Donald Trump Endures Unhinged Rant From C-List TV Actor, Cher Predicts She Will Be Sacrificed??!

Hello I'm Daisy Cousens welcome to thisweek in social justice this week's biggest and baddest socialjustice fails include sealless television actor michael rapaport andhis willingness to sacrifice the Trump children for the sake of the USpopulation what Icahn share and her assertion thatDonald Trump is willing to sacrifice her and her elderly mother for the sake ofthe US economy and depending on how long I feel like talking about the first twotopics we may even get time for a bonus topic so let's get started but while Ihave your attention hit that subscribe button if you haven'talready I know by now you've watched two three maybe four of my videos but youhaven't yet hit that subscribe button well now is the perfect chance to do soif you like my content and you want to see more then hit that subscribe buttonright now I would love to have you sometimes actor and often trumpderangement syndrome sufferer Michael Rapaport is becoming increasingly wellknown for his exploitive Laden somewhat deranged rants about Donald Trump thelatest installment of his rage ranting is a response to an accurate tweet byTrump stating that the mainstream media wants the USA to remain shut down for aslong as possible in order to damage Trump's chance of reelection thelamestream media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our countryclosed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to myelection success the real people want to get back to work ASAP we will bestronger than ever before now Michael did not take kindly to Trump's tweetmost likely because it's true and he knew itanyway he responded with one of his trademark episodes of verbal diarrhearelaying a message that seems rather disproportionate to Trump's originalassertion the real people want to get back to work ASAP you never worked a dayin your life you're worried about the next four years you need to be worriedabout the next four days mom you need to be worried about the next four weeks thenext four months you are the worst possible mother we could havein power making decisions decisions right now the real people want to getback to work why don't you send your son stayingDonald Trump jr.

big – Eric Trump little Baron Ivanka junkyard Jared let them goout there and test the waters let them see if is sweet let them takethe cars the trains the buses the Amtrak's let them play in the park andeverything's good if everything's good after five days of them playing outthere on the streets we'll all go back there you want to make the Americanpeople guinea pigs so you could get reelected and people if you fall forthis shame on you okay so the fact he seems genuinely enthused about quiteliterally feeding the Trump children to the beverage bug which is what I have tocall the serious problem that is currently bringing the world to itsknees otherwise YouTube will de rank d monetize and possibly delete this videowould indicate quite a serious character flaw I mean whether he likes the trunkchildren or not they've never done anything to physically hurt anotherhuman so that kind of retribution would seem wholly unnecessary however the facthe has included fourteen-year-old Barron Trump as a sort of sacrificial lambindicates that he is quite possibly sociopathic remember this isn't thefirst time that Michael has referred to teenagers in a rather vile sensewho could forget his tirade against the Covington Catholic school boys recordedalong with everyone else who piled on before the full context of the incidenthad been revealed you see the video of these Catholic school teenage boysjobs harassing get in the face of these Native American people you gotno knife go play some video games go try to bird dog some chicks in little creepsshorty stain job Catholic school wears these people's parents you littlescumbag your little kentucky catholic school suckersthis is still on twitter by the way twitter has still not removed thisdespite the fact it mentions shall we say a number of private adultinteractions in relation to people well below the age of consent but you knowthat's twitter anyway michaels beverage bug related angst also extends toMelania Trump responding to the glorious first lady's public service announcementadvocating hand-washing and hope he tweeted this on March 22nd the tweet hassince been deleted the birthday is the beauty of the screenshot function righthere now I am like a broken record on this but can you imagine the leftistoutrage if he had called a high-profile left-wing woman a dumb animal I mean thesky would have fallen in ultimate ly Michael Rapaport seems to be a very veryangry man afflicted with one of the worst cases of Trump derangementsyndrome I have ever seen really we should all be praying for him incrediblylarge social justice failed to Michael on this one in another example ofcelebrity hysterical hostility longtime performer and trump derangement syndromesufferer Cher also promoted a kind of sacrificial theme in a March 27th tweetshe lamented what she thinks is Donald Trump's willingness to sacrifice certaincitizens in the name of the beverage bug for Trump my mom and I are dispensablefodder for his inhumane gristmill well I have worked from 1965 to 2020 andperhaps I'm beyond his sell-by date as for mom all she does is make everybodylaugh yes we're obviously the ones who should be sacrificed for Donald Trump'seconomy this rather histrionic and more than alittle self-absorbed commentary from cher came soon after a highly publicizedrant for morning Joe's juice Cobra who stated among other things that hebelieved conservatives are ready to euthanize the elderly in order to savecorporate profits these conservatives are making Democrats who were pro-choiceactually look more pro-life because they're only worried about the unborn itis the born it is the weakest among us it is senior citizens who they're readyto euthanize because they want Boeing's corporate earnings to not dip to to toolow they want to make sure that people that own businesses in their district orin their states will keep giving them campaign contributions so this it's Idon't know what I grew up in a Baptist Church and I heard a lot about abortionand on the the front of end-of-life and youth euthanizing seniors on the otherside of life insanity now this panics bit of commentary fromdear Joe seems to maybe have been based on a rather extreme and widely sharedtweet that came from a lawyer named Scott McMillan where he stated thefundamental problem is whether we are going to tank the entire economy to save2.

5% of the population which is one generally expensive to maintain and tonot productive needless to say the internet of course went troppo over thisand McMillan took the tweet down and explained to the Washington Post that heis not actually in favor of culling the elderly which is good to know he simplythinks they should be quarantined and admits he may have been insensitive inphrasing his tweet the way he did no shit Sherlockhe also described himself as an old JFK style Democrat nevertheless Joe seemedto think this was an opportunity to make a political point hence the reference toconservatives specifically wanting to allegedly sacrifice the elderly for thesake of the economy now we have seen an awful lot ofshrieking from left-wing pundits and their fans of late about how monstrousvarious governments are including in Australia might I add for talking aboutsaving their economies because human life should be much more important thanmoney and corporate interest and if we could just lock everything down for awhile then that would of course be the compassionate and moral thing to do buthere's the thing it is very much the mark of the privilege to hand flappingLi opine that world leaders should not be thinking about saving the economythey see the word economy from an ideological perspective that is a nastycapitalist invention that allows conservative governments to sacrificedowntrodden citizens for the sake of governments having more money bla blabla bla bla but as anyone who is not a rayji SJW will tell you economy meansjobs the economy is propped up of among many other things by businessesremaining open and turning a profit because people are spending moneytherefore enabling them to employ lots of people expand and then employ morepeople as such tanking economies actually means millions and millions ofpeople losing their jobs for an unknown period of time that's millions offamilies left well and truly in the lurch because of a decision made bygovernments to shut everything down with zero warning without giving a clearindication of when they can open up again now when you put it like thatsurely the most compassionate moral thing for governments to do is to keeptheir economies cooking by keeping as many people in work as possible bykeeping as many businesses open as possible rightthis ideologically driven hysteria about governments allegedly caring more aboutprofits than people generally tends to come from those who are either in nodanger of losing their jobs because they can work from home or they have enoughmoney saved to get them through without an income for an extended period of timethese are not the shop assistants or people who work in the arts or tradiesor hospitality workers or cleaners or anyone else who relies on in-person workwhich is often on the lower end of the wage scale it is an absolute slap in theface to those workers to keep screaming about how the economyshould be way down the list of priorities and while those advocatingfor shutdowns and quelling any kind of mention of economies will shriek thegovernments are currently doling out welfare like it's candy that's not thepoint most people don't want or indeed can'tafford to live on welfare for an extended and undisclosed period of timethey want to work and having that dignity of work taken away from themovernight by forces beyond their control is going to lead to a massive spike indepression and anxiety and we all know what that can lead to when leftunchecked so to share Joe Scarborough and those like them pull your heads inand check your priveledge there is more going on here than you seem to thinkmassive social justice failed to share and Morning Joe on this issue burnerstopic we have a bonus topic this week amidst all the doom and gloom andgenuine global problems it's both heartening and frustrating to know thatthere are still some university professors out there wasting everyone'stime with useless social justice initiatives today's example is ElizaDell Sandra who is the assistant professor of Women's and Gender Studiesat Bucknell University of course who appeared on a student podcast to lamentthe fact that what she calls gendered stereotypes are still prevalent intoday's society she told the two young men hosting thepodcast that even in isolation they should still be calling out gendereddivisions when they see them on or off campus stating it is saying look at thefact that there's no women in that weight room and they're on thetreadmills that women are at the salad bar and men are getting hamburgers stepin and say this doesn't seem right Erica also said that pointing out these genderdivisions pulls back the curtain and allows students to see how the divisionsparticipates in or our products off gendered expectations patriarchalstructures made misogyny or homophobia she also said that if it isn'tinterrupted it remains invisible now I don't quite know what Erika issuggesting people do here unless she genuinely means for people to go up towomen at the salad bar and tell them to eat burgers or tap men on the shoulderwhile they are doing weights and insist they go and do somedance aerobics but either way who cares this was a trivial concern at the bestof times let alone now when there are infinitely more important problems tofix gargantuan social justice failed – this professor on this one if you likethat video please remember to like subscribe share leave me a comment andif you really really liked it then check out the video description for mysubscribe star link and other ways you can support me.

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