after another incredibly thrilling week in the stock market as the stock market continues to go up unexpectedly in this article the stock market is being compared to la la land the stock market is insanely disconnected and due for a reckoning warren buffett buff worn but no matter what the stock market is doing there's always going to be opportunity in the stock market to trade accordingly and therefore make money so here we are again with another top penny stocks video and i think i'm going to start doing these videos once or twice a week because you guys seem to really enjoy them and the problem with these videos now i'm going to be brutally honest with you because i want to keep this channel transparent is that it's really hard to find a lot of penny stocks to trade each week that provide actual good setups but i'm going to try to do it and leave it to about three to four penny stocks per video twice a week let me know what you guys think about that down below in the comments and we always need to remember that penny stocks is one of the most risky ways that you can invest in the stock market there's a reason why they call them penny stocks is because they have incredibly low market caps which means that the volume shifts in the stock are going to cause the stock price to do very crazy things and this can apply to an increase in the stock price and a decrease in the stock price it can be traded both ways and therefore we need to trade accordingly and trade safely and trade with intent and know what we are doing when it comes to trading these penny stocks if you buy into a penny stock based on this youtube video or based on any market title that there is out there you have no idea what you're doing you're making a mistake you need to invest with intent and know why you are investing in something and that leads me to the next part and that's it the absolute best investment that you can make right now is in the like button so if you just go ahead and annihilate the like button helps me out a ton right next to the like button is the subscribe button go ahead and hit that as well and as always just remember i'm not a financial advisor this is just my very narrow-minded opinion about this topic the last thing is there's a link down below in the description to weeble if you want to get two free stocks you can go ahead and click that link to weeble go to their website it'll take you there and sign up for weeble and you can get two free stocks just for signing up for weeble anyways normally at this point the video i would recap the stocks that i called out in the last video but in my video that i uploaded yesterday about the top three stock picks actually recalled all the penny stocks that i called out in the previous week and what they actually did so if you want to see how the penny stocks did that i called out in my video this week then go ahead and watch my video from yesterday because i go over exactly what those penny stocks actually ended up doing anyways let's get into these top penny stock picks the first stock is going to be rmed now armed crashed with the overall market back in the beginning of february now the overall market actually crashed the end of february but armed decided that it was going to go ahead and crash a little bit early and throw people off and that's exactly what it did so it crashed from about a high of around 2.

68 cents all the way down to a low of 0.

34 so 34 cents at the end of may and since then it has been consolidating quite a bit so armed is a commercial stage medical device company leveraging its advanced excimer laser-based performance for use in the treatment of vascular i don't really know i'm not a doctor but they're a medical company and this is basically what they do now the news that's interesting here is this our med is actually about to be delisted from the new york stock exchange because their stock did not trade for over one dollar for a consecutive trading period of 30 days and so when there's a penny stock that doesn't have a closing price of over one dollar on the stock market and doesn't close at over one dollar in stock market the sec basically tells them that they have a certain amount of time to get their share price up and for that stock to actually go up and close at over a dollar for a 30-day period of time so that being said there's a lot of upwards potential on our med on the fact that it actually has to trade for over a dollar by a certain date and the reason for that is because it has to trade over a dollar so there's a lot of pressure on this stock right now to actually make a big jump and increase up to one dollar and there's going to be a lot of hype and there's gonna be a lot of advertising for this specific stock in order for it to actually hit that price of one dollar but what do the analysts think well the analysts tend to agree with me on this one and that's it they're actually giving it a low of one dollar over the next 12 months which would be a 68 increase a median of 152 which would be a dollar and 50 increase and then we have a high of 236 percent over the next 12 months the next stock is going to be bimi or bimi which has been trading very volatilely in the last couple days i think that's a word but anyways this stock has been trading like a little baby kangaroo jumping all over the place having jumps of 30 intraday in quite a few spots now bimi recently announced that they have secured convertible notes and warrants now what this basically means is that they gave out notes that can be turned into shares okay so this stock and this company gave out notes to their senior investors or to their seniors whoever they wanted to basically and they said that these notes can be converted to shares but the stock has not been gaining a lot of attention recently because there hasn't been any institutional ownership in the stock and institutional ownership is basically when a larger company like a larger brokerage like fidelity or vanguard there's tons of them out there thousands of them takes a position in a stock and therefore people see that they're taking a position in stock so they follow in their footsteps and so when there's not a lot of institutions investing in a stock that means there's not a lot of hype around the stock there's not a lot of attention around the stock so it's more likely to shift in volume that being said though there are a few good things about bimi right now bimi is down over 70 percent from their highs back in 2019 so they are on sale massively right now now i don't know a lot about this company in particular but generally when a penny stock drops around 70 over a short amount of time there is a lot of upside potential for that stock if it gains any attention in the market so this is definitely one to be watching right now when it comes to upside potential now i'm not saying that this is one that is right now at this very second we need to invest in bimmy but over the next couple of weeks over the next couple months any news about bimi could drastically increase its price but what did the analysts say so the analysts there's actually only one analyst that actually looks at this stock but they give them a median estimate of around 332 percent increase over the next 12 months the next stock is going to be usws now usws spiked over 100 in the beginning of june and then drastically sold off and then continued to sell off some more and so this stock has been under pressure by the market a lot recently because their earnings have just been absolutely horrible so therefore they've had big sell-offs in the beginning of the year but the recent spike in the stock is a little unknown we don't really know why it jumped over 100 but what that does mean is that it's going to be gaining market attention because of this big recent jump in the stock price also we know that usws is one of the leaders in their industry which is the oil industry so if they are actually able to get past what they are doing right now and get past these bad earnings and get past these horrible earnings per share and create a little bit of attention around the stock there could be upside potential considering that they are down so much right now and this is another good example about how when a penny stock consolidates for a long amount of time with very little price action there's going to be something that's going to happen that's going to be drastic and that is exactly what we saw with this stock this stock traded for around 43 cents for over two months until it saw price action where it ran up over 100 so when it comes to looking at penny stocks like this this is definitely something to be aware of and we also saw that with this one the beginning of april it went from 24 cents all the way up to over two dollars so we know that this stock has a lot of volatility upon news and upon attention in the media so it's definitely one to be kept on the watch list right now and the price target for this one from the analyst is not great okay they're giving it a low of 30 cents they're giving a median of 50 cents and a high of 88 percent up which would be around one dollar now the next stock's gonna be urban one which is not a penny stock right now but it was a penny stock less than two weeks ago right now it's actually currently trading for around 33 dollars and it hit a high of 54 on june 19th and what we know about urban outfitters is that it's been gaining a lot of media attention right now and what we know about urban outfitters is that it's up over eighteen hundred percent right now which would mean that if you were to invest one dollar you would have gotten 18 back out of this stock and so with all the protests in the us right now there's been a lot of pressure on shopping at black culture based media companies which would be like urban outfitters because they're a black culture-focused media company and so that's why they've been running up so much recently and i think and this is just based on speculation that as long as these protests continue and as long as there's this pressure to shop at stores like this that urban outfitters might be seeing a lot more upside past eighteen hundred percent we could see them go to three thousand percent we could continue to see them go up and so the way that i would personally trade this one if i do decide to trade it is i'd either just long the stock in hopes that it would go up based on the protest that are the stimulus and catalyst for growth for this one or i'd wait to see signs of a huge sell-off which there isn't really signs of a sell-off right now at all there's actually signs of upward potential and upward pressure on the stock still but if i do see signs of a sell-off this might be a really really good stock to take a put position in and trade some options or to short the actual stock because if this stock drops a hundred percent and you short a stock that drops 100 you just made a lot of money so therefore i might be watching this one over the next couple weeks to see its price action see if it shifts see what's going on with the stock and there is no analyst prediction for this one which makes sense because this one is up over eighteen hundred percent okay so those are going to be four of the penny stocks i'm going to be watching this week and ones that i plan on trading possibly this week and over the next little bit of time if you guys did enjoy this video make sure you guys drop a like and make sure you subscribe now remember i get comments on every single video they're asking me when do i buy the stock when do i buy the stock when do i sell the stock if you are asking a question like that you should not be watching youtube videos you should be learning how to trade there are tons of platforms out there like td ameritrade that lets you trade paper money and paper money is basically fake money that you can go ahead and trade and practice your trading with you should not be automatically jumping into a stock based on a youtube video or based on an article or anything you need to know what you're doing invest with intent have a clear entry point and a clear exit point before you actually take a position in a stock because if you don't do that you're going to lose money because you're just going to be blind holding and therefore you have no idea when to buy in and when to sell out that being said i hope you guys did enjoy i'm not a financial advisor just remember that this is just my very narrow-minded opinion and there's a link down below in the description to weibo where you can claim two free stocks if that's something that you're interested in it's super great brokerage anyways i'll see you guys another video [Music] [Applause] [Music] peace [Music] yep.

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