HEART-HEALTHY Power Walk Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

– It's a heart-healthy power walk for women of a certain age.

You don't need any equipment, so let's go! (cheerful music) All right, Killer Bs, let'sget moving and grooving, and that means that we are getting started with some arm circles and high knees.

You guys, you guys, I'mexcited about today's workout.

In fact, welcome to the workout.

I'm Pahla B.

I'm your best middle-aged fitness friend.

And around here, we are all about making peacewith your menopausal body.

And I personally feelthat one of the best ways to make peace with your bodyis to give it what it needs.

And you guys, your body, it needs a little heart-healthy power walk every now and again, whether you are a cardio lover like me or you are a strength girl, this kind of workoutthat we are doing today is so good for your heart that it's gotta be goodfor your whole body.

And in fact, for me personally, I feel like today is gonnabe good for your body and your mind.

We are talking about howto get a healthy heart, why you want a healthy heart.

And, and, I have some reallyreassuring information for you about how, relativelyspeaking, easy it actually is.

Let's go ahead and do some armcrossers with booty kickers.

And speaking of easy, today's workout is notgonna be easy at all.

In fact, today's workout is gonna be exactly perfectly moderate.

You guys, I've got thehandy-dandy Gymboss here set for intervals of oneminute and 30 seconds, meaning two separate intervals.

One of the intervalsis for one minute long and the other intervalis for 30 seconds long.

Our one-minute interval is gonna be spent walking or marching.

You are welcome to take that walk or march really in any way that you see fit.

It could be very slow, it can be very medium, it could be fast.

You could run if you wanted to.

It really depends on where you're starting with your level of fitness.

I'm gonna take it at anice moderate pace today.

Today for me is a moderate workout.

You are welcome to do whateveryou'd like with today.

Let's go ahead and dosome welcome-to-my-homes.

The fact is, a nicecardio workout like this can be taken moderatelyfor either weight loss or body shaping goals, or you could take it up to a push day, depending on what you aredoing with your world.

In fact, if you open upthe description box below, I've got a nice five-page resource for you that really explainshow to make any workout work for you and for your goals.

And no matter what yourgoals are, my friend, I know at least part of youis looking to be healthy and this kind of nonstop, oh, by the way, did I mention that none ofthose intervals is rest? Oh, yeah.

This kind of nonstop workout is excellent for your heart health.

Let's go ahead and get started with our walking (timer beeps) motion.

There it is, I had to listen for my timer.

You guys, it's up here next to my ear, next to my good ear, in fact, so that I can hear our beeps today.

With these reallygenerous-length intervals, I do wanna make sure that we kind of, we kind of sink into a pacethat feels best for you.

Honestly, for this kind of aworkout where it's nonstop, we're working on endurance, we're going, going, going the entire time, I'm starting off pretty simple.

I happen to know myself, and I know most people who exercise, it doesn't matter how fast you start off.

At some point you will kind of go up the ladder a little bit, and today being a moderate workout for me, it means that I'm gonnastart off almost slow, almost too moderate so that I can really warm up into it.

When it beeps, though, and it will, we're gonnado low-swinging tappers, which just means that ourhands are swinging low rather than over our head, and we're doing some side to side tappers.

(timer beeps) I've gotlots of, here we go, I've got lots of changingplanes of motion for us today, making sure that we reallywork our whole body, not just our heart and lungs, but our whole body withdifferent kinds of movements.

While we're moving, of course we're toning too, my friends.

When it beeps again, we're going right backto that walking motion.

The one-minute interval is always walking, and the 30 seconds, we're gonna alternatebetween different kinds of low-impact cardio (timerbeeps) work exercises.

So here we go, back to our walking.

So, the low impact today, I should have mentioned this earlier.

You guys, there's absolutely no jumping.

I feel like maybe you knowthat with my workouts now, but if you are new here, brand-new to the Pahla B Fitness Channel, my workouts, no jumping, no transitions to the ground usually, usually on both of those things.

If you find some older videos, if I have long hair in anyvideo that you find of mine, oh, there's jumping, there'stransitions to the ground.

I was young, then, you guys.

I've been on YouTube for a lot of years.

When it beeps again, we're gonna do wide-arm twisting kicks.

It's exactly what it sounds like.

We're gonna have our handsout wide, our arms out wide.

We're gonna kick forward and we're gonna twist into it, so touching your opposite hand, touching, reaching your opposite handtowards your opposite foot.

The likelihood of meactually touching my foot is literally zero, but I'm gonna try.

I'm gonna get somewherearound the knee, maybe.

(timer beeps) We'll just, we'll see.

So, wide-arm twisting kicks.

Oh, my goodness, my friends.

This, woo, doggies, iswhy I'm taking the walking at a nice, moderate pace.

I happen to know that no matter how low-impact the exercises are, there's plenty of intensity to be had.

As soon as we start movingour bodies, my friend, your heart rate comes up.

Your muscles are working.

We're toning our muscles.

(timer beeps) We're workingour heart and lungs.

We're right back to that walking motion.

And that is the good news that I have for youabout your heart health.

You know what? You don't have to knock yourself out to get a nice, healthy heart.

You do need to do some kind of cardio like this sort of aworkout pretty regularly.

You know, there are different people who have different guidelines about different thingsthat you might want to do.

And here's my opinion, not medical advice, but opinion about that.

Start where you are and don't worry about doingtoo much until you get there.

When it beeps again, we'regonna do squat jacks, which means when our hands are down, our hips are down in a squat, and as our hands are comingup doing jumping jacks, our hips are gonna goup and down in squats.

Wherever you are with your heart health, with your fitness, withyour everything journey, yes, there is maybe (timerbeeps) a destination.

So here we go, down into a squat, up into a non-jumping jack.

Hands are doing jumpingjacks, but your lower body, no way, my friends, absolutely no jumping necessaryto get your heart rate up, to get your sweat on, to getthose endorphins flowing, to get a great workout.

We never need to jump.

You might want to.

Now, here's the thing, this is what I'm saying.

At some point on your fitness journey, you might get to the point (timer beeps) where you want to do jumping, right back to walking.

You might get to the pointwhere you want to go longer.

You might get to the point where, moderate will always have a place in your repertoire, trust me.

Moderate will always have a place for you, but you might get to a point where sometimes you want to push.

That is all well and good another time.

Right now, wherever youare is where you are.

Don't worry too muchabout the CDC guidelines or what you think you're supposed to do, or the American HeartAssociation telling you that you need so many minutes a day.

Right now, if you don't havethat many minutes in you and it's gonna knock you out, that's not really doing you awhole lot of good, my friends.

When it beeps again, we're doing walking stars.

That means we're reachingup while stepping forward, reaching up with our other hand while stepping forward with that one, and then walking backwards.

You might know it as a box step, but if I call it that, my braindoesn't really follow along.

As we do (timer beeps) our walking stars, we're gonna switch our leaderfoot each and every time.

This is a workout for yourbody as well as your brain.

Now, here's what I'm tellingyou about your heart health.

I'm not saying that you will always be able to do very, very little and get excellent heart health.

What I am saying is thatwhen you start where you are and you start with amoderate for you pace, that you can build on that, that you can grow with that, (timer beeps) because my friends, right back to walking, here's the fantasticnews about your heart, as well as your muscles and your bones and every system in your body.

When you can work outconsistently, it will improve.

The end.

Like, there's no caveat on that.

When you work outregularly and consistently, everything you do will get better.

It's kind of amazing.

Your heart and lungs, they'll get betterbecause that's their job.

Your muscles, they'll getstronger because that's their job.

Your bones, if you're doingsome kind of resistance work, will get denser, because that's their job.

When you work outregularly and consistently, you will make improvements in your body.

When it beeps again, you guys, we're doing a reach-across crunch.

It's exactly what it sounds like.

You're gonna reach across your body, but then you're gonna swoop on up overhead and you're gonna come downinto an oblique crunch on that same side, bringing up that same knee.

We are working (timer beeps) on a little bit of balance today while we are getting our cardio on.

And that's another thing thatyou will make improvements on.

Now, I'm not promising you that someday you're gonna be able to stand on one foot for an hour at a time.

I have been working onmy balance for years and still cannot do that.

But what I'm saying is that when you have a consistent routine, when you are working on things regularly, every once in a while, maybe once or twice a week, (timer beeps) especially, right back to walking, if you don't love cardio, doing something like thisonce or twice a week, and then building from there as you get more comfortable with cardio, as you get more efficient with cardio, as you get better with cardio, you'll likely enjoy it more.

I'm not saying you're ever gonna be a cardio bunny like me, but you might enjoy it more.

My friends, this is whymoderation is so great for us.

If you don't feel like you have to knock yourself out this workout, it's not gonna feel like you need to go take a nap afterwards.

It's not gonna feel likeyou can't move tomorrow.

Speaking of moving, when it beeps again, we're doing alley-oops, which means we're gonnahave our feet nice and wide.

We're gonna swoop down over onto one side, doing a bit of a lungeand a bit of a pivot.

So we're actually facing one side, hands come down as low as you can.

It doesn't really matter how low you get.

You don't have to come into a full lunge.

We're gonna swoop up andover, alley-oop.

(timer beeps) In fact, here we go, alley-oop.

We're gonna pivot that backfoot and lunge down again.

Again, if you don't carefor lunges, don't lunge.

You can absolutely do this entire exercise with a little bit of a lean forward and no bending in your knees at all, if you'd rather not.

This kind of work, my friend, highly, highly modifiable to wherever your fitness is.

Honestly, I'm sure you've noticed when you have your (timerbeeps) hands up overhead, we're right back to walking.

If you have your hands up over your head, your heart rate goes up.

But even if you are moving at all, your heart rate comes up.

Now here's the great thingabout cardio exercise.

Your resting heart rate is whatever it is, whatever the number is.

Any time you do anything, anything at all, standing up, walking acrossthe room, anything at all, you're bringing your heartrate up a little bit.

When you bring yourheart rate up on purpose and keep it up for a little while, your heart thinks, oh, hey, I need to get better at this, because if we're gonna do this again, I don't want it to beas difficult next time.

That's how your heart rate, your resting heart rate will come down and your regular heartrate will get easier every time you do this kind of a workout.

When it beeps again, we'redoing drinky bird jacks, which means our handsare doing jumping jacks and our feet are doing drinky birds, which is a fancy name fora single-leg dead lift, which is a fancy (timerbeeps) way of saying that we're gonna bringup one leg behind us while our back staysnice and straight, whew, and one foot stays on the ground.

This is balance work.

We're making improvements in our balance while we're improving our heart and lungs.

My friends, this kind of workhas so many benefits for you.

Some of them you'll notice.

I mean, some of them, likeboosting your metabolism, burning calories at an(timer beeps) elevated rate, right back to walking.

I mean, some of those thingsyou notice right away, you notice when you feel some endorphins from doing a workout.

But you'll also notice over time, if you are doing this exact same workout at the exact same pace, it will feel easier.

That is your heart getting stronger.

That is your lungs getting stronger.

That is your body making improvements.

Now, I will tell you, it can be hard to notice because when you'retuning in and you're like, okay, I'm going moderately, You might still thinkyou're going moderately, but you're actually going faster.

So, it'll be hard to notice that the same pace feels easier, and I want you to understand that your body is making improvements, whether you actually notice them or not.

When it beeps again, we'redoing cheerleader kicks, and that is the last exercisein our circuit.

(timer beeps) We're going through thisentire exercise route again.

Here we go with cheerleader kicks.

Hands to your shoulders, pushing up while we kick forward at whatever pace feels good.

I've noticed, speaking of noticing things, that my walking pace has picked up, but my heart rate doesn't feel like it's gotten too much higher.

It feels like it's rightat a nice working pace that I can manage for one more round of all of these exercises.

When it beeps again, (timer beeps) we're going right backto walking, my friends.

So, that was as complicated as these exercises are gonna get today.

Some of them are easier than others.

I know that.

Trust me, I know that, but as you do this kind of workout, these kinds of exercises, they'll get easier, too.

I cannot begin to tell youhow wildly uncoordinated I was as a child.

I, let's just leave it there.

I was wildly uncoordinated andI didn't practice very much because I felt so self-conscious about it.

I never spent years practicingsomething when I was a kid, so I made it all the way into adulthood really thinking of myself asbeing incredibly unathletic and incapable of doing things.

When it beeps again, we're doing those low-swinging tappers.

And even when I first startedreally enjoying exercise and really, really working at exercising regularly, (timer beeps) so here we go with thoselow- swinging tappers, your hands can actuallyswing kind of high.

I mean, mine are going up to my head, but it just means that they'renot going up over your head.

They're swinging down low, down around your hips towherever you want to get them, getting some nice lateral movement here, working those inner and outer thighs.

When it beeps again, goingright back to walking.

In fact, even when I started on YouTube, if you watch some of my very, very early workouts, (timer beeps) I really only had, herewe go back to walking, I really only had maybefive or six exercises.

Everything I did was basicallyjumping jacks and pushups and some variation of planks and some variation ofsit ups or something.

That was all I did becauseit was all I could do.

I practiced, I watched other videos.

I went online.

I Googled images to seeother kinds of exercises.

I practiced diligently todo other sorts of things before I would do them on camera because I was so self-conscious of how uncoordinated I was.

When it beeps again, we're doing those wide-arm twisting kicks.

I have improved becauseI've just kept at it.

Again, if you look atsome of my early videos, like some of the first time I do some (timer beeps) exercises, here we go with thosewide-arm twisting kicks.

Oh, really feeling thoseabs and obliques working.

There we go.

Even while we're doing cardio, my friends, this is a great way to get some ab work in without getting on the groundand doing any kind of sit-ups, making sure that you'reholding in your core and moving at a pacethat feels good for you.

But you will find, honestly, you will find even in some of my more recent videos, (timer beeps) here we go back to walking, every once in a while, I justdon't know what I'm doing.

Every once in a while, an exercise just doesn't come together the way I wanted it to, theway I had planned for it to, and this is what I'm saying.

I'm not promising you that someday you are going to be perfectwith your heart health, or someday you're gonna beperfect with your balance, or someday you're gonnabe perfect with anything.

Perfection is never whatI'm aiming for with you.

I'm aiming at making improvements.

When you do work that justfeels good, that feels doable, that feels moderate, and likesomething you can complete, that means you'll come back to it.

When it beeps again, we'redoing those squat jacks.

When your hands aredown, your hips are down.

And if you come back to it, my friends, when you come back to itagain and again and again, you will make improvements.

Even if you don't want to, even if you don't notice it, your body will get better (timer beeps) at doing what you do regularly.

Squatting down, standing up, squatting down, standing up, hands are doing jumping jacks, my friends, your legs are squatting as low as you can or as low as you want to.

Again, if you don't lovesquatting, don't squat.

You can just bend forward a little bit.

You could kick out to theside, if you'd rather.

There's always a wayto make every exercise still work for you.

This again is the great news (timer beeps) about heart health.

Here we are, right back to walking.

You never actually haveto do any more than this, this walking motion.

This is one of the best things that you can do for your whole body.

I know it doesn't feellike a whole body exercise.

I understand that.

Sometimes you think, oh, I gotta do something for my arms, and that's why we move our arms with some of these cardio exercises.

But this, moving your body, is great for your heart, my friend.

You guys, when it beeps again, we're doing walking stars.

Walking stars is actuallyone of the exercises, it's why I included this, 'cause I wanted to talk aboutimproving your coordination.

Walking stars is an exercise that I did on camera for the first time, I wanna say four years ago at this point.

I was so embarrassed and self-conscious the entire time I was doing it.

And I honestly, I should go back (timer beeps) and watch the video.

Here we go, steppingforward, stepping back, stepping forward with theother foot, stepping back, changing leader foot eachtime for me is the trick.

And I know that's hard.

That's exactly why we're doing it, so we can improve our coordination.

Sometimes you gotta step a little bit up and outside your comfort zone.

But I seem to recall thatI don't even remember what I called the exercise, because I didn't know what it was.

I didn't know how (timer beeps) to explain it or how to do it.

We're right back to walking.

And I vividly rememberactually getting a comment after I had released thevideo from my friend Karen, who said, “Oh, I've alwayscalled that a box step.

” And I was so excited to havea name for this exercise, but then when I triedcalling it a box step in the next video that I did with it, which was probably at leastsix months to a year later, because again, I felt souncoordinated with it.

I called it a box step, and I remember not being able to do it.

When it beeps again, we'redoing the reach-across crunch, by the way.

And I remember feeling, again, really awkward.

And then after I had done it a couple of times after I had practiced really diligently off-camera to be able to perform anything like what I had in my mind, I started calling it something else.

And this to me is thereal moral of this story.

If you don't think you like cardio, maybe what you like is apower walk.

(timer beeps) Here we go with that reach-across crunch, reach-across crunch.

If you don't like strength training, maybe you just need to callit picking up heavy things and putting them back down again.

If there is something in your life that you don't feel good at, that you feel uncoordinated, that you feel terribly self-conscious, that you feel like maybe you'dlike to get better at it, but you just, you just don'tknow, try changing its name.

See if that helps you feel(timer beeps) better with it.

We're right back to walking, marching, or whatever you wanna call it that makes this workout feelgood and doable for you.

My friend, my friend, we've really only got acouple of exercises left.

No matter how much youlove or don't love cardio, cardio does love you.

Cardio or whatever you wanna call it.

Something high heart rate, sweaty, sparkly work, whatever you wanna call it.

It's really good for your heart.

My friends, heart disease, heart disease touches all of us.

When it beeps again, by the way, we're doing alley-oops.

That's the one where we'repivoting to one side, lunging down if you can or want to, or just leaning forward.

That's totally okay, too.

As long as you are not gettinginjured and you're moving, everything you're doing rightnow is great for your heart.

And I cannot stressenough how important it is to be good to your heart.

(timer beeps) Heart disease, here we go with these alley-oops, heart disease is far and away, I mean, you look at the numbers and it's actually a little bit shocking how much higher the numberis for heart disease than any other cause of death in America.

My friends, my friends, I know you know somebody who has been affected by heart disease.

In my family alone, both my father and my brother had quadruple bypasssurgery, (timer beeps) here we go back to walking, in their forties.

There's a reason why I'm a cardio girl.

There's a reason why I am very careful about my heart health.

There's a reason why I encourage my kids to walk and run and keeptheir hearts healthy.

One of the things you can do is exercise.

The other thing that you can do is to really mitigate your stress.

And that is where somethingmoderate, like walking, comes in again.

Mitigating your stress, being aware of what physicaland mental stresses you have and letting them go is one of the nicest thingsyou can do for your heart.

You guys, when it beeps again, we're doing those drinky bird jacks, which I know might have just actually brought up your stress level, except for the fact that younever, ever need to be perfect at drinky bird jacks, my friends.

Your hands are gonnabe doing jumping jacks.

Your lower body is gonnabe doing something.

Maybe (timer beeps) it's drinky birds.

Maybe it's just standing on one foot.

Maybe it's tippity-tappingoff to the side.

It doesn't really matter.

That, that ultimately is the best news about taking care of yourheart is that you cannot, or rather you need not stress about the exercise that you're doing.

Pick something you enjoy.

Maybe it's as simple as walking.

Maybe it's as complicated as walking stars (timer beeps) or these drinky bird jacks, which was really troubling me just now.

No matter what it is, find something you loveand do it regularly.

Couple times a week, especiallywhen you first get started.

Even once a week is betterthan zero times a week.

Even five minutes isbetter than zero minutes.

Don't worry about where you're gonna be in a year or two years.

Don't worry about the big picture of, I need X number of minutes aday, every day, all the time.

Start where you are andwork on your heart right now with whatever you've got.

When it beeps again, you guys, it's cheerleader kicks for the last time.

It's our second time, our final time with our final exercisethrough this circuit.

You have done such an excellent job managing your heart, managing your stress, managing your moderation.

And I hope that at this point that you are feeling (timerbeeps) good about this.

Here we go, hands at your shoulders, hands go up while kicking forward.

And I will tell you, oh, we'll be done whenwe're done with this, but we're not quite finished and we're not going back to walking.

We are doing some balancework, woo-hoo-hoo! We're gonna do a flying highknee with a drinky bird.

I know, everybody's favorite, but here's the thing.

We're gonna start with one high knee.

I'm actually gonna startby standing on my left foot so my right leg isgonna do all the flying.

So, your right (timer beeps) knee is gonna come up while hands are up.

As we tip forward down into a drinky bird, oh, this is so much slower, extend that leg back behind you and then push your arms all the way back, back, back, back, back.

It's work for your core, it'swork for your upper back, it's work for your hamstrings and glutes, it's work for your brain.

As your hands come up, thathigh knee comes up also.

This is a long interval, my friends, and I don't expect to dovery many of these exercises.

We're getting a couple of reps done.

You're really thinking about balance, thinking about improving your heart, your lungs, your core strength, phew, your mental perseverancethrough some tough stuff.

When it beeps, we are gonna go back to walkingfor that short interval, and then we're gonna do this balance work on the other side.

As your hands come down, thatleg extends back behind you.

Hands extend back behind you, palms up facing towards the ceiling, (timer beeps) squeezingfrom your shoulder blades.

Back to walking, woo, doggies, for 30 seconds.

Isn't it amazing howthat slow moving work, I'm actually, I think I'msweating more than I was for the fast-moving work.

This is why we always top things off with a little bit of a finisher.

When it beeps again, we're doing that flyinghigh knee on the other side.

So, for me personally, I'mstanding on my right foot, left knee is gonna come up.

Hands are gonna go up.

As we tip forward downinto the drinky bird, hands are gonna go up behind you.

So, hands up.

I'm finding something to stare at.

I find that to be the most effective way to work on my balance, is to find my center inside my body.

Like, almost, I mean, my eyes are open, but thinking deeply aboutthe center of my body, pulling in my core, finding that center of balance.

And for me, finding something to stare at.

If you want an extra challenge, or if you are my friend Melissa, you can close your eyes.

I say that because my friendMelissa is actually blind.

She comments on my videos very frequently and has been a commenterand a friend for years, now, of the Pahla B Fitness Channel.

She is one of the reasonswhy I talk so much.

I do naturally anyways, but for Melissa, I try very hard toover-explain the exercises (timer beeps) because Iknow she can't see me.

My friends, we're gonna do30 more seconds of walking just to start cooling this down.

Oh, my goodness, what a great, great job you've done.

Now, here's the thing.

We are gonna do a coupleof cool-down exercises.

We're gonna do some ofthose arm circles again, and those arm openers reallyopening up your chest, making sure that your heart and lungs take some nice deep breathswhile we're cooling down.

I'm actually gonna go aheadand turn this off, here.

Do a little bit of sidetapping, (timer beeps) Gonna do some nice big arm circles.

I do have an extended cooldown for you.

I know that sometimeswe really get sweating, especially if you did manageto turn this into a push day.

I know I kept it nice and moderate, but boy, did I get sweaty.

My friends, work is always work, and this is how we workour heart and lungs.

We don't have to go crazy with it.

We just have to go consistently with it.

Go ahead and open upyour arms, oh, my gosh.

Open up that chest.

Feel your heart and lungs opening up.

And then close them up.

Give yourself a great bighug and a pat on the back.

Oh, my gosh.

What a good job you did today! Opening it up (sighs) and closing it up.

I hope that you have a very, very healthy day, my friend.

Make sure that you do theextended cooldown here and subscribe before you go so I can see you in the next video.


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