Chewy Crunchy Food vs. Crunchy Chewy Food Taste Test

our chewy food is crunchy better than crunchy foods chewy let's talk about that good mythical morning last call y'all the final leg of our tour is happening now it's a musical comedy tour we're gonna be in Albuquerque Phoenix Sacramento and Valley Center California in the coming days and we want to see you there so get your tickets at rhettandlink.

com/store and sweet food spicy as it turns out the possibilities really are endless until the possibilities end but that ain't gonna happen today because we've got a swip swapping show stop it flippity-flop in brand new food switcheroo crunchy and chewy foods it's time for chewy foods crunchy versus crunchy foods chewy with what we like it which will make a spill a few weeks ago we posted a series of chewy food crunchy versus crunchy food chewy matchups and you voted on those deciding which one you thought we would like better now if you want to take part in that kind of thing you've got to follow us on instagram now we're going to find out if you were right and the prize at stake is for you yeah you're gonna get a point for each round the majority of you guessed correctly predicted what we're gonna prefer correctly if you get three or more points we're gonna give you an appreciation haiku in good mythical more and if you don't get three right we're gonna post a photo of us holding a loser potato on our Instagram and every one of you must come up with a sad face emoji on that photo identifying yourself as the loser potato that you are okay now let's get you in and crunches okay we're kicking things off with the most quintessential chewy and crunchy things we could think of gum and Cheetos look at those Cheetos let's save these for a second cuz I can't imagine what a chewy cheeto is gonna be like like crunchy gum you're not gonna have to imagine in a second link let's go with this so so there's Wrigley's rapping is that Wrigley's jars is that reckless zest comes in the game I'm gonna just put it in my mouth like I would a stick of gum which I just usually just take the whole thing oh my goodness my mind is confused because my body is telling me to swallow but my mind go telling me no no don't you dare oh you can't do it anymore try because of rights issues that's right mm-hmm um it's kind of like eating a peppermint candy it's okay if I eat it cuz I am eating it yeah do what you want um you still gum though yep it's the whole stick yeah it it eventually becomes chewy oh gosh yeah it still turns into gum which is not a complete I quite like that yeah it is pleasant it's like eating fossilized um I don't know if that was ever until right now but I quite like it let's have to eat Cheetos okay oh my gosh they're so long what just like a gummy worm ish what we do is we we blended the Cheetos and then we pounded it with a lit of rice flour essentially to make a cheeto mochi and then we covered that in cheddar cheese dust um it really tastes exactly like a Cheeto scarily like one well sure and I like gummy things hmmm just a gummy cheeto it's really messing with my brain my taste buds like it but my mind [Laughter] um can you joke about not being able to joke about something because I think that's what just happened I think that that's okay that's okay yeah oh that's not okay sorry not okay but when you said mochi that actually gives me a filter through which to enjoy this even more the my Qi filter because when you say gummy that implies like candy but mochi can go savory right where your mouth so we need to choose I'm having a very difficult time I don't think it's ever been this unclear for me yeah I got to think that I this is a little off-putting it was surprising there's not really anything off-putting about crunchy gum I think this is surprising it's innovative it tastes amazing and I like mushy things this ultimately it does eventually just become gum this is an entirely new thing that is completely enjoying ok if you feel that strongly about it I do not feel that strongly I like them both we can go with Cheetos but it makes it difficult let's see what the mythical beasts had to say about this the mythical beasts were also pretty split but 54% of them thought that you'd like crunchy gum guys hmmm I know it really came down to the wire and it's on me but you were wrong all right we're taking a little trip to the mall food court and we're gonna gnaw on a crunchy Cinnabon roll and a new item at the food court Taco Bell the chew wraps supreme no is this in a plastic bag I have to remove all this or is that the item this is a wrap of all items that is try to pick it up oh no is it okay to eat yeah have fun you know how you'll see pictures of deep-sea creatures like laying flaccid on a beach like a slob fish yeah it's like oh well you know it's actually beautiful when it's way down there but then when it's Oh everybody really good for it right oh gosh look at that cross-section let me get any other end oh wow you know what some people here can't crunch anymore you told my toothless people Taco Bell for toothless people line up the toothless menu I got a chipmunk nuts because it's nasty hold on the first 90% was unpleasant what's that swallowed it was just like I think I just talked about it makes it easier to swallow if I were willing to do that you've gel capped a freaking taco it's actually Vietnamese rice paper rolls oh look at this yeah suck it I guess a soggy spring roll look at this thing it's Laird Laird Hamilton now we're doing this again it's just when is when it's difficult to yeah yeah this will be good this would be good just ah ah it's my heart is it on the toothless menu this is all the tooth menu Cinnabon tooth menu ah yeah yet a break an incisor you've gotta watch yourself it's basically a cinnamon crouton so tad dry once it rehydrates it's 800 is nice its pleasant it's actually more like cookie like yeah there's no way we're doing this right I do recommend this for you know a certain crowd but I do think we prefer the crispy crunchy cinnamon roll all right people what do you think 76% of mythical beasts thought they'd like the crunchy Cinnabon better yes they did that's so obvious why do we even do it onto the most important meal of the day breakfast which we like better crunchy pancakes our good old captain – crunchy pancake hey hey hey hey what what you doing this is my thing sorry yeah yeah you gotta have something good man right there okay here's a spoon mix it in oh my god Italy it looks like mac and cheese you know that's what I would think it was dinky and thinking so sad sad morning I saw that bad now we're done taste you have specifically I have heard you specifically complain about Captain Crunch hurting the roof of your mouth did that hurt the roof of your mouth we know Brett you're right it is safe it's the safest Cap'n Crunch experience I've ever had but it's just okay it's not great crunchy pancakes ha oh my gosh so is that butter yeah it's actually butter that's been dehydrated in Malta dextran and then that's actually maple syrup that has just been reduced down to it's hard candy form whoo I like that stuff the Canadians just heat it straight oh yeah they do a lot of stuff up there yeah but they're nice about it so they get away with it did you mean to make this syrup looked like the eastern seaboard yes I can see the Chesapeake little Florida down there okay I'm gonna put my dehydrated butter bag on there now I think it again I don't want to break a tooth Oh oh wow you're just something about crunchy stuff to immediately just make it candy you know I'm saying yeah like a stroopwafel mm-hmm like you can have it like a crunchy stroopwafel this isn't a stroopwafel family it's like an American version of it I bet you this thing can go quite a distance to you got to pull that off first I'm gonna go a distance to that I'm gonna be heavier maybe yeah there's there's something fun there's something fun to this this am I losing ear Oh what did I have microphone I hate a microphone hopefully it was on so we're voting for the pancakes because it's just it's just plain folks good this could work a little bit of danger goes a long way yeah you might cut yourself but I think it's much better than this boring stuff why don't we 69 percent of mythical beasts thought that you'd like crunchy pancakes better yep you guys are back on track yeah you are two out of three might win a prize and finally we have some crunchy shrimp cocktail with crunchy cocktail sauce versus one of the crunchiest fruits ever vegetables ever celery in a chewy form I don't even know where to start on this this is weird it's the green goo so that is actually celery flavored gummy that we've encased the celery in to give it that chewiness okay you want to start here sure it looks a little more straightforward it looks like a dead green bean and then how did you get it to be chewy you just so we parked it and then we dehydrated it to kind of draw some that moisture out but keep the fibers miss you're dripping do you like celery without peanut butter on it and some dipping it in something oh gosh I don't quite like this there's a little sweet yeah a little bit um but then it's mostly just celery II it actually takes the celery edge off a teeny bit you think it's so he's got a lot of edge yeah celery is one of the edgiest fruits oh my goodness you know what it could be worse cuz as a person who doesn't like to taste the celery when you say it's better than regular celery are you doing yeah see there you go we made it better it feels like a candy in like Tokyo or song I just wanted to hear it today and this is dried shrimps so it's actually been a fried and then dried and then refried variety trying to do refried onions that today thank you they're meant to be eaten whole because it's all crunchy you might as well eat the tail exactly how do you oh then you're gonna want to mix the pop rocks into the cocktail sauce for us with the what scraps whoa there you go look at that you hear that it's an experience yeah that wow this is something that did you know that was gonna happen no he said you needed to mix it oh I like my food talks back to me and I feel like I might be dealing with this for a while yeah like tonight like you know still be in your mouth you something in the throat yeah like a Shep chard boy I'll tell you Josh this is a cup full of fun but it's a mouth full of nasty yeah you know your grip once you try to eat it I'm not gonna vote for this what do you say sailor I'm sailed mini a mini a sea but I'm pulling into a celery Harbor yeah all right guys do you get to haiku for the loser potato 78% of mythical beasts thought that you'd like the crunchy shrimp cocktail this is a fun fun little outing go to our Instagram where you can see yourself and you're represented as a loser potato that makes sense comment on that you deserve it great job guys thank you for liking commenting and subscribing you know what time it is hi my name is Jo I'm from your cousin Mexico and this is my first time eating cinnamon toast crunch and it's them spin the wheel of mythicality hey hey it's like you were right that's good I'm glad we were here for such a monumental occasion click the top link to watch us figure out which chip has the most satisfying crunch and good mythical more and if I don't wear the ribbon at the gala Dee's gonna land why complicate things just head to mythical dot-com and buy the mythical minimalist set.

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