Best Possible Scenario for Bitcoin: Trump Has COVID-19

donald trump has the coronavirus it's official along with the first lady melania the presidential power couple have contracted coven 19.

goodbye monetization but this is an important story because it will have a huge reverberating effect on the stock market the presidential race and bitcoin could donald trump getting coveted make bitcoin moon it's certainly in the realm of possibility as crazy as it sounds let's get it welcome to bible crypto my name is ben every day i show you how to make money in crypto today we're going to be discussing the recent diagnosis of donald trump and its effect on the markets we will also be taking a look at a huge story in crypto as bitmex ceo arthur hayes may be going to prison for five years then we're gonna wrap it up by looking at a story about cardano i'll just say this there's a super sexy lady of your dreams or maybe your nightmares who's dumped ethereum and is now eyeing ada then our friend and fellow youtuber cryptowindio will join us to check out some technical analysis on cardano but first i'm going to be telling you about how donald trump getting the coronavirus may be a good thing for the economy and the markets and in turn bitcoin and no i don't mean i'm excited he might die for those of you guys thinking i'm some kind of hippie lib any of you guys that think that must not actually watch the channel but the funniest thing to me honestly when i do political videos i've seen it time after time is somehow biden supporters and trump supporters think i'm coming at their guy i get so many hate comments on these videos guys i'm being neutral fair to both and willing to point out flaws in both as well this is not a political channel so i try to keep my personal opinions to the side so i guess i've done a pretty good job if everyone hates me maybe that's what i did in school too but the biggest issue right now obviously is that donald trump has contracted the coronavirus think of the irony of the mass discussion that occurred during the debate the other night i don't wear mess like him every time you see him he's got a mask he could be speaking 200 feet away from it he shows up with the biggest mask i've ever seen the irony of this conversation is not lost on anyone however the fact is we do not know the effectiveness of masks to prevent coronaviruses in spite of what the greeter at walmart may or may not accuse you of even the cdc the center for disease control published a paper saying although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks evidence from 14 randomized control trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory confirmed influenza well of course this is talking about the flu it does apply to the coronavirus because they're obviously both viral respiratory infections are spread the same way and even more irony i heard several conservative people i know predicting that joe biden would actually use the tactic of faking a coronavirus infection in order to win sympathy and avoid the debates i heard so many people telling me this over the last few weeks then we get this news only three days after the debate that everyone agrees was terrible for both sides conservatives believed biden would fake the coronavirus because it would help him win so now that trump actually has the coronavirus will this help or hurt his chances to be re-elected that is the biggest question and i've been playing about this based on a lot of reading i've done and once again this is not political but a trump win would be better for bitcoin in the short term and obviously the markets would prefer this but the markets also are anticipating a biden win according to many financial analysts so there are three possible outcomes from mr trump and i believe all three are positive in a way for trump or the republicans or that side of the aisle scenario number one is he gets it his symptoms are minimal and he comes out being able to reiterate to his base that it is no big deal he looks like a winner scenario number two is that he gets it very rough and ends up on a ventilator but pulls through then he is able to suddenly reverse course on his opinion on covet he can then say he now understands how serious it is and will treat it as such then he's able to pull independents and undecided voters closer to him scenario number three and listen guys this is dark but it has to be said if god forbid he were to die from the virus by far the most unlikely scenario he's got the best health care in the world then suddenly all of the never trumpers as they call them would immediately vote for pence and what's more in that doomsday situation for the country and his family pence would be able to pick a woman or a diverse candidate for his vice president which in my opinion would basically lock up a republican win all three scenarios result in a benefit to the markets in my opinion so this is the biggest story we've probably seen since the actual beginning of the virus outbreak it's pretty unbelievable really but what do you think do you believe that this situation is positive or negative for donald trump or the republican party or the markets let me know down below in the comments section but one reason i believe that all the scenarios could be positive for the markets is that they have not reacted very dramatically to this news it has not stirred up any fear if this were viewed as negative then the markets would have plummeted the fear is a biden win so we did not see a major sell-off that's the fear for the markets as mentioned earlier though the markets have also been hedging their bets against the biden win anticipating it but they obviously would certainly welcome a trump win so not sure what the markets would think about a possible pence presidency though but one thing that did get the markets all riled up was the news that broke yesterday that the cftc investigation had concluded against bit mix and i'll say this the results were not good for anyone involved with that exchange according to the commodities futures trading commission website the cftc is now charged the bitmex owners with illegally operating a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform and anti-money laundering violations i don't see any way the bit max does not get shut down at this point i mean how could they not but give me one second guys this segment was brought to you by buy bit an alternative leveraged trading site to bitmex by bit is known for its 100x leverage and lack of cftc ongoing investigations you can get up to one hundred dollars when you deposit on buybit by visiting buybit.


live i have no conscience but what's even crazier is that there have also been criminal charges filed against founder arthur hayes and the three co-owners of the site one of which has already been arrested in the state of massachusetts they've all been indicted in manhattan and they are each facing up to five years in prison and before you say something like oh these white collar guys always get slaps on their wrists that's for bankers not for people in cryptocurrency expect the book to be thrown at arthur i'm sure the author didn't mean for the book to get thrown at arthur many people have been very frightened by this news we saw a huge bitcoin sell-off but other people are excited about it because they hate the king of leveraged trading shields mr hayes but i was told a long time ago by the ceo of a huge exchange in crypto that the reason bit mex would go down is because it was ran by americans i mean think about it pretty hard to file criminal charges in america against chinese citizens living in china so think about that lastly let's check out that hottie with a mechanical body sofia the robot the ai firm behind sofia the ai robot singularity net has actually dropped ethereum and is now possibly moving over from the ethereum blockchain to rival cardano's blockchain the ceo ben gertzel believes that cardano could possibly be better for some things they need the ai to do he said if the cardano portion works much better then everything should migrate there if it turns out the ethereum portion is more useful for some purposes cardano portion is useful for some purposes then so be it right pretty crazy though if tech companies feel more comfortable with cardano than ethereum something to watch out for but let's check in with friend cryptowindio to look at some technical analysis on ada hey wendy it's great to see you as always i know the markets are in a slump right now but hopefully you can tell us something bullish about cardano what's going on with it thank you for having me back bitboy and shout out to the bit squad now we're going to go ahead and take a look at another potential moonshot with the one and only cardona aka ada so you guys as most of you know that bitcoin is currently going sideways there's a lot of consolidation there's a lot of volatility and that's impacting alt negatively we're seeing a lot of ultimate sideways and even dump however this always proposes a great opportunity to make money and with cardano in particular we're seeing a potential swing trade for about 40 to 104 percent let's go ahead and take a look at the chart so we're hitting some heavy resistance here at about 10 cents where the ema 50 and the ema 100 meet essentially pushing price down we've had multiple attempts to break but we haven't been there yet we haven't been able to achieve that macd is also looking strong however if you take a closer look and you look at the four hour we're going to start to see some bending there which is going to indicate that price is going to continue to head down right now we're balancing on the ema9 and the ema 21 and i'm feeling like we are going to break and essentially head down to the ema 200 which is this pink line here at about nine cents if we break the ema 200 that could be really really ugly however if we do break the ema 100 we'll get down to about seven cents which actually gives you guys a even better entry one of the things that i'm noticing is there's a lot of heavy support at about seven cents and there's a pretty heavy support here at the ema 200 so if you were able to get in at about nine cents and write it all the way up to our first target at about 12 cents that is a 40 game if you get in at eight about eight nine cents and you're able to ride that up to our second target to about 15 cents that's a 70 gain and if the ema 200 breaks and we fall to about seven cents and you're able to catch that knife you can write it all the way up to about a hundred and four percent so overall macro wise long term again this trade is going to take a while to play out ada should continue to do well if we hold the support at about seven cents good luck and practice risk management thanks as always wendy for joining the channel you guys make sure to go follow her for daily ta and crypto news that's all i got be blessed big boy out so you.

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