How I’ve Made My Best-Ever Chocolate Cake EVEN BETTER!

What is that? What is that buddy? Oh my gosh.

You're not shy.

Hi Bold Bakers.

My fans out there, swear by my chocolate cake with Fudgefrosting.

Well, brace yourselves because I have a new and improved chocolate cake recipefor you that's going to blow that one out of the washer.

Super easy to make.

We're goingto mix it up by hand.

We're going to start out in a nice bowl.

 Into this I am goingto add some unsweetened cocoa powder.

Now let me tell you about this.

This is cocoapowder, no sugar added, not hot chocolate powder.

OK, for those of you who are thinkingyou're going to use hot chocolate powder, cocoa powder, so we're going to add that intoour bowl.

So Next up is my secret ingredient now come here to me, this is 100% unsweetenedchocolate.

 That's right, it's got no sugar added.

It is intense.

It is really chocolaty.

It is bitter but that's why we're going to mix it with sugar and the other ingredientsand it's going to balance out really well.

 So I just need a little bit of that.

You can addthat in there.

You can find that in most grocery stores I'm going to put a link on my websiteI use Ghirardelli is 100% and it works really well.

 And then Next up this is somethingI don't want you to leave out a cup of strong coffee.

Now, the coffee does not make thisa coffee cake, it just enhances the flavors of the other ingredients.

Coffee and chocolateare best friends, so you want to add that in there now.

If you don't want to add coffee, you can just add in water or even hot milk instead.

 Let me tell you what I use for coffeeand baking.

I use granulated coffee instant granules and I'll tell you why I use thisbecause it's intense.

It is concentrated and it gets really good punchy coffee flavor.

 So whenyou're adding coffee to your baking, use instant coffee granules will make all the difference.

SoI'm just going to give this a little stir.

 That boiling hot coffee will melt the chocolate.

I'm going to set it over to the side and let that continue melting, and we're just goingto mix up our dry ingredients.

Here we have cake flour and this is another secret ingredientto this cake.

Cake flour makes cakes incredibly tender and soft.

If you do not have cake flourin your country, do not worry because I've got a recipe on my website.

 All it is is allpurpose flour and some corn starch.

The cornstarch makes it nice and soft, so into this is goingto add some of our dry ingredients.

Little bit of salt and then a little bit of bakingsoda and just give these a little stir together to get them all combined.

OK, so we're goingto set our dry ingredients over to the side.

 Here I have my nice Big Bowl.

 And I have someroom temperature, nice and soft butter, so add that into your bowl and remember withthese papers that come off butter, keep those because you can use those to grease your cakepans.

Into this we are going to add in our Brown sugar which gives this cake kind ofalmost like a rich caramelly kind of flavor.

This is really important.

 If you don't haveBrown sugar in your country, I happen to have a recipe on my website.

 It sugar, treacle, super easy.

 So we're going to add that in there next we're going to add in sour cream.

Now sour cream because it is an acid is reacts with the baking soda and makes this cake reallysoft.

Super important ingredient if you don't have sour cream, you can use yogurt and thatwill work really well too.

 Then we're going to crack in our eggs.

Nice big eggs.

Next, we're going to add in some oil.

I like to use vegetable oil.

You can use canola oil, sunflower oil, just not olive oil.

This keeps the cake really moist also.

And then lastbut not least, my favorite ingredient in the kitchen, vanilla extract.

Please don't leavethat out, it makes such a big difference.

 And then with a whisk, all you have to do isjust create these ingredients together until they're nice and light and fluffy.

What reallymakes this cake stand out to other cakes is that this is kind of like almost built ona butterscotchy kind of a base with the Brown sugar and everything.

It's a littlebit different.

Makes it so good.

 And you know, I know somebody who is going to absolutelylove this cake, so hopefully he comes in for a taste test later.

OK, it's all combinedlooking good now into this we are going to add in our cooed down chocolate mixture.

 Thengo ahead and add in your dry ingredients.

 So once the flour goes in there with your whisk, just gently bring the cake together.

You don't want to over mix it 'cause it can toughenyour cake.

 Get rid of those streaks of flour.

Don't be tempted to keep mixing.

 And thenwe're done.

 Oh my gosh,  this smells and looks amazing.

 So this is our cake batter.

I'm going to get m y cake tins here I have two 9 inch tins.

You can also use 8 inchtins if you want.

They're buttered and lined and I'm just going to divide my butter betweenthe two.

 Give the tins a little shake to make them even out and then get these guysinto the oven.

So while our cakes are in the oven and we're going to get started on ourfrosting, which isn't technically a frosting is whipped ganache, so it is cream, chocolate, butter it is absolutely delicious.

Really decadent an it just sets this cake to awhole other level.

So here I have a nice Big Bowl of chocolate.

  Over this I am goingto pour some hot cream.

Now I use heavy whipping cream because you're going to need this tothicken.

 So any cream that you use for whipping around 36% fat content.

So now what you wantto do when you make any kind of a ganache is you let this set.

You don't start, let'ssay for around 10 minutes at the chocolate melts by itself, and then we're going to comeback to it.

So it's been 10 minutes and as I'm stirring I can see that all my chocolateis melted and the chocolate is actually cools down the cream, so that's great.

 So here's whatwe do.

We need to get this to a nice kind of a thick consistency.

It needs to go coldto do that.

 So what I'm going to do is pop this into the fridge, let it cool down, andevery maybe 15-20 minutes, give it a bit of a stir.

 When it starts to get to the consistencyof Chocolate Pudding, that's when you want to take it out of the fridge.

That's whenit's almost ready.

 So this is cooled down and it’s starting to thicken, so I'm goingto add in some room temperature nice soft butter, and we're just going to whisk thatin.

Whip it up until it gets nice and thick.

The kind of consistency that you want to Frosta cake with So the frosting does take some time.

 So while you're making it your cakeswill be out of the oven.

So now don't get me wrong, the other original chocolate cakeis absolutely delicious and I still love it, but I want to improve on that even more.

It'ssuch a fan favorite.

We have almost 300 photos of that cake on our website that fans havesubmitted, but I wanted to make an even better one.

So now you have two to choose from, sothose two cakes are going to be similar but different and lovely in their own right.

 Whenyour ganache is thick enough to Frost a cake, then it is ready to use.

So here I have mycakes they’re cooled down, sometimes it actually helps if your cakes are a day old, so youcould bake some of the day prior and make some easier to frost.

I have a cake turntablehere.

So to build this cake it's really easy.

I cut each cake in half so we end up withfour layers.

We're going to decorate with our frosting.

 In between each layer you canadd as much or as little as you like.

On the outside I'm going to smear a crumb coat justto pick up those loose extra crumbs, pop it into the fridge, let it chill, and then we'regoing to take it back out and generously decorate on top of this.

Don't worry bout this cakebeing perfect 'cause it's a rustic cake, so all those swirls and lovely movements youdo with your offsets will look great.

 I'm putting my cake on a cake stand for prettierpresentation.

 And then when you're ready, just go for it, come on in Kevin.

Oh, holdon.

 I thought I was going to get the first bite.

 I made it.

 Oh man.

George can smellthat chocolate even though he can't taste it right now, that is definitely a stepup on your best ever.

That's some amazing cake Gem.

Really soft isn't that frostinglike insane? Oh yeah, it's incredibly soft, it’s rich, it's not bitter.

It's not toosweet.

 No and I can't wait to have this with like a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Ohyeah, that's what we're having for dinner tonight.

The recipes on the website and we'llsee you back here again really soon and definitely make this cake.

 Bye guys.

 You want some cake? Wow, this is so soft.

Oh yeah.


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