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[INTRO] In speak your heart with Samina Peerzada today, my guest is Ali Abbas He is an actor And he had this dream of becoming An actor since childhood but the journey that made him an actor took several years However, these days he is quite famous But do we know what kind of person he is? What is it that he thinks about and what is his thinking process? 0:00:42.

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085 We will learn that today, lets meet Ali Abbas.

Thank you so much Ali You took your time out and came here And who made this pony?[laughs] It was hard to style my hair in a so.



Is it for a certain role? Yes, yes, there is basically a character I am playing which is a little 0:01:01.

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915 Ö UhmÖ unlike my personality ÖThe guy isÖ Öoverboard with everything.

So for thatÖ Over the top? Over the top.

Yeah? So for that reason you have this hairstyleand the beardÖ And the beard, yes.


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385So like isnít it hard? Growing out your hair and beard and then the next character comes up you get stuck in its continuity.

No, so what happens actually is that when you have a beard then you planÖ as you knowÖ that this serial will end in three months andÖ that this serial will end in three months andÖ Oh so you one serial at time.

Oh so you one serial at time.

Yes, I do one serial at a time But it never ends in those estimated three months, something always comes up, which pushes it up to the fourth monthÖ and then youíve planned something else and then youíve planned something else soÖ there are always continuity issues.

But for now I am trying that the project I have kept this beard for, I somehow end it in December .

But I am sure it will drag on to JanuaryÖ And then you will be trappedI will be trapped.

But itís very difficultÖ for girls I think itís very hard For them to have to spend so much time in getting readyÖ Whenever I see that I think to myself itís a blessing for us.

Yeah, I get very jealous Right? Guys can just quickly dress up and come and for us, itís like we have to leave two hours prior andÖ but then again you have, I mean, you also have those difficulties right? That you have to get your hair- Yes, that Ö that is somethingÖ like for me itís very difficult to maintain this hairstyle A little twist of the mustache has to remain the same Sometimes it happens right that you are giving a performance and you are engrossed in the scene and then all of sudden you are told that your mustache is not right -Cut, cut, cut- And for you, itís irrelevant but the one who is watching it perhaps for them itís very relevant.

So it breaks your performance and pulls you out of that zone.

So itís very difficult.

Itís very difficult to maintain a certain get up.

Okay, letís go towards your childhood.

I want to know what was Waseem Abbasís household like.

I want to know how many siblings are you? We are four siblings.

I am the oldest, after me there are two sisters and then we have a younger brother.

AndÖ weíve spent our childhood right here, in GulbergÖ in GulbergÖ On this very road? On this very roadÖ uhmÖ and I was feeling very nostalgic while coming here.

Because we used to live in a joint family system and, for the most part I have spent my childhood with my grandfather and grandmother, like starting ten to twelve years with my grandparents.

And with them, I have more memories as compared to that with my parents because obviously we obviously used to live with them.

Gulberg has a trend of living in big houses.

Itís still present todayÖ among those living in Gulberg.

SoÖ back in the day, since communication wasnít as strong as it is nowÖ now you have smart phones, you have every facility to let the other person know till when will you reach, what will you doÖat that time there was no such thingÖ so we were mostly with our grandparents and communicationÖ I and my sister, our major communication was our grandparents, So what do you remember, what is your earliest memory? And first of all you are the oldest, so were you responsible or naughty as a kid.

I was extremely naughty.

By extremely naughty I mean, among all the siblings, I have been scolded the most by my mom because of all the pranks.

And I was so naughty that my earliest memory isÖ that whenever she used to throw things at me for being naughty, I would laugh and say that it didnít even touch me.

And she would get all the more irritated by this and with her it was like a continuous cycle.

Although I was really naughty, I was also very protective of my siblings, because I was the oldest so in their matters I was highly over protective.

What kind of an environment was it? I am so intrigued to know that in a household where there were so many artistsÖ how did your grandmother treat your grandfather? My grandmother was of a very simple nature, May God bless her.

uhmÖ I think my Grandfather's fame, his popularity had no significant effect on her, She had noÖ She was notÖ She was not arrogant.

She was not arrogant.

It never used to happen.

She used to call him Bhatti Sahab and whenever he used to come, everyone in the house would become more attentive immediately But he was such a big star He was a hugeÖ he was huge man I believe People like him are rare But, then againÖ our home had a very non filmy environment Extremely non filmy.

Extremely! As in even if today someone says something like we are people from drama industry or film industry we feel weird because perhaps our home environment is much better than yours.

Because from our childhood we were taught namaz, rozahÖ uhmÖ a lot of attention was given to our education, and in that alongside our parents, our grandparents and our relatives had a lot of contribution as well.

We never went to the studio.

I went to the studio for the first time in my life, when I had some work there I had some work there on personal level.

Otherwise, we had never been to a film studio.

Ptv stationÖ I donít have memory of PTV station.

Although you people, you people know that at time other than PTV station, television had no other space.

But weíve never been there.

We werenít allowed.

So our homeís environment was extremely non filmy.

Why? But why were they so protective? [coughs] I thinkÖ I thinkÖ Itís because there was a chain.


like I forcefully came into actingÖ you of all people know, you are very close to all of us, that I was a lawyer, a corporate lawyer.

But I gave up my job, I gave up everything- We will come to that later.

For now we are in your childhood SoÖ Because I want to know, there is a star and then Waseem also decided to become an actor right? So then shouldnít his son naturally become an actor? Yes, but this is something people didnít want.

Nobody wanted itÖ neither my grandfather- Because see waseem did it as well right? He followed his fatherÖ He also did it by force.

You might not know this.

He fought with my grandfather to become an actorÖ So this is a traditionÖ? Yes, this is a tradition Öthat you have to fight to work.

This is a tradition that the father will always say that you are not going to come into this field and the child will say that I have toÖ So our house is protectiveÖ you used the right wordÖoverprotective about this field.

I think, because back in the day this field had no acceptance.

Compared to today, today itís taken as a profession.

Now a days people say that yes he is a professional actor.

But this professional actor term was not used back in those daysÖ At that time, people used to ask what else do you do? ÖWhat else do you doÖ and honestly its true in those days television had no money in it Film had a lot of monitory potential in it.

And we had a filmy background, hence we had that sort of lifestyle.

But had it been just television, then I think dad might also have to do something alongside it.

But because of that they were more focused on making us career oriented.

The careers such as of doctors, lawyer, engineersÖ So what was is it that used to reach your ear? What was it that your grandfather used to say to you? Our grandfather with usÖ What are those memories you have with him? What do you remember of him? There are manyÖ likeÖ the thing that most often echoes in my ears is my name, my family name, which is Banti.

Itís [laughs] Itís quite odd for people because myÖ my on screen and off screen personality is quite different from Banti.

So my grandmother, since we are firm Punjabis, she used to call me out by many different names out of love.

Banto, and along with that she used to rhyme many othersÖ and my grandfather, he used to call me Banti but since he had this respectful aura.

He commanded a lot of respect, especially from his sons, but with us he was an extremely, extremely graceful andÖ the kind of attitude that weÖ each night we used to, I used to massage my grandfatherís feet and my grandmotherís feet before sleeping.

So they used to tell stories, he about his career, about his -About his travels- About his travels .

And my grandmother, she used to tell her own stories, so at that time we had veryÖ So at that time, what was it that Banti used to think about? My childhood was very fascinating, perhaps because creativity was running in the blood so for every story I used to Ö even today my imagination is very strong.

So even today if someone is telling me a story, in my mind its visual is simultaneously being made.

So many of those stories were visualized by me.

I read a lot of books.

Even today, a lot of books are there in my own house, I have made a library in my house Do you remember any book that you might have gotten? I read a lot of books.

Even todayÖ I have library in my own houseÖ and my source of inspiration was indeed my grandfather.

Because in my grandfatherís room I remember he had a huge library, where he used to spend most of his time.

And obviously those books were according to his taste but IÖ So who got those books? They are with my uncle.

My grandfatherís awards and his books, they are with my uncle and they should be with him because he is the safest person when it comes to preserving things.

When you see those thing or those books of his do you wish, you could take them with you? Is there any such thing? I feel like my grandfatherís awards were something that I had quite an eye on.

And I used to think, that I should maybe keep them.

Because as an actor perhaps, from six to seven years at least I have been giving an award speech while standing in front of the mirror so I think If I had kept those awards of my grandfather, it would have helpedÖ Have you ever tried to walk in your grandfatherís shoes? Many times, many times! I was my grandfatherís favoriteÖ Exactly, I can see thatÖ So I have done all these thingsÖ So what were these things of your grandfather that you used to play with? We used to play with his tasbih a lot, and since we didnít have much sense then, so that was his one thing.

Also, I used to run around with his shoes on as well.

Other than thatÖ his booksÖ whenever he was not around I would go to his library and for a long time I would just take his books and flip through themÖ So this friendship books began from there? Yes, and then at times I would bring that book to my grandmother and would ask her to read it to me and tell me whats inside that book.

And I got to know after many years that since those books were so meaningful, and were way above my intellect so my grandmother only used to open those books and pretend as if she was telling the story written inside, in actuality she was telling me some other story.

But because she wanted to make me happy, so she would always open those books and tell me ìAlright there is Umr-o-Ayar in it and a Tarzanî and I used to think ìOh so my grandfather reads the same stuff, itís just that these are bigger books and mine are smallerî So there are many such memories with him but IÖ I I have learnt a lot from my grandfatherís life A lot.

AndÖ and the main thing that I learnt from his life, the life that he spent with me, is it was that nothing lasts forever.

Every day that you are spending is very unique and precious because you donít know If you will have that thing in the very next moment or not.

This one memory of my grandfather that is perhaps not a good memory for me is that is the last year of his life, when he got paralyzed and his body was gradually being restored but he couldnít speak And So that was very painful for all of us.

And how old were you then? I? I think I was twelve thirteen maybe Ö yeah around eleven twelve thirteen but I by then I was sensisble.

By sensible I mean, or rather I feel that I got mature before time because of various reasons and exposures.

But because my grandfatherís strength had always been his voice, he was a singer, he was a scholar and then to get ripped off of your biggest strength, his voiceÖ that is the most painful memory I have with him.

I used to look at him and think, why has it happened? As in this is like the biggest mistake and why? Why has it happened? But obviously this question could have no answerÖ But I learnt a lot of from that experience, that every rise has its fall so no matter what you are receiving, of whichever level, enjoy it.

So what did you Ö you learn from this tragedy and what it made you? IÖ like I saidÖ I perhaps got one step further towards wisdom due to this tragedy because I was alwaysÖ up till today I have this habit that I make decisions on very technical and logical basis.

No matter who it is, I donít take emotional decisions, especially now I donít .

That side of mine has rather gotten cold.

So what kind of relationship did you have with your parents during this period? My relationship with my parents uhÖ It has always been good; I mean with my dad my relationship has beenÖ you must have seen it to a certain extent as wellÖ it has been very friendly as well but that line of respect has always been very strong.

I canít talk much in front of my dad, even today.

I canít do shooting with my dad.

I canít act around him, Its very hard.

Although he is very friendly, with all my three siblings he is super friendly, with me he is extremely friendly, he shares a lot of his issues with me, I share a lot with him too but again, there is this line that we have never crossed, us siblings.

Even today we sit in front of him with our arms folded respectfully and our heads lowered.

And whatever he says we do that, even if we do not agree with it.

So howÖ this powerÖ How? Did Waseem have these exactly same dynamics with his father as well? Yes, it was exactly like that.

And since we had seen the same thing that on our grandfatherís one call every one living in that 4 canal house used to gather so itís the same at our house andÖ Who are you closest to among your siblings? I am close to all three.

All threeÖ because I am the oldest and like I said I have always protected them.

However now I live in Karachi and they in LahoreÖ but I still always keep in touch and keep asking them if they need somethingÖ so I am close to all threeÖ One of our sister lives in London and we miss her too, so the importance of her statements is a bit more now since she lives so far off alone.

And our motherÖ with her we haveÖ I meanÖShe and I have always indulged in arguments, since my childhood but love is there as well because obviously whatever she reprimands us for, is for our benefit.

And she has always paid attention to us.

I feel as if with the parent you spend more time with, perhaps has a different level of frankness as well.

So that parentís scolding us is perhaps not as effective.

But because fathers are usually not home so when they come home and scold, so it has different effect.

So in front of our dad weÖ like his relationship with his fatherÖand then again, since most of the time is spent apart so in the time spent that we do spend together with our father we think we can at least act respectful for this short period of time.

He deserves this much at leastÖ But I think we have the coolest father.

He has never done anything that would make us feel suffocated.

We see many fathers who suffocate their children, he has never done anything like that to us.

So when he wanted to marry again, what happened? Did he come to you guys and talked about it? He did talk to meÖ but I think I was too young to understand anything at that time.

To understand the concept of second marriage, I think I was too young.

And that period of our childhood, at least two years, they were very tough.

What was your age then? Unfortunately, my grandfatherís death, my grandmotherís death and the event that you have mentioned, they all occurred very close to each other.

So for me, like I said it was a very growing experience, as a person Even though I was twelve, I used to think like a fifteen years old child, Because I had to look after many things my siblings, my mother and my father as well.

But obviously, initially I felt as if it was wrong.

What happened should not have happenedÖ but that period was little tough.

So how did you handle it? Your motherÖ Did she become the support system? No, we had to become our own support system because for my mother, it was it was a massive event about which we could not even make her understand anything.

But after a while, everyone recovered.

Everyone got adjusted in their own spaces and had accepted that now this exists.

So now they were thinking how to go about it, how to move forward with this, which was wiseÖ So how did you handle it? I think, my father handled it properly.

He was the one who took the driving seatÖ because we were very young and my mother was not readyÖ so he realized it very soon thankfully and he himself took charge of the driving seat and settled everything and he admitted a lot of things.

He personally discussed many things with us and our mother as well and we also thought over it and understood that what is done is done.

And since we are a public figure, So there are many things that canít be done, privately.

So we realized that if we will exploit the situation, it will become worse.

So with the passage of time we realizedÖ He has overdone, Whatever he could possibly do for us, He overdid it.

As in he pampered us to an extent of spoiling usÖ So yeah, first mistakes are always forgiven, it was his first mistake so we forgave him as well, no hard feelings for anybody.

I thinkÖ events like these are there to teach you something, one way or the otherÖ So Iíve learnt a lot from it.

I, in my initial years from my grandfather and then from my fatherís life I have learnt a lot.

And I think I became an actor primarily because from the start I was very observant.

Everything, every person.

Itís a habit of mine.

My observation skills have also improved because of that, that I observe people, I see how they think, their lifestyle, what is it that they think about, if the other person and I are talking about the same thing then why is there a different perspective to it.

Did you internalize anger because of that? I did.

A lot of it.

A lot of it! Because you know whenever something like this happens, usually daughters are able to better handle it than the sons.

The sons become angryÖ There is a lot of anger.

A lot of it.

I think the weakest link of my personality is my anger.

Whenever it comes, it comes with full force.

Because I think itís a product of so many past events perhaps that I buried away.

So it does erupt at times, and when it does its badÖ that I alwaysÖ I always make sure to suppress, because I feel embarrassed afterwards that I said so much in angerÖ Isnít it better to sit down and let it out, instead of taking it all on yourself? If that does start happening in reality then wouldnít it be perfect.

World would become a much better placeÖ Youíre right but I think one should at least talk to parents about it.

Talking to parentsÖ see so I feel like in todayís worldÖ the kind of dad that I am, I might.

And I have also kept the same attitude with my sisters.

I told them that whatever is their problem, they can share it with me openly and I am your brother but I will be a better friend, if you will try to make me one.

So my sisters have always shared everything with me and I have never told them that how can that be possible, be it about their likes or dislikes or mistakes or anything that theyÖ they canít talk about to anyone else.

So they have always talked to me about it and I think about my daughter in the same way, that I will keep the same attitude with her as well.

Three years, I just waited for her very quietly And I did nothing at all, I just used to look at her every single day.

I want to know, when did you first fall in love? First loveÖ it was a very strong one.

Honestly I have been in love many times, and all those have been very solid ones as well The kind where I would think I have to get married to them.


845, 0:26:15.

845 Because an angry person usually thinks that only this certain person can understand meÖ Yes, yes exactlyÖ Only she will know Whatís going on inside me no? To tell you the truth, myÖ My heart has only been broken once and that was by my first love, after that I was perfectly fine.

I came to know what needs to be done, the doís and doníts of love.

So thatÖ So your heart got broken and then you broke other hearts? No, I was neverÖ Able to break anyoneís heart.

Whoever sees this interview, any of my past love interests They can vouch for me, that I have never broken any hearts.

I could not break any hearts.

Even in cases where I might have lost interest I would look for ways for them to break my heart somehow and leave with the satisfaction of breaking someoneís heart rather than I saying ìItís overî.

I wonít be able to say ìItís not you itís meî.

I was never able to say that.

Not to even a single person.

Even if I was feeling tortured by being with that person, I was never able to utter stuff like I am done with you, you can leave.

I couldnít say it.

For the first time.



For my first love I would say, I waited three years for her very quietly.

And I did nothing at all; I just used to look at her every day, in school.

She used to come and go and I just used to look at her and thatís it.

After three years, I gathered up the courageÖ What did you do? Did you give her a rose? No no nothing like thatÖ I just called her and said- Scent filled letter? I just said this is my name I like you soÖ and I couldnít say anything more.

And thankfully she was receptive.

She said alright, its fine we can think about it and just letís start by being friends first and she was mentally more mature than I was.

I think girls mature earlyÖ SoÖ that one year I went by her words religiously and afterwards when she ditched me I was very heart brokenÖ and there are many stories that my cousins tell, of me crying and dramatizing the situation by going like ì Oh, my life has ended, now that she is gone.

î My cousins still tease me about it that you cried that day.

And thatís it, after wards things smooth, everything went by perfectly.

I learnt a lot in that one year and afterwards I think the only time I developed true love it was for my wife.

And where did you meet her? SheÖ sheÖ It was just my luckÖ I think.

She is such a nice person.

And the way she gave direction to my life, my anger and my passion, no one else could have done that.

Because I was completely lost, when I first met her.

Why do you think you were lost? If you were studying well, everything was alrightÖ I was lost because I was trying to become an actor against my dadís will and he wanted me to stay focused on education and afterwards- So didnít you do it? You did double major.

You did LLB.

You did so much! I did everything but he didnít want me to become an actor and rightly so, as a father he was protective about me and he used to thinkÖ And not to go through it so early in your lifeNot to go through hardships at such an early age and then again this career holds a lot of uncertainty.

This televisionÖ now itís much better, around five, six, seven years back even it wasnít all that special that you could be certain of it.

So why werenít you able to say it to Waseem? That I want to do it Why wonít you understand? Was it anger that used to take over? No, I think I still canít say it to him, that I want to do it.

Even if I have it all planned and if he says that itís not possible, youíre not going to do it.

So I wonít be able to say that no, I am going to do it.

I can say it in front of the whole world clearly butÖ But you can at least talk about it No we do talk about itÖ In a certain way.

That I do via my sisters or my wife or my mother, that please talk to him and if he seems convincible then I will talk to him.

If it seems like a topic that can be discussed.

And itís not like he gives out an order and says we are not going to talk about it nowÖ generally I donít know itís aÖ I thinkÖ its some sort of hesitationÖ thereís a lot of respect and a lot of care for him, that I donít want to hurt him.

Like I said there are many thingsÖ In every generation, trends, situations and lifestyle evolve.

I think after every ten years or so.

Since things are changing so quickly it starts changing everything, your education, your books, you mentality.

So this difference of opinion is bound to happen because of you have a generation gap.

Itís not wrong to have difference of opinion with parents because one of the two will learn, either you or them.

And in any situation where you learn something is a good situation to be in.

Itís not a bad thing.

If I learn something from this interview today then that will be a good thing for me because I will be learning something and my day wonít go to waste.

So I think that weÖ and secondly, I am living my life the way I want.

I am an actor today.

But what was this thing that forced you to become an actor? This is an interesting questionÖ What was that thing, what was that draw? ThatÖ that was fame, popularity.

The glitz and glam of the field.

But how? Because when I used to get up in the morning with my grandfather, so there used to be a crowd in our lawn, waiting to get just a wave from my grandfather.


665, 0:32:43.

055 And I was so small that it took me some time to get it and when I did get it then it became extremely fascinating for me to go out with him and wave to these people and to shake hands.

Someone would kiss the hand, someone would give blessings and then someone would say something else.

They were all over him.

And then afterwards to go out with dad, and in hisÖ His peak years, among his generation to see his crowd.

So it became such a part of my system that I used to think that now the responsibility lies on me to carry this forth.

And I was so sure that my dad would let me become an actor.

I remember that I Ö Aurengzaib Laghari was sitting in the passenger seat of the car and I was sitting at the back and my dad was driving the car, we had to drop him somewhere.

So he asked what did I want to become once old and I replied I want to be an actor, a hero.

By then my castle of dreams, that I want to become an actor, was well built.

And my dad scolded me that no, you have to study and then he conversed with Mr.

Laghari in Punjabi and said I am gonna make him to do CSS, he will become an officer.

He will do CSS.


065, 0:34:07.

595 It was at that point that I first realized that oh no, there is gonna be a problem.

AndÖ the first time I actually confessed to him about this was before my wedding that now I justÖ want to become an actor, please let me do it.

I am not going to do any job, I am leaving it and Iam going to become an actor.

To which heÖ and I think I minded it at that time but now I think it was the right thing to do because he said so you want to become an actor? Finally I give you my permission, go become an actor but remember two things.

A) I wonít talk to anyone for you.

I wonít call anyone I wonít call any producer or director and tell them that my son is coming please give him work.

And b) You and I, this relationship of ours, you will not try to cash it anywhere.

And tell anyone who you are and expect them to come and meet you.

You will go yourself and give auditions and If you are capable you will get the work that you deserve.

And afterwards if people find out you are my son, then I will be happy.

So those initial one or two years where I faced a lot of hardships and my angerÖ And how did your wife say that yeah goÖ Would you believe itÖ to leave that secure lifestyle andÖ my wife was the one who said go.

A few months before our marriage she saidÖ and she knew me, she used to work with me in a channel, she knew I wanted to become an actor.

So three months before the marriage she said to me ì I think you should quit your job and work on your physique and go and become an actorî.

And I was surprised that how can it be, I confirmed it from her that are you sure? Because I might not get work initially.

I might get it, I might notÖ AndÖ and she said I am so sure that you will be successful She said go and do it, you are wasting yourself so goÖ Because you used to discuss it every day right? Because dreams are discussed every day.

Yes andÖ Because she could understand that frustration because I was a program manager and at that young age, I had already hit the saturation point.

So she knew that now he gets frustrated.

So the first one or two years, if it hadnít been for Hamnaís support I would not have been successful today.

I always give her this credit that she even with my low income and tricky situation, was always there for me.

AndÖ Because I took this decision to become an actor on my own so I used to try to not even ask for my fatherís help and he was very worried about me.

He was very worried about me.

I used to look at his face and I would get anxious myself.

And he in his spot was rightly worried but Hamna, she was my strong pillar through all this because she had also taken a huge risk and she knew it was either make it or break it situation.

But thank God we made it, but it was a very tough time.

I think if it wasnít for her strength, our relationship might not have lasted either because I remember thatÖ thatÖ since we took the risk we were trying not to get only minimal financial support from dad- Yeah obviously, you had to prove a point.

So all the savings at one point dried out, and my wife was expecting but there was no money.

but now this issueÖ There are certain things that are left unsaid, that you can see in the eyes of the other person but no one speaks about it so it was that kind of time.

Where we knew that we were in deep waters but we never said anything to each other.

We could just see in each otherís eyes, that itís alright we will get out of this.

We will do it.

AndÖ I still remember, that while I was roaming around these streets of Lahore with an empty pocket, out of nowhere I was offered Hum Tvís soap.

And the amount was considerable as well.

For the first time, something of considerable worth was being offered.

So when I came back after doing it and I received the payment So I went to buy icecream for her and when I came back into the car she said to me, you knowÖ I have realized something today that when a person walks out of a car with an empty pocket he has a different walk than when he has some money in his pocket And IÖ IÖ was like howÖhow That is so trueÖ That is so trueÖ if you have money, your walk, your voice, the way you see things it all changes automatically.

And when there is no money, so it automatically becomes something else.

So I asked her what difference did she perceive so she was like, when you used to walk out of the car before to buy something, I used to look at you leaving and your shoulders would be slumped, you used to have a very annoyed and distracted expression and now when you went out, you had a confidence in your walk, a smile on your face, a sense happiness, a sense of achievement was there on your face.

It was visible.

SoÖ I donít think any other person, any other girl would have been able to bear this time with me.

It was a very difficult time and myÖ Where there is love, then you are able to bear itÖ Yes, and then I had temperamental issues as well because if you are frustrated, waiting for a call every single day, that is just not comingÖ Itís not coming today, it will come tomorrow, or maybe the day after.

so I also had temperamental issues because of that.

ÖIÖ I would get irritated at every little thing.

Then I was also worried about my parents, since they were worried about my situation.

My siblings were also very supportive throughout but obviously they could only support me to a certain limit.

So those little thingsÖ Some of my conflicts, I would perhaps like to erase those.

Because I feel as if, everything else that I experienced in that time frame, was all very important.

So all those thingsÖ When you look back is there something you would like to erase? I would like to erase a few conflicts that I had, because I think everything else that I experienced in that time frame, it was all very important.

Because If I hadnít faced all that back then, I would not have been able to understand the value of this couch where I am sitting right now.

If I had gotten everything easily, If my father had arranged it for me, If I had gotten work immediately after entering the industry then I would not have known the value of this work.

If even now I work on every single character of mine, and each day I celebrate with joy each dayÖ So it was a journey from being a hero to an actor right? Exactly, andÖ I learnt this thing through looking at Mr.

Nauman Ijaz.

I learnt from him, while I was working with him- I had the fortune of working with him in a serial- So I learnt from him that itís not important that you be the hero, you can always be the actor, and you will live a longer life as an actor.

A Hero will come, he will get a hype and then he will leave and will be replaced by another one- Its only few moments in spotlightÖ Yes but if you become an actor then it goes a long way, entire life actually.

Thatís why IÖ realized after all my struggle that an actor can become a hero but a hero cannot become an actor.

So you should become an actor so that you can then become a hero.

And Alhamdulillah that thing- So you learnt all this from your failureÖ YesÖ what did you learn from your success? Success teaches you nothing, failure teaches you a lot.

I feel this way, thatÖ Failure is your best teacher, it teaches you everything.

And success is like that one friend that comes to you only when you are a billionaire and when youÖ run out of your money, it leaves you for another billionaire.

So success is like thatÖ FailureÖ for all of us I think, itís the closest ally that we have.

Because every time you fall, if you manage to learn, you rise with the bigger jump.

That, that is success, to stand up againÖ Yes, so failure I think is very important.

What is life? Life for everyone is very different.


485, 0:43:57.

415 The struggle of lifeÖ you must have done it too and I have done it as wellÖ but because my struggle is very important to me that does not mean your struggle is any less.

I feel as if this is quiteÖ quiteÖ every personís life is attached to that person.

And it has a lot of things in it.

Your life, It can be extremely peaceful and it can also be extremely restless.

But it all depends on the person.

For me, life is the name of celebration.

For me lifeÖ is not about what you have, that I donít have, for me whatever I have is the best for me.

It is the best, other than that if I deserve something I will get it.

Whatever I donít get, I have no remorse for it.

I feel as if, it is meant to come to me, then I will get it somewhere in the future.

If it isnít meant for me then I will never get it.

It will get snatched right from the hands.

So for me life is about celebration, not to think over things that have gone by or are still to come.

Itís just to celebrate the present, the moment.

This moment is like a celebration to me, this is life.

These lights these cameras, your sitting next to me, which was not even in my dreams.

It happens right that you have a certain dream that you will do this, so this wasnít even a dream because itís such a huge thing.

It happens right that some things are so big that you go like I shouldnít even dream about it.

So this moment is like celebration, this is life for me.

After this I will go home, I will meet my kids again, that will be a celebration, they will be my life.

Later at night, I have a flight to Karachi, I will be leaving for work Alhamdulillah , that will be a celebration.

So Life, I think is a matter of understanding.

Some people remain restless throughout their life.

They want everything.

They donít celebrate what they already have.

They just put it aside.

And death? Death isÖ timely and is bound to come.

That is another kind of completion, likeÖ if you wonít give closure to this interview, then it will remain incomplete.

so death is like that too.

Its closure for your life AndÖ it will come, it will come to all.

Sometimes I feel how unfortunate it is, we love people so much and then in an instant they leave but it has been going on for ages.

No one has ever been able to stop it and no one will.

AndÖ I think itís for the good that there is a limit to life.

You are able to cherish it, because of that.

Because you know that death can come at any point, so you wish to do everything before that.

And hence, you want to celebrate life because you know this life will end one day and whatever afterlife one has, that will begin.

Which is different for everyone.

So you want to live this life because you know death can come at any point.

If death was not a reality, then I would have been like, letís not do this interview today but tomorrow, not tomorrow but the day after.

You would have said, we can do it after a month.

SoÖ We would have known that we can do it anytime since we will remain the same.

Hence there is a process of aging andÖ itís a beautiful system in which we live.

Itís all but a matter of accepting it.

Accepting one self.

If they can accept themselves, then everything becomes okay, everything becomes easy.

Thank you so much, you know, after looking at you I am certain that Mr.

Bhatti, your grandfather will be so proud of you.

Thank you so much and I am extremely happy to be here.


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