Fitness Motivation 💪 5 Tips for Getting Motivated to Workout & STAYING Motivated to Workout!

When you're brand new to the world offitness, it's super easy to get overwhelmed with any and everythingrelating to diet and exercise.

But one of the hardest parts about starting ahealthy lifestyle, is the elusive idea of “motivation” and inspiration.

How do youget motivated to work out? How do you STAY motivated to work out? In this video, I give you five tips for finding that healthy lifestyle motivation, and acouple tricks for keeping that inspiration high.

First, visualize your goals.

This can meana lot of different things to many different people.

Are there a pair ofjeans that you want to fit into? Is there an occasion, or a trip coming up that youwant to look good for? Visualizing your goals can help immensely when it comesto fitness motivation, and the nice thing is that you can visualize your goals inmany different ways.

If you have an event coming up, having a weekly countdown tothat event really helps keep me on track.

For daily motivation, scrolling throughbefore-and-after pictures of people when they've jumped on the healthy lifestylebandwagon is hugely inspirational for me.


com/r/progresspicsis a great place for this, particularly because the people in that subreddit areusually pretty average people for the most part, without the help of sketchysupplement sponsors, or undisclosed plastic surgery operations.

They'repeople that are primarily just like you and me.

Usually, they also dive into theexact workout and diet plans that they used to achieve their goals, which ispretty motivational all on its own and can further inspire you to maybe do thesame.

Motivational tip number two: have yourworkout gear laid out, ready to go the night before.

If you want to startworking out first thing in the morning, simply having your clothes already laidout makes it a lot easier to just throw on first thing in the morning before youcan even talk yourself out of it.

But it doesn't just stop with clothing; the samecould go for your morning breakfast as well.

Having easy things prepared thenight before like overnight oats, or a piece of fruit, or even pre-brewedcoffee, makes your morning routine a lot easier to ease into.

But even if you'renot a morning workout person, I would still try laying your clothes out anyway.

Sometimes I find that simply having my workout clothes ready to go is hugelymotivating all on its own, because it'll be staring me down, urging me to squeezea workout in halfway through the day or into the evening if it's laid outsomewhere visible.

One thing I find absolutely paramount tokeeping motivation through the roof is having a plan.

You want to start running?Awesome! How many miles do you want to hit? How fast do you want to go as a goal?How long do you want to run for, or where you want to go? Even just having thebasics in mind is key to having a successful workout.

The same is true forstrength training, or really any other form of exercise.

What muscle groups do you want to hit? How many sets of what exercises? Writethese things down, or keep a log in your phone so you can build and expand uponthese workout stats.

Personally, I like to use Google Sheets, which is basicallylike a cloud version of Excel.

Everyone with a gmail account has access to it, which could potentially be literally every single person watching this videoright now.

It's extremely simple to write out an exercise routine in chart form, which is then easy to modify from your phone right at the gym or wherever youplan to be.

Seeing yourself progress in a workout log or in an app is hugelymotivating, and you'll wish you'd started earlier when you see those milestonessurpassed.

Another tip is to surround yourself withinspiration.

There's nothing worse than feeling that itch to workout, but havingyour surroundings bog you down.

This can be anything from having outdated musicon your Spotify playlist, or not having a workout partner, or even having acluttered house.

Little things like these can grate away at your motivation level, and can start to drain you over time so try to have these things in check.

Thereare a ton of different workout playlists on apps like Spotify, so if I'm feelingsick of my regular music, I'll switch it up by trying a completely differentplaylist than my own.

And sometimes, when no music sounds right at that moment, I'll listen to a podcast instead.

I've linked a couple of my favorite podcastsin the description bar below if you're feeling like you just need to spice upyour auditory motivation a little bit.

If you're somebody that likes havingcompanionship when you work out for that extra boost of motivation, maybe try afew classes at your local gym, or meetups on Facebook.

Chances are, you live somewhere where someone else is looking for a workoutpartner as well, and this is a great opportunity to branch out, make newfriends, or try something new like a fitness class.


And if you're somebody that likes at-home workouts, keeping your space clean and clutter-free is a huge motivationfactor for me.

I try — keyword is “try” — to spend 15 minutes a day decluttering myspace and I never regret doing so.

It gives me more space to move around, andwhen your workout is done, you don't feel brought down by your surroundingsafterward.

Above all, know that habit trumps motivation.

At the end of the day, motivation and inspiration will only get your foot in the door, and sometimes noteven that.

It's up to you to make it a habit and continue to inch toward yourgoals.

One thing that helps me keep the habit is setting a schedule and tryingas hard as I possibly can to stick to it.

If you're wanting to put on a bit ofmuscle, plan your week out with what muscle groups you want to hit on whatdays, weights you want to start with, the number of sets and rep ranges, etc.

Havethis all written down somewhere, and for one whole week, try to stick to theschedule.

Apps like Google Calendar make this a lot easier, because you could putyour specific workout into the calendar and it will remind you on your phonewhen it's time to go work out.

Another mind trick I have for keeping the habitis to treat it like a real, true job.

I found the biggest personal gain in myoverall fitness and health when I treated my workouts and eating habitslike a second job, and not like some optional thing.

Getting outside and goingon a run wasn't an option, it was something I HAD to do, and like a job, itwas a priority in my life.

If a friend called me up and asked me to hang outduring the time that I was supposed to be working out, they would have to waituntil I was done.

And like a job, sometimes it's okay to take vacationtime or sick days.

Truthfully, there are just some days where getting a workoutin isn't an option, because either you're feeling under the weather, or you're toobusy, or you're on vacation, or really anything else.

But like a job, thosemoments are temporary and fleeting.

When motivation fades, it's up to you to stickwith the habit that you've established, and I always find that treating it likea job really helps me keep that habit.

Making your healthand fitness a true priority in your everyday life will show you monumentalgains, not only in a physical sense, but also in your confidence and overallhappiness.

Getting a workout in always kind of sucks when you're just starting, but, oh it feels so good when you're done.

Being inspired and motivated by yoursurroundings, your goals, and your plans, is a huge step in beginning your healthylifestyle.

But at the end of the day, it's up to you and your willpower to turnyour motivation into a sustainable habit.

That's the hardest part! But once youbreak down that wall and just do it, I have a feeling you'll never want to lookback.

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