Best Kerala Restaurants (Part 3): Ezhuthani kada to Unniyappa Kada

Taste of pachadi is more prominent than the taste of sambar.

It is 4:30.

Shivan chettan's Mavinchuvadu thatttukada is ready.

Today we have a small shop in Kollam, for a short video.

Last time we came to Kollam for tasting Fayalwan biriyani.

Then my friends told me that there is another wonderful shop in Kollam.

It is specially good for mutton curry, they said.

Today we have come to that shop.

Good morning.

Hope you are all doing well.

Monsoons have started.

We will do a video about monsoon tastes later.

This is the 3rd video about the small restaurants of Kerala.

Shall we start? Do you remember our old tea shops? They will have blackened walls because of smoke.

It is not any dust or dirt, but smoke.

When we enter such kitchens, we can see puttu being cooked.

We will get to see parotta and curries too.

I am talking about the 62 year old shop, Sreedharettan's chayakkada in Kozhikode.

As I told you, this is a small shop.

We entered the kitchen after taking permission.

Here, cooking is all done in the traditional method using firewood.

Here we can see parotta making scenes.

This is done in the same manner which we used to have in old times.

There is an extension outside the small kitchen.

We can see prawns curry here.

We had puttu with fish curry and prawns.

It was wonderful to eat puttu with prawns curry.

As Able has to handle camera, we told them to give parotta after a while.

Otherwise, it will become cold.

Parotta has to be taken hot.

We have king fish curry with gravy.

I am going to keep the fish pieces for Able.

Let me add some gravy over the puttu.

I am taking one piece of the fish also with it.

After this, we will try prawns.

I am mixing this hot puttu with the fish curry gravy.

Just the gravy with puttu.

This does not have Malabar tamarind.

Sourness is from tomatoes.

Sourness of tomatoes is different.

This curry is not too spicy.

I am taking more gravy.

Taste of puttu becomes double with fish curry gravy.

It was a shop where we find love and happiness.

You might be thinking why I am not mentioning a thattukada among the small shops of Kerala.

I went to an awesome thattukada near Thrissur Kole wetlands.

It was called Mavinchuvadu (under the mango tree) thattukada.

The name itself was special.

There were many mango trees there.

There was a small stall in yellow color under those trees.

It is owned by Shivan chettan.

If you go in evenings, you get cassava with beef, chicken, egg or many other combinations.

It is something worth trying.

We can enjoy the beauty of paddy fields and taste good food.

It is 4:30.

Shivan chettan's Mavinchuvadu thatttukada is ready.

The first taste that we get is the taste of pepper.

He has sprinkled pepper on top of this.

We have cassava with boneless chicken.

We get the taste of chicken pieces.

There are onion pieces too.

I love this taste.

From Thrissur, we are going to Kollam.

There is a shop in Kollam where we get vettucake.

Name of shop is Ezhuthaani kada.

Their vettucake and mutton curry are specials.

They have parotta and other things too.

I tried a combination of vettucake with mutton curry.

I loved it.

The sweetness of vettucake, spiciness of mutton curry, and the taste of mutton.

It was awesome.

This is not actually a combination with mutton.

This has to be eaten separately.

But if want a different taste combination, we can dip it in mutton curry.

You know how this feels? This is like pazhampori with beef.

Cake is sweet and mutton curry is spicy.

Both together tastes special.

From Kollam, let us head towards Kozhikode.

There is a small tea shop in the midst of a a tiny green village.

It is a shop that reminds of old times.

They have a radio that keeps playing songs.

We get to taste hot Kaipathiri also.

It is cooked over an oven that uses coconut shells.

We can have fish curry, papadam and hot tea with it.

I went with Able for the first time.

When Mark Wiens came to Kerala, we went there again.

We got tasty food both times.

Very crispy pathiri.

In our place, this is called Orotti.

I am not very sure.

Orotti is made in the same way.

My mom makes like this, pressing the batter with her hands.

Apart from Kaipathiri, they have meals and other things.

But what I loved most was their kaipathiri.

I have taken pathiri with sardine curry.

Able wants fried sardines.

He wants fried sardines and the curried sardines.

This is fish curry gravy.

This is not Kottayam style fish curry.

This has tomatoes and is more watery.

Let me pour this over pathiri.

From Kozhikode, let us move on to Wayanad.

There is Kuttettan's unniyappam kada in Wayanad.

We get hot fresh unniyappam there.

We should try it while it is hot.

They have idli and sambar too.

But their specialty is unniyappam.

I am coming here for the second time.

They are all regular visitors here.

What is your name? He is Abubakar.

What do you like the most here? Unniyappam or idli? More than Unniyappam, I love idli.

We get good food here.

We can taste their unniyappam and enjoy the beauty of Wayanad.

There are many more small restaurants in our Kerala.

Shops where we get delicious food.

I have gone only to very few places.

There might be many more.

If you know any such shops, please share with us.

You can mention in the comments box.

Or better, you can send direct message on Instagram.

We will go there and share the tastes with you.

Always be with us happily.

Keep smiling and move on in life with a smile.

Goodbye for now.


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