BEST or WORST Luxury IT Bag Trends? Trending designer handbags and their rise and fall.

Hi guys, I'm Eileen.

Today I want totalk about the luxury handbags that were once a big hit but now we don't seethem as much anymore.

So these are the handbags every fashion blogger oryoutuber was recommending, so they might seem like the best investment pieces atone point but now it really feels like the trends are cooling down.

This is notsurprising because a lot of luxury handbags can do really well for a numberof years but not many of them will become a true classic like the Chanelclassic flaps for example.

Personally I don't think we should follow trendsblindly anyway but the rise and fall of a certain handbag trend can reallyaffect the resale values of your pieces so if you're interested in buying any ofthese handbags, I hope this video will help you decide if you should still goahead.

First of all let's talk about Gucci.

I feel like with Gucci, they arealways coming out with new designs sometimes it can feel a bit hard to keepup.

In fact if you go on their website there are so many handbags to choosefrom but the Gucci Marmont has been around for a few years and it feels likea Classic Collection for Gucci now.

I think generally the Gucci Marmont is anice design, I especially like the espadrilles and their bucket bags butI'm not really into the Gucci Marmont flap bags.

I think the Gucci Marmonet is unique in the sense that it has a more casual takeon flap bags, I mean most luxury flap bags are quite structured, so for examplethe Hermes Constance, the Louis Vuitton Twist and the Chanel classic flapswhereas the Gucci Marmont flap bag is quite soft and almost spongy so itcertainly has a more relaxed feel to it.

The lack of structure also means thisbag can fit quite a lot so it's certainly a very wearable and practicalhandbag and considering the price point is quite friendly comparedto other luxury handbags I can understand why the Gucci Marmont got so popular so quickly.

Personally I was a bit put off because the bigger sizeslike the size medium and the size large can look a bit saggy and almost wonky onsome pictures.

I might be a bit old school but I feel like a flap bag should have acertain silhouette and I just don't find the Gucci Marmont version very appealing and to top it off, the heart stitching on the back just looks a bit out of placeand it feels quite unnecessary.

I hope this doesn't offend anyone but I feellike the Gucci Marmont design is too contemporary to really stand the test oftime.

In fact, it really feels like the trend is going.

I mean when a newcollection is launched sometimes it can stick around for a number of years andeventually become a classic for example the Louis Vuitton Capucines but I don'tfeel like Gucci Marmont will do the same.

In fact it feels like even peoplewho raved about these handbags don't wear them as much anymore, but let meknow if you have the same feeling.

The next one is also a collection from Gucciwhich is the Dionysus.

When this collection first came out, it was a bighit.

I used to see so many unboxing videos and people will compare this bagto the Chanel classic flaps which really is a fair comparison because the GucciDionysus comes with an inside double flap as well.

In fact the size medium isquite comparable to a Chanel jumbo flap I've heard some really good reviewsabout the Gucci Dionysus, a lot of people say these bags are really wellmade and good value for money especially considering the Chanel classic flaps costa bomb now.

Apparently the Gucci Dionysus can feel quite heavy because of thehardware and the leather compartments on the inside.

Anyway I think Gucci has donea very good job on their monogram on these pieces because they don't looktacky or too loud.

The suede leather also really helps to soften the look of thesehandbags.

So I think this collection has a very lovely aesthetic with a touch ofvintage feel.

As a shoulder bag I think the size medium and the size small drop at a very good place which is just above the hip area but the chain for the sizemini looks a bit too long if you want to use the bag as a shoulder bag.

If I had topick one I would definitely go for the size small because it just looks like alovely size and the chain looks the right length.

Compared to the GucciMarmont I think the Gucci Dionysus feels betterquality and craftsmanship, but the Gucci Marmont looks like an easier bag to usebecause it is lighter and can fit quite a bit more.

Between the two collections Iwould say the Gucci Dionysus looks more classy and should make more of astatement piece.

At the moment the Gucci Dionysus is like a classic or thepermanent collection for Gucci but I feel my Gucci is still missing that onemasterpiece that truly defines or represent the brand.

So for exampleHermes has the Kelly and the Birkin, Louis Vuitton has the Neverfull and theSpeedy, and Chanel has Reissue and classic flaps but Gucci just feels abit all over the place.

Essentially I don't think the trends for both Gucci Marmont and Gucci Dionysus will last but this is just my personal opinion andI welcome any suggestions The next luxury handbags I want to talkabout are the Celine luggage totes.

When this collection was launched in 2010 itwas a huge success every celebrity was carrying one and itwas nearly impossible to find these bags in any colors or sizes, but now you canactually order one online so it just shows you how times have changed.

I previouslyhad a Celine Nano and I have to say the quality was amazing so Ihave no complaint about this collection.

I think Phoebe Philo has done a great jobduring her time at Celine, she really brought Celine back to life.

I stillthink the Celine luggage totes are beautifully designed and crafted butsadly this collection has lost its appeal for a lot of people.

Truthfully Idon't think these bags are that much in fashion anymorebut that doesn't mean they are not worth the money.

I think if you're really intoPhoebe's design and Celine's craftsmanship these bags can be reallygood value for money but just be aware if you change yourmind in the future the resale values will not be great.

Next let's talk aboutthe Givenchy Antigona bags.

These handbags probably don't need anyintroduction either.

When I first saw this bag I thought it look a bitmasculine, it just feels like a bag made for women who always have it alltogether and dress very fashionably.

It's hard to explain but it just feelslike there's a sense of empowerment to these handbags.

The silhouette of theAntigona looks very modern and stylish I've seen some amazing Instagrampictures where people style this bag with a leather jacket and a pair of over theknee boots and they just looked so chic.

Personally though I've never thought ofgetting these handbags because the shape looks quite structured and a bit bulkyso I've always wondered if the bag would feel like it's in the way especially becausethe shoulder straps for the size medium and the size large look quite short.

TheGivenchy Antigona has been around for nearly a decade sothey've done really well.

In fact if anyone mentions the brand Givenchy, theonly handbag that will cross my mind is the Antigona.

So I'm sure Givenchy will be keeping this collection for quite some time, although I am a bit worried they might not stay in fashion forever because thedesign is so modern and contemporary.

Another luxury handbagcollection that was really trending at one point, are the Prada Galleria Saffiano handbags.

These were like the bags to get back then because every fashionblogger seem to have one.

For me I've always thought this collectiondoesn't look very exciting because the shape looks a bit formal, almost like awork bag.

So I don't think it will be a very versatile handbag especiallybecause I wear very casual most days.

In terms of leathers, I usually quite liketextured leathers for example I really enjoy the Epsom leather from Hermes butI just find the Saffiano leather used on this collection a bit dull and almostplasticky.

Funny enough I actually really like the Prada Panier collectionwhich uses the same kind of leather, I think the Saffiano leather reallycomplements the shape of these handbags.

Anyway another thing that bothers me abit about the Prada Galleria is the monogram lining use on the inside.

Itjust doesn't feel or look luxurious.

I know Prada uses the same kind ofmaterial for their other classic handbags but I personally feel that'sroom for improvement.

Essentially I think the Prada Galleria is really losing itspopularity especially because at this price point, we now have so many otherbeautiful options to choose from and to be honest I'm quite surprised they arestill available.

There you have it, those are my thoughts about some of the luxuryhandbags that were really trendy at one point.

Essentially I think the trends forthese handbags are really winding down but as Coco Chanel said, fashion comes up goes, only style remains.

So if you absolutely love these handbags for whatthey are and you think they go with your personality and dressing styles then gofor it, but just be aware if you change your mind in the future you might losequite a bit of money so that's it for me I hope you'veenjoyed the video and don't forget to like, share and subscribe.

I will see youin my next one, have a nice day.


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