9 Best Minivans of All Time

– Minivans! You might not think thatthey're the coolest type of automobile out there.

Truth is, minivans are awesome.

Today, we're tearing down allthe negative minivan stigma and looking at nine of thebest minivans of all time.

One of 'em has got africkin' F1 engine in it.

So grab a seat in the third row and drop a bunch of McDonald's French fries frickin' everywhere.

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Back to the show! – [Woman] Mercedes R63 AMG.

– Mercedes R63 AMG is not your average soccer practice carpool caravan.

Nothing against mommies, mommies are the bee's knees.

I love mine.

Stay safe, Liz.

But the R63 AMG is in a wholedifferent class of minivan.

And the class that it'sin is a classy class.

Rewind to 2006.

Mercedes took their firststab at a luxury minivan with the R class.

Initially, the base modelhas the 3.

5 liter V6 with about 270 Hertz pers.

And it was priced at 48 large.

(record scratch) Shockingly, there's not a huge market for snobby tall stationwagon looking minivans.

And the R class was total sales flop, but instead of bailing, Mercedes doubled down like KFC and made the R63 AMG.

This power mini flaunts a 6.

2 liter V8, it gives this boy 507 Hertz pers, 507 Hertz pers in a minivan! And 465 pound feet of torque! The engine can send all 5, 300 pounds of this big beautiful Benz to 60 in about four and a half seconds.

It's got 15.

4 inch brakes, that is larger than Domino'ssecond largest pizza! The interior is spacious, plush, and luxurious.

It's got individual concontrol in all three rows, literally zero otherminivans can hold a candle to R63 AMG's total package.

It's so cool, they don'teven call it a minivan.

They call it a Grand Sports Tourer.

But we all know what it is, it's a minivan.

It's fast minivan, but it's a minivan.

One thing that is not miniabout it is the price tag.

The base R63 was originallylisted for $88, 000.

And I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want my spoiled rich four-year-old spilling hisGogurt all over the backseat of a hundred thousand dollar super van.

Which is probably why only 200of these most niche vehicles were ever made, making itpart of an ultra rare club.

– [Woman] Brubaker Box! – Now it might be alittle bit of a stretch to call this second boy a minivan.

But it's mini and it's vanny, so, it's on the list.

In fact, lots of folks outthere consider the Brubaker Box to be the first minivan ever.

So, it certainly deservesa place on our list today.

In the early '70s, a dudenamed Curtis Brubaker designed the pioneer “minivan” and called it the Brubaker Box.

The whole idea here was tocreate a modern reimagining of the VW Microbus.

The Brubaker is madeentirely of fiberglass panels and it has wooden bumpers thatstick way the heck out there, but that's not even the weirdest thing.

There's one door for the whole car! A couch backseat with a fricking ottoman.

And honestly, one of the craziestdashboards I've ever seen! It looks like what you'd find in a submarine themed escape room.

I'm not talking about oneof those nice escape rooms.

I'm talking about the one that you get a four for onedeal on for Groupon.

That is the last time we letChris pick our double date! It's a kit designed to bolt directly onto an unmodified VW Beetle chassis, but Brubaker did not havethe smooth talking charm of someone like Ryan Reynolds.

And he failed to reach an agreement with Volkswagen to sellhim just the chassis and drive train.

And the poor guy wasforced into bankruptcy.

All in all, only 19B-Boxes are still known in existence today.

– [Woman] Renault Espace! – Look, Europe needs minivans too, okay? Over there, they call 'emmultipurpose vehicles.

They also call garbage cans rubbish bins, and semi-trucks lorries.

So, I don't know what the heckthey got going on over there.

The Espace, which soundslike an Italian soup, is one of the earliestand most beloved minivans in the whole entire world.

And since it made its debut in 1984, it has been constantly evolving, reinventing, and updating, like Madonna or the Taco Bell menu.

Granted, the most current Renault Espace resembles more of acrossover than a minivan, but we're not gonna like takeit off the list for that.

It's a frickin' van legend.

But the real reason we putthe Espace on this list is because of this, the Espace F1.

In 1994, Renault celebratedthe 10th anniversary of the van by creating this insane concept.

They took a traditional carbonfiber reinforced Espace body, combined it with an F1-stylelightweight chassis, bringing the total weightdown to 3, 000 pounds.

Then they threw a V10 F1 engine right in the frickin' middle of the van, surrounded by four carbonfiber racing seats, which made for a sicksoundtrack of engine purrs while you drive around.

On the outside, normal-ishlooking family van, on the inside Formula One race car that makes your ears bleed! This thing went from zeroto 60 in 2.

8 seconds.

It's max speed was a certifiedbonkers 194 miles per hour.

And it looked like theDisneyland monorail, without a doubt one of thebest minivans of all time! – [Woman] Bertone Genesis.

– When you name something the Genesis, you mean some serious business.

Ask God.

And baby, did Bertonemean business with that.

This Bertone designed conceptcar was first displayed at the 1988 Turin auto show.

And no less than 30, 000 hourswent into making this thing.

Now, they say it takes 10, 000hours to master something.

You could have mastered three things.

Guitar, dancing, (gulps) and- Breakdance.

New York ballet.

The Genesis is a Goldwing door minivan made with Lombargine Machine parts.

It's powered by the same 450 Hertz per V12 from the frickin' Countach Quattrovalvole.

Paired with a three-speed torque flight automatic transmission, which might not sound like a cool transmission toyou, but let me assure you, it is a very cool transmission.

Google it, all right? It's for racing.

Just like all of the vans on this list, the outside of this thing looks like the front of the Disneyland monorail.

And in 1988, that was the future.

The rear door slides opento reveal an interior that is maybe more drawjopping than the exterior.

There were two front-facing rear seats and one rear-facing middle row seat.

And the front seats were captain's chairs that swiveled around, so you and the rest of your traditionalItalian family can chat.

So, why didn't thisinsane V12 powered minivan ever actually get made? Well, it was mainlycreated as a design study and since Lombarginealready had the LM 002, there wasn't room in the market for this badass monorail car.

– [Woman] Ford Sho-Star! – The Ford Sho-Star was an exercise in performance minivan design put forth at the Detroit auto show in 1995.

It's a real portmanteau of car.

The first part of the Sho-Star's name comes from the Taurus Sho, 'cause it's got thefricking Yamaha V6 from it.

The Star part comesfrom the Ford Windstar.

Maybe one of the moststraightforward minivans in the history of minivans.

If your mom didn't drivea Windstar in the '90s, I guarantee you that your best friend or your cousin's mom oryour neighbor's mom did.

If you had to draw a minivan blindfolded, it would probably look like a Windstar.

But then, one fateful day, Ford did something wild.

They introduced the TaurusSho to the Windstar.

They dated, they fell in love.

And nine months later, had a beautiful little 6, 000 pound baby minivannamed the Sho-Star.

And it is really frickin' cute! The Windstar body gives it that satisfying smooth and round minivan shape.

Plus some sweet fiberoptics added some spunk to the tail lights andthe oval grill logo.

But the Sho's dual overhead cam, 24-valve three-liter V6 isthe kicker on this concept.

It's got a five-speed manual transmission and 220 Hertz pers.

That was a lot in 1995, especially for a frickin' minivan.

Gas also cost fricking adollar and 15 cents a gallon, and Michael Jordan cameback to the Chicago Bulls and Post Malone was born! So, what I'm saying is1995 was the perfect year, it is the exact opposite of this year! – [Woman] Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear! – Number four on thislist is another mashup and an absolute beaut! Mitsubishi first introducedthe Delica back in 1968.

And the name is actuallyshort for delivery car.

That's right, hey weredesigned to move stuff from one place to another place.

That's what delivery is.

But the fourth generationDelica released in 1994 is known as Space Gear! And it's far more spaceythan your average UPS van.

Plus, they were neversold in the United States which gives him that hard to get appeal that makes everybody creep.

The space gear has thesame engine and transmish as the Mitsubishi Pajero.

There were several engineoptions and configurations, but the highest spec, the Royal Exceed, is a lifted four-wheeldrive turbo diesel powered Disney rail from mono-landlooking beast van.

And it's got mud flaps and a bull bar, which let people know thisis a little off-road monster.

If someone needs to deliver something to the other side of a muddy, rocky, totally unlevel patch of terrain, the Space Gear is the van for you! And inside is just as accommodating, with a high roof in anarray of skylights called- – [Japanese Speaker]Kurisutaru raitoru ruufu-ya.

– Just like the powdered lemonade, but spelled different and tastier.

And thanks to the 25 year import rule, these guys are finally oldenough to be imported to the US, so now you can be the captain of your own JDM Disneyland monorail on US soil.

– [Woman] Mazda MPV! – You might not think that theMazda MPV is the coolest van, but you know who is cool? The f(gunshot)ing Wu-Tang Clan.

And you know what they used to drive? Mazda MPVs.

And it wasn't just Wu-Tang, a lot of other iconic rap catswere driving MPVs as well.

DJ Premier's MPV, which he modified with big old aftermarket speakers was rumored to be thelegendary listening station for rappers to firsttest out their tracks.

Later, the Wu-Tang clanshouted out the MPV in their song, “Cream, ” with “Catching keys from across seas, rolling in MPVs, everyweek we made 40 Gs.

” But Biz Markie claims to bethe first to start the hype on the two-door four-wheel drive minivan with his song, “Bad By Myself.

” Check out the complete list of rap cars in this episode of Wheelhouse.

– [Woman] Ruf Vanagon! – The Volkswagen Bus is easily one of the most beloved vans of all time.

It's the hippie mobile, the cultural touchstone, it's looks like the Scooby Doo van.

Although I do think that was a Ford.

And if you ask me, yes, Ithink that Ryan Reynolds should have played either Shaggy or Fred in the live actionversion of the film there.

Third gen VW Bus was called the T3, it was sturdier, boxier, andwith its water cooled engine, it was a huge improvement over the previous air-cooled generations.

But Ruf, yes, that Ruf, decided to take it astep further and equip it with the same 3.

4 liter Twin Turbo Flat 6 from the fricking yellow bird.

What is this? The Disneyland monorail? imagine how fast you couldtransport you, your bros, your surfboards, down to thebeach, catch some sick waves and stare at all the Betties.

Or how fast you, ScoobyDoo, and Ryan Reynolds could solve the curse of Viking Lane! I'm telling you, anybody that's working in Hollywood watchingthis, I'll be Shaggy.

Ryan Reynolds is Fred.

And the kid who playsSpider-Man can be Scooby Doo.

– [Woman] Ford E350 Centurion! – This next one's kinda weird, but it's number one because it's the one that I want the most.

Yeah, maybe I want anEspace, but I can't fricking drive a car with an F1 engine.

This is the one thatI want in my driveway.

And at the end of the day, I'm the one saying this stuff, so- Also, so this is just a list, it's not necessarily ranked.

Even though I just did saythat this is the best one.

Hoo boy, this is is probablythe weirdest pickup truck on God's green earth.

And I know what you're thinking.

Pickup truck, James? What the frig is this doingon the list of the best video type video, whatis this doing on a list of the best minivans of all times? Have you lost your marble? Maybe, I don't know.

Yes, I think I'm going crazy.

But it's unrelated.

The Ford E350 Centurionis actually a truck van, a van truck, a vuck, if you will! This vuck is all minivanbusiness in the front and pickup truck party in the back.

It's the van truck that Fordwas too chicken to make.

And just like my personalpreference for mayonnaise on hot dogs, it's wrong inall the right kinds of ways.

This Franken-van was madewhen the conversion company Centurion Vehicles thought, hey, let's take an Eocnoline van, fuse it with an F-series truck bed, and add a fifth wheel for towin'.

America! Being that these vucksare not Ford manufactured, and are essentially patchwork projects, every E350 Centurion is aunique and beautiful snowflake.

But they all had few things in common.

A maximum of 10 miles to the gallon.

An engine that sits inthe center of the cab, encased by a solid wood console.

Quaint little curtains for the windows.

Back seats that double as pullout beds.

Turret lights fornighttime poetry reading.

Miles and miles upon milesand miles and miles of carpet.

You might find a CB radiohere, maybe a television, sometimes even a little refrigerator.

For your soda? Anything you wanna keep cold, son.

Probably suspicious stainsand a troubling smell.

But just like Van Wilderafter his final exam with Professor McGonagall atthe end of the first film, you just don't know what you're gonna get.

Well, there you have it.

We hit all the bestminivans that ever existed.

Proof that minivans aren'tall diapers and handy snacks.

They can be cool.

Check out this episode of Wheelhouse on cars in rap and check out this episode of The Bestest on vans.

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I love you.


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