[4K/ENG] H1GHR MUSIC Compilation Album Best Verseㅣ[DF LIVE] 하이어 뮤직

Label of the year H1GHR MUSIC! Every good day start with a good yawn Every good day start with a good yawn Get ready to go meet you his coffee I’m sipping is so sweet when I’m with you You said Don’t get it twisted I don’t want a relationship, don’t you dare ask And it cut my heart open Put me in a coffin At the same time My pride shattered Hold on, gotta relax Hollywood laughing Want an Oscar Want an Academy award Like I ain't nervous Making big gestures like an actor Making big gestures like an actor Want an Oscar, Want an Academy award All the acts that you desire I’ll be them for you I’ll show you myself that nobody else knows I’ll be the one that you desire oh O O, wait a minute oh no O, hold on wait me up Ummm… just asking for directions Naw, actually had something to ask you Do you have time to.




today? Uh oh, come along even if you ain’t got time Even if you’re busy oh, come over here for a sec okay I’ll go pick you up Where you at Oh baby just call me up olleh, I’m your man Love you the most girl, right after my mama Come to me So many thoughts Passing through my mind One secret though is I’m prolly… oh yes What I mean is uhm, I think I love you so much All the acts that you desire I’ll be them for you I’ll show you myself that nobody else knows I’ll be the one that you desire I’ll be whatever you need I’ll be whatever you need This song is my solo tract of the BLUE TAPE Shut up & sing it Show me what you got! Born in 2020 A lot of bread, going brazy again If you want me get that money ready Your words Don’t move me at all I’ve only been on stage twice Tell me what you want That was close But I ain’t doin’ it Same mob that was staring But my goals are way over there I'm not satisfied You think I’m playin’? Not afraid I’m quick to focus I’m your motivation My footprints are already at the spot you just got to Already put my stamp down the day before All the cities I passed though, Bermuda Gone, after I burn it up Pompeii gas chamber hotel City all set up like a buffet When we to to the third city, I realized Why he keeps on forgetting Don’t know before we choose after the show Gochild arrived All these people pretending they rappers You can tell I don’t have to act like a rapper These guys are still wack H1GHR gang already arrived Cowards please log-out Sorry but I’mma go first Now I feel out of place if I’m not in the studio First if all comes my family Need to earn more instead of my father Second, uh I pretend a different sound from y’all The respect comes around full circle Third I’mma live the way I want Round these haters up and make fun of ‘em I don’t ask for money anymore Ranking in the money I’m finna pull up in a chevy looking trendy, shining hard When H1GHR gang gets together, it’s a party til the midnight My dream is to gather a hundred millionaires Make and share with the H1GHR members 2020 modern scholar Time don’t chase us, we let it follow up It’s 2AM and I ain’t got nothin’ to do Each his own but they confused I wake up from the noisy media This place is sickening if you don’t take it slow Pick up the stick like a father, why you trippin’ baby boi I don’t talk but I move real quick Keep moving these feet Can’t stop it even if you hate it t’s only natural, okay okay You were calling out for fair play But you slowed down after a few steps Can’t just pour water on a fire right away We just persevere through the rain and snow These kids merely close their eyes after checkin’ the weather Better hide, I might catch ya Only one chance don’t hesitate We’re too savage Can’t catch us Really dangerous why you testing’ us Line em up one by one Running out of energy hold my pants while I shoor this bazooka To be honest, I don’t have a twist *oes on my back wear them like a backpack Pull the straps tight Busy every day, I keep on walking, gotta go man We making’ it, never losing only going up I need to be reborn, sleepless nights every day No andante, after than anybody Pull a hundred grand Bring me that hard stuff This ain’t a movie, wake up You’ve lost your sense of reality Fall away far from here We chosen’ it’s the purge Keep struggling It’s already buzzing here We’re already licked and loaded Above your excuses H1GHR gang already Treated as a misfit anyways Here you go, my stacked demo No title is the title Chaos in my notepad My distribution is relative Missing like anonymous Tension dropping I do taekkyeon, yeah yeah Like a mob we don’r know how to yield Don’ try us, that’s cringe worthy You might Lise it like Vinxen Can’t trick me bish you never know Make you step on these nails Bare foot I’mma 5-ton truck Go take another lesson Your soundcound on pause I don’t give a *uck about your Prada We’re already somewhere else, right My dream was small but I made it from my room What you’re trynna say I don’t even understand Even when others are scared, it’s a party for me This place seems like a safari I take a plane to somewhere far Let’s leave this is my earning It’s either us or them I lead the charge We bring the fog on a clear day If you the opps then you better hide.

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