How Did You Get Into Haunt Acting?

Hey guys, welcome back to Beyond 13th Gate! In this week's video we asked our Gaters how they got into haunt acting and what drew them to the 13th Gate specifically.

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Check it out! *Thunderstorm Intro Plays* Hey thanks for watching with subtitles on! I do this for you! <3 Alright, so the way I got intohaunt acting, actually, I was between jobs and I just saw a Facebook ad that theyneeded actors for 13th Gate.

I've been a longtime fan of, you know, as a customerfor years and years in high school and middle school coming through the gate as a customer so I said, “Yeah, why not? I'll interview!” Well, I remember coming to the 13th Gate when I was in third grade.

I believe that was 2002 or 2003.

And walking out of here, I told my dad, I said, “I'm never coming back to this place again.

” I mean, years later.



I got a job here.

I initially got into it because I saw someone post about wanting to go to the haunted house and I thought, “Man, I've wanted to work here for a while” and I just didn't havethe opportunity throughout the years.

And then I just happened to be in between jobs at the time.

So I went in, auditioned, got the job, and been coming back ever since! So I had a friend who was working at the haunted house, his name was Michael Ruffin, and he, you know, was talking about how much fun it was, and I thought, “That doessound like a fun job!” I sent in an email, and not knowing how desperately theyneed guys my size at a haunted house, and that I probably looked like gold thesecond that email came in.

And one night, it was Friday in the middle of the day, and they called me up and they said, “Can you come in?” and I think I had like two or three hours notice at that point.

And I said yeah, sure.

And I called people up and said, “Hey, I gotta cancel plans for tonight.

I've got a new job.

” And they were like “No you don't! What job hires you two hours before a Friday night? You're notworking at a strip club, Willie!” So, thankfully, whenever I was 19, I stilllistened to the radio.

And I heard on the radio that they were hiring for actors at 13th Gate.

I had always been a fan.

First time ever coming here, I was in middle school and after that I was really into the horror scene at thattime.

So whenever I learned like, “Oh, I can actually work here?! Yeah, I'm gonna goaudition and do that!” so When I started, I actually didn't have a job when I started.

I had a recommendation from a friend who said, “Hey! The 13th Gate is looking for actors your size!” So, you know, I was super nervous.

I'd never done anythinglike this before.

So, I emailed the staff here my height and weight and withinprobably 10 minutes I got an email back saying, “Can you start tonightin about an hour?” and ever since then I have been addicted to this.

Every year Icome back, and I'm excited for every part I get to play.

My mom, whenever I moved to Louisiana when I was little, my mom would always show me the 13th Gate commercials, but she would never let me go through until I was oldenough.

So, once she realized that I had such a big passion for this place, shewould actually start tagging me in the Facebook posts for it and stuff, and belike, “Hey, look the auditions are coming up! You should try it!” and that's justkind of how I ended up here.

So how I got into acting in the haunt.

So, I got a phone call from my brother one day saying, “Hey! They're looking for people my size! Do you want to work at 13th Gate?” I was like, “You know what, sure! Let's do it! So, I literally drove uphere, and they gave me a piece of paper.

I signed it.

They gave me a costume, stuckme in a spot, and that was it! And it just keeps drawing me back! I was in a death metal band at the time, so I was like, “Ah, yeah! That sounds great for a resume! I'm a vocalist for a metal band, I can make big scary sounds!” And that was how I gotI started! I started writing characters and everything, and Tilly was actually myfirst character.

Her name's actually Matilda Barkley.

It was just amazing to me to actually bein this place, and I'm still terrified.

To this day, I will not walk in here by myself.

I walk with Jesus.

Jesus, right? He's right there.

If you know what you want to go for, youcan really prepare for it.

Because I personally didn't know what to expect myfirst year, and I just thought do something creepy, do something weird, scary.

So, I memorized a monologue from the Joker, from a comiccalled “The Killing Joke” and that got me landed as a clown.

I did put together something.

I actually did a, well I was going to do, a monologue from Hamlet, but.



I was terrified whenever I walked into the room.

So, I just talked to them, and Itold them how passionate I was with scary genre, and that I was a big fan ofworking there.

And, luckily, I still got hired! I did a monologue from Pamela Voorhees, Jason Voorhees' mom from Friday the 13th, and it was really intimidating because that was when they had the big round table, and I felt very up close andpersonal.

And it was my first acting experience working with one on one with somebody.

Well, I moved here in 2010 to go to LSU, and as we were touring Baton Rouge, I saw the iconic Grim Reaper over this big warehouse.

I was like, “Ooh that looksexciting!” I've never, my family's never really celebratedHalloween so never really got to experience Halloween growing up otherthan church functions.

I've never been trick-or-treating.

Only time I wentthrough a haunted house was when I was seven at an amusement park, and it wasdark as all get-out in there.

Ran into a wall three times.

But it grabbed myattention and intrigued me.

At one point in my life, I wanted to be a teacher.

I got my degree in art education.

I was an art teacher for about a year, but it didn't work out.

And I was trying to get back into it, so I was doing substitute teaching, which it turned out was not as readily available as I waswanting.

I was working about one day a week.

I was making enough money to pay my bills, barely, but I really just wasn't getting any job satisfaction from mylife, which is unusual for me.

I've always been really fascinated with just anything creepy and horror in general.

And when I was about 12, I first set footin the 13th Gate, and I knew from that point on that I had to be a part of it.

I thoroughly enjoy it here, you know, every season you come back, the family grows a little bit bigger every season, so we get new actors trying outnew parts, new different styles.

You get to meet new people.

Lotsof interesting people work here, and this place sort of gravitates people to it ofcertain personality types, so you get to meet all kind of awesome, amazingpersonalities.

I think you know if you are into frightening people, you've done it before.

Like if you prank your friend, stand behind the door, andshout at people.

If that's something that you just find fun, that you do unprompted.

Or I mean if you do improv, and you like that back and forth with people, Icould see that being a gateway drug into being a haunt actor.

There's a fast turnaround.

It's hot and heavy in the haunt world, as far as, we send out a lot of emails that day, and then we have a lotof people who look forward to working here in their entire life and get thejob and then quit the next day.

Turn around is kind of the name of the gamehere.

It's, you know, do or die.

People don't realize this is a hard job, and it's one that surprises you.

Not only in you're asked an hour beforehand to be there, but then that it's drastically different from any other workenvironment you'll be in.

It is hard on the body.

Sometimes, you know, you come out of here with some cuts and scrapes and bruises and stuff but it's worth it inthe end.

It's one of those processes where it's hard going, and it can be a little tough at times, but the end result is oftenquite hysterical to see grown people pee in their pants.

It's like it's people skills, but the opposite.

It's like having the ability to interact with people in a way that they hate.

If you don't know what you want to do, just come in with a lot of passion, and just make themunderstand just how much you love, you know, Halloween and scary stuff and thespooky and the weird.

Just and as long as you can have passion for it, you'rewelcome here, you know? Like, you don't have to be Leonardo DiCaprio or Meryl Streep level acting as long as you can do the job, and you love doing it.

That'swhat we need.

Hey guys, thank you so much for watching.

We really hope you enjoyed learning how some of our cast members found theirhome in The 13th Gate and in the haunt industry.

Come back next week to see what else we have in store for you guys, and leave us comment down below! We'd love to hear your thoughts! See you later! (Next Saturday at 3PM CST!).

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