Digging For TACOS!! 🌮 🐐 BBQ PIT to MOUTH Mexican Food in California, USA!

– Hey everyone, hope you'rehaving an amazing day.

It's Mark Wiens and todayis a hugely special day because we are in the beautifulfoothills of California, and we are here at aranch called Rancho Sabor, which means the Flavor Ranch, to prepare, to watch, to eat a perfect taco.

It includes simultaneously preparing all of the ingredientsto get into your mouth as fast as possible so nothing waits, so everything is as fresh, as local as possible.

Everything from the farm, and so there's gonna be an entire goat, which they've been roasting and which is buried actually right there, and which has been cooking all night long, it's gonna fall off the bone, it's gonna be so ultra tender.

The avocados are blooming, the produce around here, it's just a, it literallyis like a perfect weather, perfect feeling, it's gonnabe there perfect taco, and we're gonna share itwith you in this video.

(upbeat music) Just arrived at theranch, in the foothills, in the mountains of California.

It's spectacularly beautiful.

The big rocks, the mountains and we're just walkingaround to the other side.

Maybe that's where they'regonna unload the goat, and also where they have everything set up here at the ranch.


– Ranch Sabor but we have this constant.

At Ranch Sabor.

– [Mark] Ah okay.

– So for food project.

– We do a bunch of differentthings at the ranch.

One of which is platura constant.

– The reason, the story, the philosophy behind the perfect taco, which is the reason whywe're here, Jeffrey? – Here we go so everythingabout tacos is better when it's fresh so we'regoing to simultaneously bring the goat meat out of the famous pit, we're gonna broiling tortillas fresh, got the freshest sauce fromthe legend that is Sandra.

Guacamole toppings, everything gonna come together simultaneously, zerokilometer, in one instant to make the build firstand only perfect taco.

– [Mark] And so that'sthe whole philosophy of today's get together and experience.

Oh, I have been hearing aboutyour award winning guacamole and the black sauce, I've been hearing about the black salsa also.

– We live in this community named Rainbow, but we belongs to Fallbrook, it's a little town close, but it's a nice town and isthe capital of the avocado.

This is my style, I grew up in Tracan, and it's another capitalof the avocado in Mexico.

So we have a lot of avocados.

So that's my way, you twist it.

– [Mark] Is this a recipethat you developed, or is it? – This is the traditional one.

The only thing for meis fresh ingredients.

That's giving the flavors, there's no any secret.

– The thing is most ofthe guacamole you get doesn't use fresh ingredientsor the traditional recipe.

– Oh yeah.

(laughs) Avocado in Nahuatl means “testicles.

” That's what's like.

In the past, the womans arenot allowed to collect it because it's too much for them, so only mens are okay to goand harvest from the fields, that's in the past, now we can do whatever.

(laughs) Mole means in Nahuatl, mole, or salsa.

So this is a kind of molebecause it's a sauce.

(Mark laughs) – [Mark] See you again.

In a different country.

– [Man] I hope you likeit when you see it.

– So I don't like the creamycreamy avocado, the guacamole, I like a little.

– [Mark] Texture, keep the chunks in.

– Yes, for me that's the best.

I don't know, it might be.

You can wait, go ahead.

(laughs) Perfect.

Little bit, maybe one and a half lemon, so that help the avocado, don't be dark, oxidated.

Really, you don't need to much, you want the flavor of the other things.

– [Mark] Into the molcajete immediately? – Yes.

So today we have baked tostadas with the flour of the squash flour.

And this is a chile, an chile ancho, and this one's are cilantro ones.

Each one have a differentflavor, so you are welcome.

Enjoy it.

– Thank you.

Good morning, Scott.

– Good morning my friend.

– How are you, man? – Good, that was a good day yesterday.

– That was an incredible day.

Ready for another great day.

– Let's do it, the perfect taco.

– Day after day, yup.

The perfect taco.

(laughs) Okay, so she just finished the guacamole, which she has won first place for the best tasting guacamole, and this region is known for the best avocados in California, but the simplicity, you know she just, and also I like that shedoesn't make it too smooth.

She like literally slicesthem out so they're chunked.

It's like chunked avocadoand she doesn't over stir it so it doesn't get mushy, it doesn't get liquidy, and just a mountain, apile into the molcajete, there's three differenttypes of like tostada chips that we're gonna dig into it with.

– Unimprovable.


– Mmm, oh.


– [Jeffrey I'm coming in hot.

– Oh, chili oil.

– Coming in hot.

Made 15 seconds ago.

– Oh, you can actually taste it.

I mean you can seriouslytaste the freshness of the avocados, the tomatoes, the onions, the creaminess of those avocados like, I mean it's a simple recipe, traditional.

It's like nothing extra.

Everything it needs to be.

I think it really, I'mrelying on the creaminess, the quality of those avocados and then some chili oil on there.



That is superb.

Not only a perfectguacamole, a perfect taco that's soon to come, but perfectweather and a perfect day.

The weather cannot bemore perfect right now.

– [Man] That sauce is good.

– [Woman] Cause that'sthe adventure of it.

You're somewhere else.

– Mmm.

– [Woman] In other people's homes.

– And those tostadas, thenuts and seeds in them.


(lively music) With that chili oil.

That's stunning.

(lively music) – [Sandra] Onion, chili poblano.

(Mark laughs) – [Mark] Wiens Brewing.

And that's local? – [Man] Yeah.

– We must be related.

(lively music) – [Man] Oh there we go.

– It's the fish tacos, the fish tamales, sorry.

Here we go.

– It's getting exciting now.

The stations are starting to set up in order to synchronizethis taco eating experience.

Are you ready? – This is insane.

– [Mark] Getting excited, excited and nervous.

– Salsa borracha isbeginning to get ready, but then we're gonna slap ittogether at the last second with the tortilla and bring that baby up.

– Chile pasilla is this.

– The corn from thistortillas was mixed in limes, that's the old school, the Mayasand all cultures do it too.

Provide more nutrients to the corn, so your body digest better, and absorb, get morenutrients to your body.

Nixtamalizado, that's the word.

– Nixtamalization? There's a term called nixtamalization, which is the processof processing the corn, mixed with lime and notthe fruit, not the citrus, but lime alkaloid and then also like cooking it for a long time so that it actually likegives you the nutrients rather than being hard to digest, and she is just working on the masa now, flattening out the tortillas, everything's coming together.

The plan is to make the tortillas, get their salsa and everything ready, and then to literally pullout the goat from underground, within seconds take itoff into your tortilla that has been just immediately made with the salsa that hasbeen immediately made, and all into your mouth alltogether, simultaneously.

– You know this? (lively music) – Okay.

Three, two, one.

Okay, she's putting the masa, she's flattening the masa, she's gonna grill the tortilla, so that's going to be going there, we're running down tothe pit, to the pibil, where he's gonna unload, it's time.

He's gonna unload, I'm just gonna keep the camera running the entire time, and just as this entire process unfolds.

No cuts in the video.

Unearthing the goat.

Yeah, so the goal is that bythe time tortilla's ready, the goat has been unearthedand the cover is off.

The salsas will be coming down, Paco's handling the salsas, and I'll run down for the tortilla, we'll grab a handful, here come, we'll grab a handful of the goat, load it up with salsa andimmediately into the mouth.

(lively music) Oh yeah.

– [Man] Still pretty hot.

– [Mark] That's pretty hot, those are all mague leaves? – [Man] Mague leaves on the top, yeah.

– Okay, so yeah.

That smells incredible, okay.

So next step, I thinkrun up for the tortilla.

Okay, I'm giving the camera to Joel.

Yeah? – [Joel] Oh in your hand, it's gonna come.

(lively music) – Ready?- [Jeffrey] Go.

– Go.

Tortilla is in hand.

– It's hot.

Tortilla's really hot.

(lively music) – Okay.

– [Joel] Are we gonna give Jeffrey a mic? – Hand you my.

Dig down.

Okay, Joel, comes close up.

Oh yeah that's hot.

Oh that smells incredible.

Look at those juices.

Oh there's banana leaves too? And herbs? And the banana leaves too? Or is that like a different type of leaf? – [Sandra] Avocado.

– [Man] Jeff is hooked.

– Oh! You got the rib.

You got the rib! – Oh that's hot.

– You got the rib.

– Okay.

Oh, Jeffrey can I give you a rib taco? – Oh it's pretty hot, huh? Maybe it's too hot.

– Or do we need another piece? – [Woman] Yes.

(laughs) Yeah, open it more.

– [Joel] That's a deep pit.

– Yeah that's a deep pit.

Let's see this one.

(laughs) That's the same piece.

– No, it's a different one.

– Oh it's dripping.

Brother, you got it.

Wait, oh here's the, ohthis is the piece we need.

This is the piece we need.

– This one's ready.

– Oh.

– Got a bone sticking out of this one.

– Oh look at this, look at this though.

I think in need to.

– Here, first try this one.

– [Mark] Wait.



– [Joel] There it is.

– Okay.

– Is it hot? – Okay, tortilla.

Okay, Joel come.

(upbeat music) – [Joel] I'm good with it.

– Okay.

(upbeat music) Joel.

It's so hot, it's so tender.

(upbeat music) Okay.

Now salsa.

Salsa time.

Got the original, okay.

– Yeah the original.

– Joel, come close for the salsa action.

– Got a bone in my mouth.

– Okay and cheers.

– Perfect taco.

(upbeat music) – Wow.

– [Sandra] Direct from the pit.

– And then with borracha.

– Mmm.

Just the freshness.

(Sandra laughs) I took way too big of a bite.

(all laugh) I think that was successful.

Incredibly successful.


– It's unbelievable.

– The flavor, the like, herb marinade.

The herbs in the meat, the tortilla yeah, and the borracha salsa.

Simple, perfect.



– And we have enough for 500 of them.

So we can go nuts all afternoon.

(Mark laughs) – Okay.

– That's a wrap.

– That's a wrap.

Thank you everyone for making this happen.

(all applaud) – So awesome.

– It is indeed a great taco.

– [Woman] That's a great taco.

– Dirt on there.

Dirt on the base of the hand, food on the tip of the fingers.

– Wounded, burnt, dirty, happy.

Wounded, burnt, dirty, happy.

(laughs) (grunts) (lively music) – [Man] Where we going with this.

– I don't know, it goesright to the start.

(Mark laughs) – [Mark] We can go back tobeing normal human beings now.

And eat the tacos in areasonable, reasonable fashion.

– On the table, with napkins.

– Oh that was so much fun.

(lively music) So I'm pretty thirsty forsome of that consomme.

The drippings of the goat.

On the bottom there looks like there's some carrots in there, maybe some, oh there's even garbanzo beans and also some pieces of the goat, but really it's so about that drippings, all the fat that goes down.

(laughs) Oh yeah.

Drink from the chalice.

– Goat chalice? – It's like, oh and the chili.

– Oh, come on.

– It's like straight liquid goat.

– Gringo get in on this.

– Oh goodness.

– Goat chalice.

– [Mark] Goat chalice.

– Oh.

– Beautiful.

– [Mark] It's unbelievable.

It's so good.

– Wow.

– Wow.

– Wow.

– Best consomme I've ever had.

– Wow.

– Mm, oh my goodness.

It just keeps going.

– Wow, that's amazing.

– [Sandra] It's like a big sausage, yes.

– That's a big sausage right there.

– We're just ready to now assemble tacos, yeah, in a more laid back manner.

– More civilized.

– More civilized manner.

(upbeat music) – Mr.


– Thank you.

Which is a popular breweryin Temecula, California.

Oh, and that is delicious.

(upbeat music) – Amazing.

(upbeat music) – Paco is assembling me a taco now.

He really knows his wayaround the goat and first.

Salsa borracha? – [Paco] Salsa borracha.

I make it hot for you, spicy.

– [Mark] Thank you.

– Please enjoy.

– Gracias, Paco.

This is a very much morerelaxed way to eat a taco then the first taco that we had, but Paco assembled it for me perfectly.

Perfectly cooked, perfectly fresh, the salsas are just beautiful, and of course that chivo, that goat, straight out of the pibil.


Oh the freshness, the tendernessof that chivo, that goat.

Mmm and that combination ofsalsa, the borracha salsa and the red salsa, withthe almost fruity chilis and the green salsa, theonions, the cilantro, and I think Jeffrey hassomething over here.

– In search of the perfect bone.

(Mark laughs) Look at the seasoning in that bone.

– [Mark] Yeah, it's veryherbaceous, it's very herbaceous.

– If you bite into that, you might faint, so be careful.

– In search of the perfect bone.

Oh these are ribs.

Oh these are ribs.


(laughs) That's the perfect bone.

– Oh look at all the seasoning.

– You gotta try that.

– All right.

(Mark laughs) – Oh wow.

– God the meat.

– The rosemary.

The like almost gummy, fatty texture to it.


The tortillas are incredible too.

That's an essential part ofa taco, you need a tortilla.

In search of some head meat.

All of the parts, look how cool it is.

All of the parts of theanimal are inside this.

The internal organs, also waiting.

– I'm excited to try that.

– [Mark] Oh and there's even.

– [Jeffrey] The stomach.

– [Mark] See there's evenherb ingredients inside.

Oh, that's grass, that's awesome.

– That's straight up the grass.

– [Mark] The tongue.

Wow, that's still hot.

Even like 30 minutes later.

– [Sandra] No corn in this.

Tamale means somethingrapid in Nahuatl language.

Tamale, so we name it tamales later.

Because it's hard for the Spaniards to pronounce some of the Nahuatl language so they are like, “Okay, tamale is so far tamales.

” And this something rapid, sothat one is a big tamale there.

– Next up I'm gonna trythe tamale, a fish tamale, which is a wrap, andthere's not masa, no corn, and actually tamale, shewas explaining to us, Sandra was explaining to us that it doesn't need to have corn.

It just means like a wrap.

And so this one is made with fish, you can see some vegetables in there, you can see some a variety of peppers, and they grilled it over the fire.

Fish, oh, with the salsas, it just looks incredible.

And that just like flakes up there.



Wow like the softness ofit, the smokiness of it, and the crunch of the peppers, mmm.

And then with that salsathat is just award winning, oh what a combination, what a like healthy, refreshing tamale packetwrapped in a corn husk with fish juices.

(upbeat music) We've come to the end of the perfect taco on the perfect day, and the perfect scenery.

– Ranch above the hills of San Diego.

Lush, beautiful.

Jason the goat, hesacrificed for a good cause.

(Mark laughs) – And successful? – It was perfect.

– Yes, it was perfect.

It was perfect and fun and funny.

– Mostly fun.

(both laugh) – And again, although we, I think it was possibly longer than two minutes, it still was the fastest taco that I've ever assembledmyself and taken a bite of, and I'm guessing, yeah, yeah, confirmed it's the taco I've ever reached, I've ever dove into a pit.

– Head first.

– Head first into a pit.

– I thought you weren't coming out.

(both laugh) Just your feet sticking out of the pit.

– But anyway, that wasextraordinarily fun, and a big shoutout, a hugethank you to Rancho Sabor, and their cuisina.

– Doug and Sandra, incredible.

– Thanks to them for puttingthis on for hosting us.

– Awesome.

– Awesome.

And to Jeffrey Merrihue, go follow him on Instagram.

– Thank you, Mark.

– He's the man, thank you Jeffrey.

We've had a lot of foodadventures together.

– And more to come.

– And this was a memorywe'll never forget.

(both laugh) – The perfect taco.

– The perfect taco.

– Love you guys.

– [Mark] And I want to say a big thank you to you for watching.

Please to remember to givethis video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, link and comment below, I'd love to hear from you.


(gobble) I almost got my words tangled up like a gobble of aturkey in the background, and okay, thanks again for watching, see you no the next video.


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