‘Free MI’: Stay-home order protesters gather at Capitol

and sue that rally took place as the state reported another triple digit jump in deaths 153 more Michigan residents had died of coronavirus the overall death toll in our state is now just below two thousand those staggering numbers and a morning snow not stopping protesters at the Capitol the group wants the governor to reopen the state and let them to get back to work we have brought you live team coverage all day on-air and online and it continues right now news 8 political reporter Rick Albin remains in the middle of it all for us in Lansing tonight Rick yeah and Bryan just about a half an hour ago it was like somebody turned off the tap we have seen cars and trucks and boats and equipment that would be used for landscaping coming through here since 9 o'clock this morning and I mean thousands and thousands of vehicles people were had signs that talked about wanting to go back to their job because they've been laid off or their small businesses closed because they're not considered essential and you could really tell that they were concerned about not only the stay home stay safe order but what they see is government overreach and they also said that they wanted to make some of their own decisions now governor Gretchen Whitmer said she understood their frustration but for now things will remain as they are the frustration and the pain is real and the fear is real and and I hate that you know each of these orders is weighed incredibly heavily on me because I know that there are people that are really hurting because of this I also know that it was absolutely necessary with a path that we are on Michigan had the third highest number of covered cases and deaths in the country and we are not the third biggest state in the country this is a dramatic terrible virus that has been you know killing people in our state you don't know a date we don't know when this is all gonna happen but we do know that this order this current stay home stay safe order is through the end of the month and at that point there'll be some other directive do you have any feel at all if this is this is as we are today is going to continue beyond that day understanding that you can't say certain when things will start to reopen well I'm hopeful that it's not right you know I'll tell you that that's what my hope is what we're we are what the science is telling us I can't predict vote it things are gonna look like next week much less two weeks from now but I will say that we are doing the hard work of bringing in you know under dr.

Jenny's kale Dunes leadership the best minds in the medical field to help advise and help us chart or path toward a safe free engagement so the governor says she understands the frustration but across the street over at the Capitol there's some lawmakers there that want to see some changes made one of those is the Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield well there's nothing more American than people coming together and making sure that their voices are heard and petitioning their government that's what we're seeing here today and unfortunately we've had people across our state that have had their livelihoods taken away and are being told that they can't work and provide for their families we have to ensure that we're listening them and we enact common-sense changes to how we're battling kovat 19 so my take on this is that things are as they are now the governor does not seem inclined to want to change the current order so whatever changes Speaker Chatfield would like to see we'll have to wait until May 1st when something changes will there be an extension of the emergency order will there be an extension of the stay home order those are things that we don't need but at least for now after talking with the governor after this protest today it appears that the protesters will have to be satisfied for by knowing that she heard them but at least for now is not going to make any changes based on their recommendations live in Lansing Rick Albin music all right Rick yeah you sense the frustration you sense the pressure now on the governor and we've got another few weeks to go before the next decision falls thank you for that on the streets in the meantime traffic three lanes deep the gridlock in full of and folks from all over the state came down to Lansing to protest the governor's orders and news eights Heather Walker and Leon Hendrix have both been talking to those who packed the capital we'll start tonight with Heather traffic [Music] hoping to be heard protesters packed into their cars and drove to Lansing to tell the governor to end the stay at home what about concerns for safety and spreading this virus and potentially killing more people I think it's all hype this business owner from hutsonville and others here today want to get back to work we need to be released the world traffic three lanes deep stretching for miles by noon protesters successfully created gridlock around the Capitol she's killing businesses she's destroying families people came for different reasons but with the same message lifts the stay-at-home order and let the people decide what is essential and how to stay safe I don't believe anybody should tell me that I can't take my kids off fishing on a local level protesters say they're sick of being told what to do I say give it back to the people don't take care of themselves we're not stupid reporting in Lansing Heather Walker news 8 [Music] this is Leon Hendrix reporting from the Capitol lawn where operation gridlock spread beyond original plans [Music] the idea was that protestors would stay in their cars but Clinton decided to be here cold and snow no bother what brings you out here freedom they are here Tony schepis is one of the business owners in the crowd says the shutdown has ripped 80% of his auto repair work from the Bulls I want to be able to go back to work overstepping your bounds fixing cars or a beauty salon or whatever you're putting your heart and soul into them his sentiment shared with hundreds here hoping their voices get through these walls we asked some for a direct message for the government this needs to stop Michigan needs to go back to work they move back to Michigan to come home to tyranny be reasonable some in the crowd wore masks but few seemed worried about kovat night teeth the pandemic the governor says she's trying to help stop do you have any concerns about the spread of the night none whatsoever sure many will question the methodology motives and messages here but perhaps there is a commonality between these folks and just about everybody else a desire to get through this to the other side and back to a sense of some normalcy no I don't want no money from the president I don't want no money for I want to go back to work that's what I want reporting at the State Capitol Leon Hendricks news8.

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