25 Minute TOTAL BODY BURN Workout for Women over 50 ⚡️ Pahla B Fitness

– Hey Killer Bs, it's PahlaB from PahlaBFitness.

com and on tap today I've gota great total body burn that is designed perfectlyfor women of a certain age.

You guys, we are gettinglow impact cardio, balance work and total body strength in just under 30 minutes with absolutely no jumping and no transitions to the ground.

Now you are gonna need apair of dumbbells for today and I went moderate today, because it's a moderate workout for me.

You're welcome to setyour own challenge though.

And if you need a differentkind of challenge, make sure that you open upthe description box below, so that you can get theexact three-pair dumbbell set that I got from Amazon so that I'm always ready forwhatever the day brings me.

You guys, I've got a great warmup and a cool down for us today, so when you're ready forthis one, I'm totally ready.

Let's go! (cheerful music) Alright you guys, let's go ahead and get moving and grooving.

Go ahead and put your dumbbellscompletely out of the way and we're gonna get startedwith some Arm Circles and High Knees, like we do.

You guys, if you are new around here you might not know thatthat is like we do, but it is, it's like we do.

(laughs) If you are new here, welcome.

I totally appreciate you coming and hanging out with us today, having a good sweat and a good time.

Make sure you click that subscribe button, before your arms get too noodly, 'cause, you guys, todaywe are doing it all.

I tell you what, this is oneof the most complete workouts I think I've programmed in awhile.

And I totally love doing stuff like that.

I mean, you know me.

Maybe you don't know me if you're new, again, welcome.

(laughs) I love to focus on one kind of thing.

I tend to do like an all cardio workout, or an all strength workout, but sometimes some days I really just want to get it all done in a nice efficient and effective way.

Let's go ahead and do some ArmCrossers with Booty Kickers.

And today is that day.

Now you guys, I am treatingtoday as a moderate workout.

No matter what your goal is, if you are losing weight or you are shaping your body, moderate workouts have theirplace in every kind of routine.

And in fact, make sure that you open up the description box below and download my fivepage information resource that explains how to make anyworkout work for your goal.

The fact is even if you are really working on shaping your body, maybe you've already lost weight, or you are happy with your weight, the fact is you don't have topush hard every single day.

Moderate workouts, especially at our age, are just the way to goto achieve your results.

Let's go ahead and dosome Welcome to My Homes.

Sweeping that arm wide open, opening up that chest (exhales), opening up your abs, opening up everything.

Getting ready for it today.

(laughs) Here's what it looks like, I've got the handy dandy Gymboss set for intervals of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

And I've got four little circuits, I mean not super little, they've each got a handful of exercises, but what we're gonna do isget through each circuit twice in a row.

So it's kind of a repeatingno-repeat workout today.

And we're getting started with cardio which is why I'm not spendingtoo much time on this warmup because we're gonna continue warming up with our cardio section.

In fact, let's go aheadand get going with that.

We're gonna get started with Middle Skips which is pretty muchexactly what it sounds like.

It's a skipping motion where we don't do any jumping at all because there's no jumping today.

So let's go ahead and get going with that.

So we're bringing up one hand and one knee in a nice skipping motion for 20 seconds.

Now, when it beeps, we'regonna get 10 seconds of rest.

And the rest, honestly, I meanyou'll need it later (laughs) but right now, this cardio section truly is a bit of an extended warmup and because we're taking the day at a nice moderate pace(timer beeps) you can just kind of dosome Tappers in between.

Coming in next, we're gonnado Punch Down Tap Outs.

Again, exactly what it sounds like.

We're punching down while tapping(timer beeps) that same foot out to the side.

So it's a lower motion, really keeping those legs really extended, really extending your arm.

It's a big motion, at a moderate pace.

(laughs) You guys, I have to tell you, I'm full of energy today, I'm feeling real good about this.

This is gonna be(timer beeps) one of those days, 10 seconds of rest, that I tell you about all the time.

Doing a moderate workout andtrying to tone yourself down.

Coming up next, we're doing Letter Ks.

Both hands up overhead, (timer beeps) we're gonna reach one hand downwhile we've got the same leg is kicking out to the side.

On one side of your bodyit's forming the letter K and on the other side it's not (laughs) but, you guys, I think this is actuallyreally good practice for me.

Oftentimes when I comeinto a moderate workout, I'm feeling like a moderate day (laughs), (timer beeps)like I'm tired from something.

10 seconds of rest.

Today I'm not.

Today I'm ready to go, I'm ready to ramp it up.

We're doing Ding Dongs next which means that our hands are swinging low(timer beeps) from side-to-side while we are kickingout to that same side.

Now I guess your hands aren'treally all that low, are they? I know, it's got a nicebig swing to it here.

But today I'm reallygoing to have to think about reining myself in and not going too hard onany one of these exercises.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next we're doingForward Hinge Arm Flappers.

I can already feel that I'm going a littlebit too fast (laughs).

Forward Hinge Arm Flappers, our feet stay stable, (timer beeps) our hands are flapping justlike Jumping Jacks kind of, but our lower body isdoing a forward hinge, aka a deadlift.

Your back is super straight, your core is pulled in tight, your hands are swinging, but it's really your booty that is absolutely driving this motion, pushing your hips back, (timer beeps) pulling them forward.

You guys, that was our whole mini-circuit, which means that we're gonna start again with Middle Skips.

This is our second time through and that means it's our last time through.

(timer beeps) So those Middle Skips, one hand and one knee across your body as though you are skippingmerrily like a child, even though when I was a childI could not skip (laughs).

I think, I know I'vetold this story before, if you heard it before, I apologize.

But when I was in kindergarten, we actually got graded onwhether or not we could skip, (timer beeps) like that was what we had to do.

10 seconds of rest.

And that was the only subjectthat I failed (laughs).

Coming up next, we'redoing Punch Down Tap Outs.

If you've ever wondered, (timer beeps) here we go with Punch Down Tap Outs.

If you've ever wondered why I see myself as a terriblyuncoordinated person, yes, that experiencefrom my early childhood shaped how I saw myself for years.

Years and years.

I truly felt like Icouldn't do stuff until, (timer beeps)10 seconds of rest, coming up next is Letter Ks, until sometime in my late 30s, early 40s, when I discovered I was capableof anything I wanted to try.

(timer beeps) Here we go with Letter Ks, both hands up, one hand coming out to the side, with that same footkicking out to the side.

Actually, I will tell you, Imean speaking of coordination, there are a couple of exercises today that are going to require alittle bit of coordination.

Not a ton but a little bit.

(timer beeps) I always want you to know, 10 seconds of rest, that if there's somethingyou can't do, don't wanna do, or whatever, coming up next is Ding Dongs, do something else.

I'm not grading you on this.

(timer beeps) Here we go with your handsswinging and your legs kicking.

I'm never gonna send you afailing report card (laughs) because you can't skip or you can't do whateverexercise we're doing today.

My friends, we are always doing our best and having a good time.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

And then coming up next, we're already at the endof our cardio circuit.

We're doing Forward Hinge Arm Flappers for the second and final time.

And then, (timer beeps) because our heart rate is nice and high, here we go with theseForward Hinge Arm Flappers.

Our next circuit is balance work.

(laughs) Now you guys, I did this on purpose because I wanted to make sure that we were practicing balance when our heart rate is a little bit high but not crazy high.

And in fact, the rest of the workout is going to be even(timer beeps) a little bit lower heart rate than this because we're doing a littlebit more strength work.

So coming up next, we're gonnado Overhead to High Knees.

Now I'm doing the entire first circuit with my left leg(timer beeps) planted on the ground.

So Overhead to High Kneesmeans your hands go overhead and you bring up one highknee down to those hands as they're coming down.

So I am balancing on one leg.

I am stepping my toe down, though, very much so.

I'm not trying to balancethroughout this entire 20 seconds.

But we're doing all of the exercises (timer beeps) on one side first.

So for me, my left legis completely planted for the whole first time through.

Coming up next, we're doing somethingI call Peek-a-boo Kicks (timer beeps) which means that our arms aregoing to be doing peek-a-boos which means that your elbowsare at shoulder height, (exhales) hands are just alittle bit above your head.

You're opening and closingyour elbows like peek-a-boo while that right leg is kicking.

Now for me, I'm keeping my knee up high and simply extending thelower part of my leg.

(timer beeps) Oh (laughs) definitelyfelt the burn on that one.

That's why I didn't waste toomuch time on the first one, to just be balancing, 'cause I knew there was plenty of it.

Coming up next we're doing a Side-Kick Reach(timer beeps) which is just what it sounds like.

We're side-kicking whilereaching with both of our hands.

Now once again, I am tapping my foot down.

In fact, not even tapping, I'm stepping my foot down in between.

We're practicing balancein very small doses today.

It's a little tiny bit at a time.

We're figuring out(timer beeps) exactly how far we can go.

10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, we'redoing Twisting High Knees.

So again, only bringing up one high knee and I'm gonna be twisting that same way every time.

(timer beeps) So your hands are just about, oh my gosh, shoulder height and you're bringing up one high knee while twisting into it.

It's quite a different thingto do with your balance, is to twist into it.

Sometimes when we're balancingwe're still looking forward.

Twisting your head(timer beeps) and your upper body (laughs) really takes on a whole nother layer.

10 seconds of rest and then coming up next is our last thing.

We're doing a Flying Oblique Crunch.

So we're gonna come upinto a Flying Fast Up.

(timer beeps) Hands up overhead, you'regonna bring up one knee and then both hands go up again and then that one elbowcomes out to the side.

So it's both hands down and then one elbow out to the side.

Both hands down to the knee, full extension, and then extend out to the side.

It's two crunching motions(timer beeps) but in different ways.

Yeah, that was our circuit.

(laughs) You guys, coming up next, we're gonna switch all of our balance over to the other leg.

We're gonna do(timer beeps) Overhead to High Knees first.

Oh my goodness, I always (laughs), I love the transition to myallegedly stronger leg (laughs) 'cause I'm always like, “Oh, this is gonna feel so much easier, “I got the hard part out of the way.

” And then the stronger leg, it's just as tough to balance.

I'm working on my balance all the time, my friends.

(timer beeps) It's always a work in progress.

10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, we're doingthose Peek-A-Boo Kicks.

So your knee is gonna come up and stay up.

You're extending your lower leg (timer beeps) while we're doing those Peek-A-Boos.

This is a lot going on, I mean this is what I wastalking about with coordination and there's my allegedlystronger leg (laughs) not being very strong.

You're thinking aboutpulling back your elbows with your middle back, pulling out your lower leg with your quadriceps on top(timer beeps) and standing, oh, on asoft but strong knee.

I know, that was a lot.

Coming up next, we'redoing the Side-Kick Reaches which means that our hands are just extending out(timer beeps) really, really wide in both directions while we do a side-kick.

I mean, it's basically like a Starburst.

I mean, we're just comingout huge into this big motion while tipping ourselves over to the side.

And you're tipping over justas far as you can recover from without falling into or out of it each time.

(timer beeps) Excellent job.

Okay, you guys (exhales), coming up next, Twisting High Knees.

So you're gonna bring up the knee of the side(timer beeps) that you're not standing on while twisting (exhales) into it.

Oh my gosh (laughs), this one is really challenging me today.

We've got our abs andobliques working here, we've got that twisting motion, we're thinking about where all of your bodyparts are in time and space, and I tell you what, this is what they call a complex exercise, (timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest, 'cause we're working a wholebunch of muscle groups.

Coming up next, it's ourFlying Oblique Crunches where we're doing a Flying Fast Up and then an Oblique Crunch.

(timer beeps) So here we go, tipping over, hands to your knees, then full extension, and then elbow to yourknee out to the side, full extension.

So Crunch and then Oblique Crunch.

Crunch in the middle and Oblique Crunch.

And you guys, this is thelast of our balance work.

We are almost ready for our strength portion.

(timer beeps) Woo, doggies, 10 seconds of rest while you pick up those dumbbells.

Make sure that you choose a weight that feels as challenging(timer beeps) as you want it to feel.

We're getting started with Press Ups which is just what it sounds like.

We're pressing up, you're making sure that your core is pulled in nice and tight.

Knees are soft but strong.

Hands start at your shoulders and then they press up overhead.

Your palms are facingeach other at the bottom and then facing out at the top.

Now this is strength work which means that we're moving even a little bit slower, (timer beeps) yes, than we did with the balance work.

Coming up next, we'regonna be doing Letter Xs.

We're forming the top of the letter X and then the bottom of the letter X(timer beeps) with straight extended arms.

So your hands start at your middle, core is pulled in super-duper tight, top of the X and then bottom of the X.

The way that we're doingthis is by pulling, squeezing from the middle of your back.

Those big, strong muscles in your back doing all the work here.

Elbows are straight(timer beeps) but not locked.

10 seconds of rest.

Oh, coming up next, we'redoing Bent Over Rows.

Core is pulled in tight, back is straight.

Push your hips back just a little bit.

As your arms hang down, (timer beeps) we're gonna squeeze those hands all the way up to yourarmpits and then release.

So, squeeze up and release, trying really hard notto shrug your shoulders but again, pulling from thosebig muscles in your back.

Awesome, awesome job staying super strong.

Now I know(timer beeps) with these short intervals you're thinking, “Pahla, we're doing such little work.

” Trust me, it's just perfect.

We're gonna do Delt Raises next.

Core is strong, (timer beeps) knees are soft but strong.

Palms face your body, we're pulling those hands all the way up to your chin, if you can.

Now here's the thing, again, we're not shrugging, we are squeezing fromthe top of your shoulders to bring your elbows up, up, up, past your ears if you can.

You're doing your best.

However far you can pull them up is how far(timer beeps) you can pull them up and release.

10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, it's the toughest one.

We're doing High Curls.

You're gonna have your arms out straight at shoulder height(timer beeps) with palms facing up and we're gonna curl in.

(exhales) Elbows are still shoulder height and then release.

So curling and releasing.

Your core is pulled in so tight, your knees are soft but strong.

Oh my goodness, your shoulders and arms aredoing a bunch of work right now.

(laughs)(timer beeps) That is the magic of the 20second intervals, you guys.

(laughs) We're getting plenty of work.

That was our circuit.

Coming up next, we're gonna start againwith those Press Ups.

(timer beeps) So core is pulled in nice and tight, we're pressing up, and bringing 'em back down.

This strength work is slower than the cardio work and yet, I don't know if you'venoticed it, just as sweaty.

That's the point aboutfinding the exact right amount of weight to work with.

(timer beeps) The fact is, 10 seconds of rest, you could probably lift heavier but in order to keep this moderate today, we wanted to find theexact moderate amount.

Coming up next is Letter Xs.

(timer beeps) Hands start at your middle, weform the top of the letter X and the bottom of the letter X, making sure that you'renot just swinging your arms and asking your lower back to do this work but squeezing from themiddle of your back, oh, to ask the proper muscles to do their work.

(timer beeps) Excellent job, 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next is those Bent Over Rows.

Core is pulled in super-duper tight, hips pushed back, palms facing each other, and your arms are relaxed(timer beeps) and then pull those handsright up to your armpits and release.

Awesome job.

Neck is neutral, really thinking abouthaving a strong core, a strong foundation.

Your knees are soft but strong, really thinking about pullingfrom your back muscles, not your lower back muscles, (timer beeps) your mid-back muscles (laughs).

10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, we're doingthose Delt Raises again.

(exhales) Take a nice deep breath, core is pulled in(timer beeps) super-duper tight.

Palms facing your body, squeeze from your shoulders to bring those elbowsup as high as you can while the dumbbells stayright in front of your body and get hopefully just about as high as your chin if you can.

Really thinking about notshrugging your shoulders, controlling this motion is how we get the most benefit.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

The fact is you could move faster but you could also hurtyourself when you move faster.

Coming up next is High Curls.

Arms spread out to the sides(timer beeps) at shoulder height.

We curl it in, oh and we release it out.

This, thank goodness, is the last exercise in our strength circuit forour upper body strength.

(exhales) And coming up next, oh my gosh, we're gonnado lower body and abs.

Now I will tell you(timer beeps) that the first couple of exercises you could keep yourdumbbells in your hands.

I'm not going to but you could (laughs).

I'm going to go ahead and gobody weight only for these.

We're starting with squats.

(timer beeps) Feet about hip-width apart, going to push your hips back, and then squat down and stand it on up.

Now here's the thing, if youdon't like squats or lunges, you are welcome to do thebalance circuit again.

Right now you could bedoing Overhead to High Knees rather than squatting.

I totally understand thatnot everybody likes to squat.

I happen to love squatting(timer beeps) but not everybody does.

You're getting the exact same work when you do balance work.

Coming up next, we're doingReverse Lunge to a High Knee.

Again, I'm gonna stand on my left leg to do all of the first round.

(timer beeps) So we're coming back into a Reverse Lunge and then bringing up that high knee.

Don't feel like doing this? Do some Peek-A-Boo Kicks instead.

Still getting plenty ofwork on your lower body, those legs, that booty, but you don't have to lungeto get the same kind of work.

When it beeps again (laughs)(timer beeps) gonna get 10 seconds of rest and thank goodness for it.

Coming up next, we'redoing a Turn In Lunge with a Sumo Squat in between.

Or you can do the Side-Kick Reach.

What that means is(timer beeps) feet nice and wide, we're gonna turn in and then Sumo Squat.

Then turn in and lunge on the other side.

So your feet are stayingin the same place, but one foot is pivoting for that turn in and then the Sumo (exhales) and then the other foot pivotsand turns in for the other.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Okay, moving onto abs but it's still part of the same circuit.

We're doing Twisting Ys.

Feet are super close together, your upper body forms a big letter Y(timer beeps).

Reaching the opposite part of your hand down towards, oh my gosh, behind your knee if you can.

Twisting that letter Y and really working your abs and obliques.

Oh my gosh, letting your hips push back while we hinge forward and really thinking about that twist (timer beeps) and squeeze.

10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, we're doingCross Body Squatted Crunches.

Feet a little bit widerthan hip-width apart, hands on your shoulders, we're coming down(timer beeps) into a half squat.

Opposite elbow towards your opposite knee.

Oh, this is the gruntingportion of our circuit today.

(laughs) Oh my gosh, you guys! Staying in that half squatthe entire time (exhales) and twisting and crunchingacross your body.

I know(timer beep) that got tough (laughs).

I told you, I think I told you.

10 seconds of rest, that was the whole circuit.

Coming up next, we're getting startedwith those squats again.

You can do(timer beeps) Overhead to High Kneesif you would prefer.

Plenty of work to be done no matter how you modifyor moderate this workout.

It's why I was enthusiasticwith the cardio and slowed it on down 'cause I knew all ofthis (laughs) was coming.

You guys, the thing is, even with a moderate workout there's always, always work.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next is the ReverseLunge into a High Knee.

I'm going to be standing on my right leg for this whole interval.

You can be doing(timer beeps) Peek-A-Boo Kicks if you would prefer.

Reverse Lunge up to a High Knee, Reverse Lunge up to a High Knee.

You notice that this isstill balance work, too.

The fact is balance work works your legs, works your quads, yourglutes, your hamstrings.

You don't have to squat or lunge(timer beeps) to get all of this work.

10 seconds of rest.

I'm going to do Turn InLunges with that Sumo Squat.

(laughs) You're probably gonnabe doing the Side-Kick Reach.

(laughs)(timer beeps) Trust me, I know (laughs).

The Turn In Lunge with the Sumo Squat is arguably one of the hardestthings we've done today.

That's kind of what happenswith my workouts, you guys.

We start off and we're feeling all good and then all of a sudden there'slike one or two exercises that are just tough.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

(exhales) And speaking of tough, here comes those Twisting Ys.

Our last two exercises, we're working on thoseabs and obliques again.

Feet close together, (timer beeps) hands nice and wide, reaching down across your body (exhales), reaching behind whatever you can get to on your opposite leg.

If you can just reach yourglutes or your hamstrings, you might be flexible enough to come all the way down to your ankle.

I mean, honestly, it's always up to you and this one is much more about the twist than about how low you can go.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Okay, coming up next, it's those Cross BodySquatted Crunches again.

Feet a little bit widerthat hip-width apart, we're coming down in our little squat, (timer beeps) hands on your shoulders, reach across your body to crunch.

(exhales) And then up in between, across your body on theother side (exhales), and up in between.

There is no resting position.

It's all squatting, all the time, and that's why (exhales) this is the last exercisein our last circuit and when it beeps again, (timer beeps) oh, we are done.

But we're not finished (laughs).

You guys, I've got one morefinal little cardio for us.

We're gonna do Tree Jacks.

What that means is we'regonna get into a tree pose while our hands(timer beeps) are doing Jumping Jacks.

Now our foot is going to go up and down, I picked my left leg to stand on, my right foot to be doing the tree pose.

When it beeps we'regonna hold that tree pose for the 10 seconds.

(laughs) There's no rest here.

It's why it's the finisher, it's the toughest thing we're doing, but we are tougher(timer beeps) and when we get throughone interval on each side, here we go, holding that tree pose.

When it beeps again I'mgonna switch legs (exhales).


(timer beeps) Excellent.

So, feet down, coming up into a tree and tapping down.

Up into a tree and tapping down.

When it beeps again, we're holding this tree pose on this side and it's the last thing we're gonna do.

There's nothing more finisher than a finisher (laughs), my friends.

This has been(timer beeps) the exact right amount of tough today.

No matter if you took that as a push day or a moderate day, (timer beeps) this got sweaty and that was it.

I'mma tap it out here for a second.

Oh, golly, we're gonna do a cool down now.

We're gonna do cute little Tappers here and we're gonna do some Arm Circles.

Oh gosh, to really stretchout those shoulders, that chest and your back.

Oh my goodness! What a great job you did today.

I don't care how much youwere modifying, moderating, moda-whatevering, that got sweaty and, as promised, that got it all done.

Now here's the thing, I mean, today was moderate for me and I'm going to be done because moderate is enoughas I tell you all the time.

If today was a push day for you and you do have a littlebit more in the tank, here on screen at the very end, the last 20 seconds of the video, I am gonna have something else for you, another like kitchen sinkkind of workout like this that has a little bitof everything for you.

If you are done, and again, I whole-heartedlyencourage that, I do have a little bitmore stretching for you.

Let's go ahead and do some Arm Openers and Arm Crossers.

I do love an extended cool downto really feel cooled down.

I mean, this one gotsweaty today, my friends.

So help yourself to either one of those at the top of the screenat the end of the video.

At the bottom of the screen, there's gonna be the letter P.

That's an invitation to go over to Patreon where a monthly pledge from you helps me make free workouts for all of us and thank you so much if youchoose to support that way.

On the other side of thescreen is a picture of me and that's actually a subscribe button.

Make sure that you click that and the bell notifications(timer beeps) so that YouTube let's you know every time I upload a new video.

Thank you so much forworking out with me today.

Make sure that you subscribe and I'll see you in the next video.


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