Actors Who Were Ridiculously Underprepared For A Role

Like any job, acting can be tough if you failto prepare correctly.

But unlike a lot of jobs, what an actor isexpected to do on any given day can vary dramatically depending on the project they're working on.

As a result, there are countless stories ofactors being hilariously underprepared for roles due to time constraints, overconfidence, and sometimes, just plain old bad luck.

Benedict Cumberbatch and the penguin doc Benedict Cumberbatch has played everythingfrom an American neurosurgeon-wizard to Sherlock Holmes.

And with such an impressive résumé, you'dthink voiceover would be a cinch for the actor.

But Cumberbatch has a very peculiar actingAchilles' heel: he can;t say “penguin”.

“So why are these woodlands so attractiveto pengwings?” Cumberbatch apparently wasn't aware of this, and in 2009, took a voiceover gig for the BBC documentary South Pacific, in which hestruggled to pronounce the word almost every single time.

“These are royal pengwings and they're aboutto have their first sighting of land in seven months” On The Graham Norton Show, Cumberbatch admittedhis amazement that nobody working on the doc corrected him.

“It's not just me sitting in a booth goingI don't think I know how to say penguin, I'll say pengwings.

It's mortifying” Peter Weller and the RoboCop suit The titular RoboCop was played by Peter Weller, who was hired to portray the character due to his slight build and his strong jawline.

“(target shooting) This guy is really good.

He's not a guy.

He's a machine.

(blade sound)” Weller had planned to spend several weeksgetting used to walking around in the RoboCop suit to make his movements seem natural.

However, due to the suit's last-minute tweaks, it wasn't ready ahead of time.

Weller was instead forced to begin shootingthe day same it arrived on set.

“The suit was ready when it was ready””The second that we cut, immediately, like a team of Ferrari mechanics, these guys wouldgo to work on me” This was so frustrating for Weller that productionhad to be stopped for three days so he could work with the suit.

The rigid, robotic movements audiences wouldsoon associate with RoboCop were really a byproduct of Weller learning to move withoutfighting against the suit.

Hugh Jackman's doughy Wolverine To a lot of people, Hugh Jackman is Wolverine.

“Excuse me I'm Eric Lensherr and I'm XavierGo f— yourself” The actor has put an astonishing amount ofeffort into physically portraying the character — something which is especially notablein later movies in the X-Men series, where Jackman appears way more ripped than he wasin the first film in the franchise.

Jackman has since said that he was embarrassedby his physique in the first X-Men movie, telling Stephen Colbert, “I thought you could get into shape in 3 weeks…and I turned up and the director had to push all the shirt off scenes to the very end fourmonths later” Director Bryan Singer may have pushed thoseshirtless scenes as long as he could, but Jackman says he's still embarrassed aboutthem.

Kit Harrington is buff, not a history buff During the press tour for Pompeii, a filmabout what happened to Kit Harrington's abs during a volcanic eruption, Harrington admittedthat he hadn't done any research into the actual destruction of the Roman city Pompeiiin the year 79 A.


Instead, he told the BBC he just figured Hollywoodalways gets these things right.

“I'm ashamed to say I didn't do a whole amountof historical research, I took the script as gospel.




] But I went after we wrapped.




] I was pleasantly surprised to see thatwe were very historically accurate.

I mean, we're a big-budget action movie andwe're bound to take historical liberties.

But not many.

” “We were very painstaking in re-creating Pompeiiin Toronto.

” Ewan McGregor and the lightsaber noises Like millions of people, Ewan McGregor isa big fan of the Star Wars franchise, and when he was cast as Obi-Wan Kenobi in theprequels, he had trouble setting aside his childlike glee around his lightsaber.

“To begin with, it was quite difficult notto make the sound.




And also when it goes away it makes that nicessssssuk noise when it goes down” The actor would later admit that he messedup quite a few takes because he couldn't help making lightsaber noises whenever he swunghis prop around.

According to a persistent rumor, a sound guyfinally had to tell McGregor that they add sound effects in post, when they noticed hishumming noises were being picked up by the boom mic.

Marlon Brando's clueless, tubby warrior Marlon Brando's not-giving-a-crap during productionwas the stuff of legend.

Notoriously indifferent when it came to readingscripts and learning lines, Brando often turned up on set completely unprepared.

“I think you've summed it up admirably” Take Apocalypse Now, where Brando was so cluelessabout his role that production had to shut down for an entire week so director FrancisFord Coppola could read the script to him and explain his character.

Producer Fred Roos remembered, “The whole company was sitting up on the setall poised to shoot and Francis and Marlon would be talking about the character.

” On top of this, the ending to the film hadto be entirely rewritten because Brando, who was playing “a lean and hungry warrior, ” weighedroughly 300 pounds.

To get around this, Coppola shot Brando almostexclusively in shadow and made him wear all black—partly because there wasn't a GreenBeret uniform to fit him.

Finn Jones' last-minute choreography Fans and critics alike took issue with thesubpar fight choreography of Marvel's Iron Fist and its reliance on excessive cuts tohide actor Finn Jones' apparent lack of martial arts skill—a fairly major problem, consideringIron Fist is supposed to be a master of all forms of unarmed combat.

“When she sees how good of a fighter he is, that's when she starts to realize there's something else about him” Jones later explained that he literally hadminutes to learn the choreography for his fight scenes, revealing to The Telegraph, “I was learning those fight scenes just15 minutes before we shot them.

” That, and he had only three weeks to trainbefore filming started.

“But I'm Danny Rand and I am the Iron Fist” James McAvoy and the haircut When he learned he'd be playing ProfessorX in X-Men: First Class, James McAvoy naturally assumed that since he was playing the bald-headedsuperhero previously played by Patrick Stewart, the studio would want him to be similarlyshorn.

“This is very important to me and if I canhelp you I will do my utmost” He shaved off all his hair before filmingstarted—but apparently the studio wanted McAvoy to have hair for the role since itwas set in the '60s, forcing the actor to ask a hairstylist friend to add on hair extensions.

A wig was apparently also used for some scenes, though it's not clear which ones—which probably means it was a pretty good wig.

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