FKA twigs "home with you" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

If you complete all of your lessons as a human, then you don't have to come back to earth, but if you don't complete your lessons asa human, then you just have to come back as a different life.

For me, as Twig, so I'll have theselessons, I don't know what they are yet and I have to figure out what my lesson is andif I don't, I just have to come back as Bob Home With You is about that battle of wantingto be there for somebody, but also struggling to be there for yourself at the same time.

The song was pretty much done in one take.

So I just started making all these soundsbeing like.

It was really liberating actually.

It's kind of like using my voice more kindof, in a rhythmic sort of way.

And then we did this really long jam, andI remember afterwards, I just sat down in Ableton and I just started getting all ofthe bits, and taking this there, and then putting this in, and then putting this there.

It was like very, very raw to begin with andthen over the next coming months, I sort of went in and perfected the effects and justsort of made it a little bit more complete.

It's like your body's exhausted, and mentallyyou're exhausted, but your brain is just like.

When I feel anxious or when I feel like mymind is busy, I just put something on the TV, anything from Love Island to some DavidAttenborough, deep sea, something that you can just almost watch and just zone out.

And then I just stretch for hours and hoursand hours, and then I feel better.

For me kind of being goofy and making lightof things that are quite serious a way of me processing trauma.

A couple of years ago, I had a lot of healthissues.

I had fibroid tumors.

So, I would call my tumors my fruit bowl ofpain and I'd be like, “Okay, so I've got three cooking apples, four strawberries.

” But, at the same time I'm very cautious whatI put in my body.

I don't want to put painkillers in.

After I had my operation, I was on a lot ofMorphine and I just wanted to come off it straight away.

They gave me all these painkillers and stuffand I just went .



from when I left the hospital, I just went like nothing to .



I mean, justdealt with it.

So, I'm saying I still maintain my grace, you know what I mean? I was still present and I just felt presentin my body I guess it's almost quite like hip hop.

Do you know what I mean? More money, more assets, more problems, moreyou have to lose.

Everybody wants something off you.

Even if it's just kind of the association.

So, if you're going through a hard time it'sjust tiring.

That human sort of condition.

When something's not there the more that peoplewant it.

So, it's like, well I never heard from himbefore, but now I'm on tour and I'm busy, all of a sudden you want to talk every day.

I've been in Hackney for three years, youliterally never hit me up.

And, now I'm away trying to like get my life, all of a sudden it's like, hey, you never hit me back anymore superstar.

And you're like, no, we never used to talkanyway.

Not just superheroes, but also just in theworld.

There's very few examples of people that arein a position of power or visibility that I can identify to who have a sense of vulnerabilityand have a sense of not being perfect, but at the same time being perfectly them andthat being accepted.

For me as an artist, my vulnerability is mykey and I've learned to find a lot of strength in that.

I've learned to find a lot of that .



that'skind of my superpower.

In my position of struggling even just tokeep myself afloat.

I wonder why you think that I can help youright now because we're all sort of in this position of figuring stuff out.

So it's just kind of like, yeah, I'll try.

Throughout history there have been these amazingwomen that have given so much like emotional labor to somebody else.

These people like Mary Magdalene have hadsuch like a huge part in history, and they did it selflessly.

All these times when we get in our head andwe're thinking like, “I need to do this.

I need to do this.

I need to do this.

” If you just explain very simply like in asentence how you feel it just makes it easier for everyone to say like, “What can I do foryou right now? Like how can I be here for you right now?” It's impossible to know how anyone truly feelsanymore because I speak to my friends on the phone, and I think, “Oh, wow.

They're having such a hard time.

” And then I'll see them on Instagram, and they'llbe like slash crushing life.

Like it's confusing because we kind of havethis world now where we can exist and be so perfect, and put a filter on everything, andmake everything seem like it's so perfect.

But behind the scenes it's like people arestruggling.

Sometimes when I meditate I'll lie on thefloor, and I'll put like stones in my hands like this.

I personally don't try and like free my mindof thoughts, or anything like that.

I just let my brain sort of just go on a journeyof things that make absolutely no sense until everything just starts like slowing down.

That thing where I'm letting you know you'recoming home, and you're like, “Ah can you put the kettle on?” It's like that.

Like someone's at home like ready for youto come back.

Stoking up the fire for me.

They get frustrated.

Set the place alight, call me later at nightlike get annoyed with me, get frustrated with me.

If you get frustrated with me I'll come home.

They have to set the house on fire, and I'llcome home.

I'm pretty goofy, which is so funny becausepeople don't know that.

My archetype would be the jester or something.

I'm always doing silly voices and dancingand acting stuff out.


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