Chicago’s Best Outdoor Dining: Berger Station

(funky base music) – Stephanie, I lovehow you're teasing me by sitting out on that gorgeoussun-drenched patio of yours at Berger Station.

What led you guys towant to open up a burger and a craft beer establishment.

– We were looking forsomething going to be fun for people torelax, watch sports and just kind of come together over this passionfor food and beer.

We've got about 10 differentoptions for handcrafted burgers on our menu, along withthe build-your-own burger.

We get our meat froma local butcher shop, at Jack and Pat's downthe street from us.

We use theirporterhouse patties.

– You guys are sourcing local and that's reflected tooin your craft beer scene.

– So we have 20different beers on draft and then we carry over50 different craft beers in cans and bottles.

We try to stick withmostly local source.

– Clearly right now, with everything going and people, looking foroutdoor dining options and you guys have that.

– Having outdoor dininghas been really big for us.

We did not have outdoor diningbefore everything happened and then we were allowed toreopen with outdoor dining only.

To be honest, it made thedifference on our business being able tosucceed and make it.

– You attribute the patio setup, the village granted you as the difference betweenyou guys surviving and potentially havinga really tough time during the pandemic.

– We do.

It's just been areally neat opportunity to be able to have customerssit out here with us and to build comfortabledining with us.

– And on top of everything, it's just a kick-assspace, right? – It really is.

– You guys have some crazy, fun, different, wild burgers going on as wellas your classics.

What do you think'sthe perfect burger as a representation of whatBerger Station is all about? – Probably theSpanish Revolution.

– So Ivan, Stephanietells me that you are the creative scientistbehind these awesome burgers.

– Being creativewith the toppings iswhat makes it unique? The Spanish Revolutionfocused mostly on the chorizo.

My grandma's recipe, she would cook it for me when I was young and I wanted to incorporatesome of that feeling into the burger.

So we'll start with our Jackand Pat's fresh burgers, we get it locally sourced.

– You guys use use aporterhouse cut in this? – Yes, it gives youthat high end taste but still keepingit local, fresh.

So I start with a heavydose of seasoning.

Let me get thatchorizo going for you.

When I told my grandma thatI was gonna do the recipe, she was like, “Make sure youdo it, like I taught you, ingredient by ingredient.

” – Has she been into tastewhether your chorizo goes up to her standards? – Yes.

She told me it's notlike hers, obviously, she's not going totell me it's perfect.

I was like, you know what, “I'm not gonna tell you, you taught it to me.

I'm just gonna tellher it's mine.

” – We've got a little in-familyfight happening right now over the legitimacyof the chorizo.

– No, she told me, you know, “If that happens, Iwill come and hunt you so make sure you always tellthem I showed you the recipe.

” Then after that wewrap our pretzel bun which we get it from alocal bakery as well, it's Honey ButterCrumb We're all supportingeach other, buying local.

– I love what you guys aredoing to support local.

– We have the pepperjack cheese melted, then we go aheadand add our chorizo and then we at our house made, pickle jalapeno, nice avocado and then we do our Cajunranch from scratch.

– Beautiful.

– Once more to grandmothers! – Cheers.

– Guys, this is not just an excuse for meto drink some Noon Whistle.

To the grandmothers out there! – Cheers, cheers.

(rock music) – Without further ado, Iwould like to jump into this, this burger with you.

Look at that.

Clink! The first thing I love is that patty that'smade out of porterhouse.

That's got a greatkick ass flavor to it.

– Just the amount of flavors that you get from thefirst initial bite, the spiciness fromthe Cajun ranch, the pickle jalapeno the house made chorizo.

– If Ivan'sgrandmother is saying that this ourrecipe that he makes based off of her recipe, isn't as good as hers, I need to have her address because that's chorizoon top of that, that powerful, beefy, punchy patty is insane.

It's an incredible combination.

– On top of the porterhousepatty with the pretzel bun, you can't beat that.

– I seriously thinkthat this burger should make Chicago Ridge agourmet burger destination.

– We're ready to serve 'em.

I salute you, longlive Berger Station.

– Cheers.

– And by the way, can you tell Ivan that his grandmother canexpect me to stay over for the next coupleof couple of weeks? Is that cool?- Absolutely.

Will do.

(rock music) (logo whooshing).

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