf the cybernetic trait.

They made a little adjustments to it, but they added more attack damage for every cybernetic unit Which doesn't make sense to me at all I think this needed a big nerf, but hey We're here And so as I predicted cybernetics are super super strong just because it gave a huge buff to them by adding a new champion But they didn't really nerf the trait so After that, we have sorcerers.

So we have two sorcerer.

It comes sorcerer plus Riven or GP and then mech pilot sorcerers Next up is protectors which we know from before but people are playing it a little differently now Rebels sniper blaster brawler Vanguard mystic six blade masters and then the star guardian sorcerer composition So let's get into what the differences actually are.

So first with cybernetics everyone's stacking Vayne There's no surprise there the items you want that are most important for this composition are Last whisper and infinity edge on your Vayne everything else is completely secondary complete those two first in every single region every single player who got first place with Cybernetics they had some variation of last whisper IE Vayne with varying items on everyone else So I think it was like 90 to 95% of my games where I saw cybernetics win was all IE last whisper on Vayne third item didn't matter too much Irelia items didn't matter too much echo items didn't matter too much.

They did have a few like frontline items For example, you really want Redemption you really want shroud Zephyr things of that nature but again IE last whisper for Vayne so that means if you're playing cybernetics and you're forcing the memory game You definitely want to go for a glove because that builds both of those items.

Just a quick tip there So now that we have that out of the way North America and Europe really like playing Wukong and Tresh as the two complementary units to cybernetics However in Korea they much prefer the sniper trait by adding in Caitlyn in even their late-game compositions I've seen Caitlyn being used a lot in North America and Europe But generally as just something to play in the early game, however in Korea they actually keep Caitlyn late into the game So, how can you use this information to your advantage? Well, if you're in North or Europe last whisper has slightly more value because Vanguard's in the game You're also going to be more contested if you want Wukong for yourself However, if you're in Korea the addition of caitlyn means that it's slightly harder to get Blitzcrank hooks and Zephyrs on the vein This is because if you have infiltrator spatula on Irelia No, one can really block the hooks for Vayne if Fiora's in the front line, which a lot of people do.

This is why I like positioning fiora in like the bottom left corner so that she eats a blitz hooks on the top, right? However in Korea they're playing Caitlyn so it's gonna be more targets in the backline for you and maybe a little bit more distracting also that means in Korea against Cybernetics it's less punishing to play in all attack damage compositions because they don't have Vanguard.

So next up We have the sorcerer Riven GP build.

This one is pretty popular everywhere.

There's slight variations I'll actually combine this with the mech sorcerer so in Europe They love playing mech sorcerer and 8 sorcerers So they don't actually play the comp listed here this particular composition here is super popular in na.

What they do you get six sorcerers you play Riven and Just pretty much play more Rivens or more Gangplanks So I've seen someone have two Rivens or two Gangplanks in the same team Which is kind of funny to see but obviously this unit is gonna be doing a ton of damage with each of the sorcery buffs Because they're gonna be constantly casting they're gonna be getting huge ganked like Ultimates that one-shot entire teams or ribbons Just going to be constantly ulting getting a huge shield and doing a ton of damage.

So the version that's More popular in north america is the one you see here gangplank and Riven I haven't seen too much mech in North America mech is generally more played in Korea and Europe right now So again, how can we apply this information to our games? well If people are playing mech what you want to do is build a giant slayer because mechs have a lot of health and giant slayer is great against units with a lot of health This means giant slayer is less important if you're playing in north america one way to counter this build in all regions is actually build a zephyr and put it in the front line because if Riven or Gangplank or the mech don't have quicksilver sash You're gonna get a free zephyr on their front line and that's gonna be pretty much their main carry gone for the first few seconds of the fight.

At the same time, if you are playing this composition You might want to prioritize Quicksilver sash on Riven, gangplank doesn't need it as much because I'd much rather just have full damage on him But if you're playing Riven, I highly suggest actually going a quicksilver sash rather than going full damaged as you see here But again, it really just depends on what items you get people play to Rivens a lot of time So what they do is they have QSS on one Riven and then they have AP on another it really just depends what items you get but the most important item for both of these builds is guardian angel for your gangplank and Riven, so that's one pattern.

You'll be seeing a lot here.

Just a lot of guardian angels for this comp and Playing as many of these units that are broken with the sorcerer buff as possible moving on to the protector build This one's changed a lot.

People aren't playing six protectors as much anymore.


It's mainly revolving around this build right here So you have around four protectors two mystic and two celestial and this is with the protector spat on aurelion sol If you don't have that protector spatula go ahead and add in that Nico Nico can also go in for Xin Zhao If you want to move the Warmogs from Xin Zhao to someone else later in the game Which will be super helpful if you get Urgot or aurelion sol and they really need that Warmogs in order to really shine as their third item But again, as you see here, we only have six units listed out you can add in two or three more units What can we do for those particular units? Well first option is going for mystic This would give you Cassiopeia for battle casts And this is useful when transitioning from bard early game so you could go from bard to a karma later on and you really only want to go 4 mystic If your lobby calls for a lot of magic resistance I wouldn't really go for 4 mystic if you get them handed to you just because again, it's pretty useless trait Unless people are actually running magic damage So if you haven't connected the dots yet If you're in a region where the sorcerer builds are super popular I'd highly recommend considering going a for mystic build when you're playing protectors or even any other composition in the game right now So one thing you want to note in this comp is that Urgot items are never going to be perfect You really want to make sure you get the protector spatula for a soul and snowball the early game with your Xin Zhao So Urgot items while he does love Spear of Shojin, he loves Seraph's, he loves rapidfire cannon You're not going to be getting perfect items for him.

So don't try to build them early game Wait till you get Urgot and then itemize him later.

This composition is most popular in North America so if You're facing a lot of protectors Go ahead and build a giant slayer as that's going to be helping a lot in terms of your damage output.

Other ways I've seen this comp lose is with Thresh pulling in a Blitzcrank that hooks their Urgot or using an infiltrator such as Irelia and with infiltrator spatula to jump on the Urgot and kill him pretty quickly But other than that, you definitely just need a giant slayer It's pretty much an auto win if you have it, but if you don't have it You're probably gonna lose to this composition next up.

We have rebels rebels are super strong and super popular pretty much everywhere It's pretty much just a variant of the jinx carry build so I believe I have blaster brawler listed out down here.

The power level between these two are very very similar But rebels are going to always be the stronger late-game build But rebels at the same time are less adaptable.

This blaster brawler comp We should just combine these and just call them jinx carry, but this blaster brawler comp It's pretty much just whatever units you hit with jinx and Ezreal.

So again, two people you generally have the eight-man composition So just add any six units in that fit with them and you'll probably be good to go What I like to do is play chrono play some brawler's and play some Legendary's so if you happen to get the rebels and just roll into all of them go ahead and play rebels because again, That's always gonna be the strongest build, especially if you have guardian angel GA for a gangplank But if you don't manage to get that just go ahead and play the blaster brawler build and you'll be doing just fine Oh one thing to note.

No one runs for blaster any more in any region so definitely you want to try to avoid that one interesting late-game variation to this particular build is Dropping two brawlers such as Malphite and Vi, adding an aurelion sol and then adding in another protector if you get a protector spat on A Sol.

Sometimes those items drop in the carousels late-game, and I've seen that a couple times From players in Korea where they just play protector a soul even in this random Jinx build.

Another great late-game Edition for the blaster brawler comp in particular is Thresh.

Thresh is gonna give you chrono so you could eventually replace your Blitzcrank and just play Thresh with Urgot to pull in a lot of people.

Since again, you're not really looking for to many other late-game bombs Once you get jinx gangplanks more of a luxury and you only build him if you have a guardian angel.

So you could just play Thresh put a Lot of mana items on him pull in as many Urgotsand Sorakas as you can and just have a blast from there So now let's look into the sniper build snipers pretty popular everywhere I'd say that most people in North America are running 4 sniper Most people in Korea running 2 sniper and same for Europe.

Europe's mainly running to sniper as well so again How can we take advantage of this information if you're a player in North America, You want to get Zephyr on the front line Because people generally do not build quicksilver sash on their front line And as you can see here, there are only three front line units, so if you Zephyr one of them You're gonna shred through the other two relatively quickly and then reach his back line right away Also since this build doesn't run any mystics maybe you could go some sort of sorcerer built if you're seeing a lot of 4 sniper builds if the enemy team is running the 2 mystic variation, and that's what Lulu and Karma instead of Ash and Caitlin, Sometimes I add a Thresh in as well to keep the chrono buff What I like to play is playing a Blitzcrank against them in order to hook one of their priority targets So in this composition if you hook Ash or Caitlyn, it doesn't really matter But if you hook like a karma or lulu on the back lines on the bottom left and bottom right corners those units actually help out their team a lot.

Karma gives a great attack speed shield on one of the carries and lulu obviously is going to AOE CC some of your units.

So hooking them is a great way to play against that particular compositio.

In korea, I've also seen a couple of or darkstar or 4 vanguard builds with snipers However 4 Dark Star and this is by adding in xerath mordekaiser and karma.

This build is more centric around Jhin so as long as you have a zephyr or Some sort of infiltrator or some sort of way to kill him such as by using Urgot with RFC Jhin's not gonna be too much of an issue because he's their only source of damage So as long as you position around them, that'd probably be the best way to beat the 4 Dark Star build of snipers.

Now we're down to the B tier.

The B tier, all these comps are playable as I said in my last meta snapshot, but They're not quite as strong as all the other builds as listed before so when you're playing Vanguard Mystic You definitely want an RFC on Cassiopeia with blue buff and Morellonomicon.

I forgot to add rapid fire cannon here I'll go ahead and add that sometime later, but you guys all know this build This was probably the most popular build last week in North America but right now it's declining in popularity because I think people figured out how to beat Cassiopeia and it's pretty similar to beating the 4 Dark Star sniper build that we were talking about earlier because again, there's only one carry for this composition So if you get like an infiltrator on Cassiopeia If you get an Urgot if she doesn't have RFC she's generally pretty easy to take care of one thing.

I've noticed though Is that this is super super popular in Korea So you'll probably be wanting to build Last Whisper a lot if you are playing on the Korean server just to shred through the 4 Vanguard's in the front and then reaching their back line right after that.

Again, this is a very strong build is probably my favorite build so far because I Love the concept of a stall comp and it's just something we've never seen in TFT before so I'm really happy that we have something Like that now.

So next up we have six blade masters.

I recently released a guide on how to play this So I'll leave a link here on My website bunny muffins lol meta and I'll leave a link down in the description below, but I love this composition I played it twice this week and I pretty much forced the build because I was trying to make a guide for the video I'll be honest guys sometimes I play just to get footage for a guide that I'm making but Even with bad items.

I still did really really well with it this build revolves around Carry on Master Yi and Zed.

Zed is in addition to rebels so he's gonna be a very strong unit to complement this build with Master Yi, and Yasuo.

Next up you'll want six blade master six blade master spatula on Zed is absolutely ridiculous and Master Yi has a lot of different flexible items he can use So again, if you want to learn how to play this composition go ahead and check the guide in the description link But this composition is super super super popular in Korea many of the best players in na and Europe we're looking and scouting to see how they play and It's still the most popular there But it's being played a lot more in North America now.

Europe hasn't quite favored this composition at least the top players Haven't I'm sure a lot of other people will be trying it out since it's picking up a lot of steam in recent weeks.

So since this build isn't that popular in Europe one thing to note is that Bows will not be that contested on each carousel.

This build loves RFC.

It really likes one on Master Yi preferably another RFC on Zed, so if you are looking to go a build that relies a lot on bows such as cybernetics if you're going for last whisper, Jinx because all of her items require attack speed pretty much, You'll generally be safer on those types of carousels in Europe than you will would be on North America or Korea Another thing to note is that if you played rebels it could be quite hard to hit your Zed Master Yi or Yasuo If a lot of players are playing this composition because sometimes you might have a level 1 Master Yi and Yasuo Because they're all taken when you're playing a jinx comp with six rebels so just something to keep in mind if it's very popular where you're from maybe try to avoid playing rebels because again, They're going to be taking the attack speed Items and taking some of your rebels and it might be more optimal to start playing something else But yeah, that's pretty much it for all the popular compositions.

We do have the star Guardians here, but It isn't being played too much.

I've seen some builds with the Janna late game But most of the sorcerer builds right now are just going for Riven and gangplank instead of going for the classical star Guardian sorcerer build That's pretty much it for all the differences in each region.

If you guys want to check out the full meta snaphot Go ahead and hop on to Bunnymuffins.

lol/meta and again, we have the item priority here for each carousel I have an item quadrant here if you're unsure of what to build If you don't know how to read this I explain it up here, but generally you want to build the items on the top right.

Try to avoid the ones on the bottom left.

Let me know what you guys thought about this new format I'll probably be analyzing regional differences every now and then maybe once a month maybe once every two months I just think it's super interesting especially in the beginning of the patch where Everyone's interpreting this new game completely differently Well, some of the differences might not be that major between each region A lot of the little nuances can be used to our advantage So we should be taking advantage of every single advantage we can get in team fight tactics because this is such a statics based game.

I know I focused mostly on competitive content for team fight tactics But if you guys do enjoy comedic team fight tactics posts I highly suggest heading over to my Instagram at instagram.

com/bunnymuffinslol where I'll be posting a lot of funny stuff hopefully multiple times a week and We'll keep going from there again.

Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time.

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