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my question to you mr.

seem some repeated things in your movies drains trains my other characters England general was almost all of your movies are shot in India except for militarism in the venom so what the child influences are all factors which have made these repeated things in your movies thank you be honest it's also because it's cinemas width economics Kailas very close rain is always available there and you know we didn't get cheaper to do flimsier than to go and just to result in and that is why what about the green train and you know one of the earliest ever been made have been you know train coming into a station so it's not mine it's being dead right through cinema SOC our money i myself how are you thank you as well as both of us can be inside confined areas so I'm Margaret Sanger happening that shouldn't be touched by them so I have to ask you a couple of questions first of all congratulations it's 20 years of Alafia day today today yeah that is true so I've been inundated with questions so the one of the things that I wanted to ask you many said I think I'm speak for a lot of people is that you don't seem to be the kind of person who goes out and mingle socially so much or you know goes out and travels on your own so much but all your films and it's spectacular the variety of films that you've made and made sense of with your movies how do you gather the relationships so easily I mean the kind of relationships let people share that are so intimate that one is able to see only in your movies you know the understanding of people how are you able to gather these experiences as a writer how are you able to portray that so really I would say if you can see it I think that you know you know if as an audience you feel you know that this belongs to 80s 90s and 20s you know I mean 2010 and 20 you know if you're able to receive it then you should be able to bounce it back it's not really not you don't have to go over to baby you don't have to you know go and try to gather things you know it comes in as a part of growing existing in this world as part of interacting so it is you know it's not as though the basic ideas really changed it's not as though knowing they made drastic change in ideas I think whatever is happening 2020 what's also felt or probably in the mind when you you know see that it's happening today but doesn't talk to those days so that's all so when you see a relationship building either an Uyghur and his people it's not like you've actually gone and spent time with the dawn all when you see the kind of relationship between in okay Kahneman ER in circuits are on the one of it is so real the way you are able to put Rea those relationships so my question to you is how do you read about these people do you actually spend time with these people how do you how do you acquire this fantastic ability to portray them so real be it a defense be it Don Pedro man's beat a middle-class family in mounted Adam that's my question to you do next and I think you know we have to understand that you have to be they gathered whatever you can was sense whatever you can and you know sometimes you just need to get a sense of it you know to get the know the truth rejected me yeah example for example you know I was lucky to have an assistant director who was a no oh I'm so we could get few you know I mean things like that you would sit on the floor and not on a sofa you know when so are they I mean know helps you deconstruct the character and then expand or mental so as unity to project this fantastic yeah last question and then I'm supposed to I am supposed to ask me say one is Marisol kept teasing me that I'm playing an old man's game during either a driver on to the shoot and he said nah caramel a dremmel Avila it again and so I was very upset I'm going to say you know show me you can do better and he beat the crap out of me in the game that's not even the second thing is am and I think if anybody changed anybody's life it is the other way around money so completely change mine so for that I'm very grateful and more than one ways because I remember I came during alley fighting because we're talking about that movie money sir and hustling I'm you remember that you know you never let me just be an actor and I said I was anything but that money sir kept insisting that I understand asked every aspect of cinema you made me be an associate director and assistant director you made me war you know manage MacLeod in the background all this was new to me and I still keep wondering why I'm doing this but I think there cannot be a better actor training for an actor to understand every aspect of cinema that you made me do do you do that with all the actors that is correct not just in terms of direction you many directions in life thank you very much last question sir which I'm supposed to ask you because it's alibi the day we've seen all your movies and a lot of your your dialogues and they come iconic you know from Nikon's film where he says ningĂșn a lover rocketing around to a lot of these movies throughout history but they have all been single lines you know lines that have not been had tried to go out of their way to make it sound like dialogues but they became eternal after the film released my question to you is during a life I think the line that has become it only associate with me and my life either which is now another in Blumenau so but let me know if I can put on Ana Clara another Mona by market over there six lines and I know that you being a realistic filmmaker you must have cringe that this being such a dialogue ish dialogue is line but you still let it be in the film what was what was that change that we decided this because I've never known you in any of the other films to have such long dialogue is lines and a moving the mono syllabic like human to communicate in a film like a life I read this was dialogue ish or that's what I said and did you heal it there or you thought it is the natural just the same time we had the trains only for a few hours and honestly I never thought it will become iconic lines and I am you know very grateful to be associated those like thank you sir thank you I'm gonna leave you with other people who are dying to ask you questions okay happy safe thank you thank you [Music] [Music].

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